Chapter 322

“Let’s go.” Big Foot Luo released his divine consciousness, as it was greatly suppressed underground. Also, he needed to consume a lot of when walking through soil and stones, thats why his divine consciousness could only cover a few hundred miles.

After confirming that the Earth Rock Dragon Worm was not in this area, Big Foot Luo took his two disciples and chased back in the opposite direction where they had fled.

It only took three hours to arrive at the vast space where the blood-sucking worms obtained the rock secretions.

“It was here at first, when the Earth Rock Dragon Worm was hypnotized by the blood-