Chapter 321

Even Wuchen did not expect that this magic weapon would even see the light of day again!

As as he received the news, he immediately handed the magic weapon to Luo Yun and asked him to catch the worms. As for blood-sucking worms, as long as they got hold of the source of evolution, they didn’t need to be scared of any possible tricks.

Facts have proved that Wuchen’s inference was not wrong – provided that no one was behind the scenes.

No one knew that Bai Hua could communicate directly with the blood-sucking worms while hiding in Xuan Jia sect.

Even Xu Ziyan didn’t expect that Bai Hua and the blood-sucking worms were so closely related. He had always thought that Bai Hua was just colluding with the demons.

With Bai Huas notice in advance, Big Foot Luo apparently didnt get what he wanted.

Looking at the empty cave and the dark red stuff on the ground that was gradually drying up, Luo Yun showed a very worried look.

He narrowed his eyes cautiously, turned and stared at the elders of the Xuan Jia sect who came to help. He sneered, how unbelievable! Youve got guts to collide with the demon race!

Luo Yun, please be careful with your words! Elder Qi almost got furious and he immediately answered loudly.

What would be the charge of colluding with the demon race?

It was a terrible crime, and the entire Xuan Jia sect might be implicated!

Once this crime was confirmed, everyone in the Xuanjia Sect could forget about the promotion of status, expansion of the sect, etc. It would already be considered a kindness of the cultivators alliance to not kill them and their families.

At any time, collusion with the enemy in war would inevitably lead to death penalty. Elder Qi believed that the Xuanjia sect was too weak to bear such accusations.

Big Foot Luo didn’t immediately refute elder Qi. In fact, he also knew that maybe there were people inside the Xuan Jia sect who cooperated with the demon race, but its not correct to assume that the whole Xuan Jia sect was corrupted.

However, facts are facts. He still had to punish those who deserved it. They shouldnt assume that they could bully the head of Liu Guang sect so easily. They had to know that aside from the sect leader, who had a good temper, theres still Luo Yun who could be unreasonable!

Big Foot Luo still remembered the last time they threatened Xu Ziyan. Although his disciple did not suffer, the disrespectful attitude of Xuan Jia sect must be taken care of!

Big Foot Luo ignored elder Qi’s explanation, his sharp eyes simply swept over the elders there one by one.

Most of the elders there were full of anger and humiliation, but there were also a few who obviously looked guilty.

Big Foot Luo remembered the expressions of these elders, some of them were even marked as possibly cooperating with the demon race.

Big Foot Luo looked at these people coldly. He was going to take this opportunity to establish his prestige. He did not ask the entire Xuan Jia sect to worship the Liu Guang sect. At least, he wanted to warn those with inappropriate thoughts that they shouldnt assume themselves to be mysterious enough. Anyone who wanted to cooperate with the demon race should at least think if they can live until the demon race occupied the whole Xuan Yu realm.

Big Foot Luo actually didnt care about the results of his trip. Those who dared to play tricks under his nose were killed already. If these people were interested in talking about life with him, he wouldn’t mind taking a little time to deal with them.

“Humph!” Big Foot Luo snorted coldly and suddenly scared the group of elders. None of them dared to speak.

Elder Qi quickly turned his attention to Xu Ziyan, asking for help. .

Xu Ziyan smiled slightly, comforted his master softly, and after promising Big Foot Luo with a lot of benefits, it finally calmed Big Foot Luo a little.

“Then what should we do now?” Xu Zirong asked coldly.

“What else can we do?” Big Foot Luo glanced at him casually, “I came with the mission of the sect master, so I cant return for nothing. Every one of you should leave now! I dont believe that a bunch of blood-sucking worms can disappear without a trace!

Shall we go into the worms nest?” Xu Zirong couldn’t help frowning.

If they wanted to find the trace of blood-sucking worms, starting from the nest would be the best option.

But the worm nest went deep into the ground, and the structure inside was very complicated. Also, the passages were also excavated to adapt to the shape of the blood-sucking worms. There was almost no room for a cultivator to move inside.

In addition to physical cultivation, almost all cultivators needed a certain distance to cast a spell. Sadly, they werent good at melee combat.

In particular, these golden core elders of the Xuan Jia sect may still have the strength to fight against the six-winged flying worms on the ground, but if they were in the nest, there was no certainty of victory at all.

“If there are six-winged flying insects below, I am afraid that the elders will be left behind.” Xu Zirong did not intend to save face for these elders at all.

A trace of anger flashed on the faces of many elders, but in the face of Xu Zirong’s comments, they really didn’t have the confidence to say that they wouldnt drag the others behind.

The corpses of the six-winged flying worms that were brought back were all they had seen with their own eyes. Those sharp mouthparts and sharp wings were absolutely everyone’s nightmare in the case of close combat!

Even Xu Ziyan couldn’t guarantee that he would be able to defeat the six-winged flying worms in close combat when he was a golden core, so he would not be demanding of these elders.

“Well, these people are really useless, so let them go back first, the three of us will go down.” Big Foot Luo rubbed his chin and replied.

The elders were all very aggrieved, but they had to respect Luo Yuns words, so they could only return to Xuan Jia sect with a foul mood.

After the elders left, Big Foot Luos expression became more serious.

He used his divine consciousness to investigate, then placed a spiritual shield around the three of them. Then, he said to Xu Ziyan with a serious face,what you said before…” He glanced at Xu Zirong, “about someone using blood-sucking worms for his replenishment, do you have any proof of it?

Xu Ziyan shook his head,it is just our speculation, but the few people in the Xuan Jis sect are indeed suspicious. It’s just…” He hesitated for a while,this is the territory of the Xuan Jia sect after all, and itd be inappropriate for us to investigate Yu Lings disciples. Also…all things were inferred based on the fluctuations that Zirong felt. I am worried that even if there are problems with those people, someone will deliberately blame this on Zirong.”

Big Foot Luo frowned, as it was indeed a problem. The Blood Sea Heart Sutra had always been tacitly regarded as a kind of demonic cultivation. Although the higher levels of both Liu Guang sect and Tian Yu sect knew that its invented by a righteous cultivator, those whod cultivated it all ended up using cultivators to absorb more level of cultivation.

How can a method of cultivation be regarded as a righteous way of cultivation when it used cultivators blood as replenishment? Even though the person who created it was targeting monsters at the first place, it didnt change this fact.

When a certain kind of cultivation method was described as evil for so long, the poor Blood Sea Heart Sutra had surely become the demonic cultivation. And those who cultivated it were naturally seen as demon cultivators.

In addition, the Blood Sea Heart Sutra had been passed down for so many years, perhaps there was something lacking in the process of inheritance, almost all of the blood demons in recent generations had become lunatics who only cared about murder. Under such circumstances, it was impossible to expect the people in Xuan Yu realm to believe in someone whod practiced it.

Well…on the other hand, perhaps it’s a good choice to let them take the blame…After all, crazy people can do anything.

Big Foot Luo thought for a while, well, after I go back, I will discuss it with Yu Ling. After all, this happened in Xuan Jia sect, and Yu Ling must have noticed something. Its only that he didnt get enough information, so hes not cautious enough. However, I am still confident that we can come up with something after combining our news.

“Besides…” He paused, with a proud look on his face, with my reputation, whatever I say can at least clear you from the blame. Anyone who wants to falsely accuse you must have my approval!

As soon as he finished speaking such words with strong determination, Luo Yun instantly looked bitter again before Xu Ziyan cheered for him.

He scratched his head and had a painful expression, where did the damn worm go? If I cant catch it, our sect master will kill me.

Xu Ziyan looked a bit embarrassed and he couldn’t help muttering in a low voice, he seems to be have reached the middle stage of nascent soul only, right? Can he really beat you?

Big Foot Luo raised his eyebrows immediately,of course he cant! But he can annoy me to death! You don’t know how annoying he can be. As soon as he starts talking, it’s like…even those junior ones can’t bear it and want to kill him. If I can’t accomplish this task, then hell continuously annoy me with those troubles that Id made, and how he helped me solve themhe will repeat them again and again, just like a phantoms scream stabbing through your brain!

Xu Ziyan: →. →Hehe, if it weren’t for the troubles you’ve caused over the years, our sect master wouldnt have any other ways even if he wanted to scold you!

“Hey, no matter what, let’s go down and find out. Those blood-sucking worms can run, but I don’t believe that the earth rock dragon worm can run too! That thing is so big, it’s hard to hide the traces of its passing.” Big Foot Luo thought for a while and decided that its the only way.

Entering the blood-sucking worms nest was indeed dangerous. Although Big Foot Luo was a capable cultivator, he would not take unnecessary risks.

Now his goal was to catch the earth rock dragon worm. There was thus no need to start from the blood-sucking worms nest. After all, those worms may confuse the earth rock dragon worm for a short time and obtain rock secretions, but it was completely impossible for them to control the earth rock dragon worm.

So, now that they haven’t found the earth rock dragon worm, its not because itd fled with the blood-sucking worms. Perhaps the earth rock dragon worm just wasnt around that area.

Xu Ziyan led the way, and they quickly entered the passage that he had carved out.

After entering, they saw the hall where they took a short rest after escaping from the earth rock dragon worm.

The hall was as quiet as ever, and it didn’t take long for Xu Ziyan to find the passage they had used to escape into the hall.


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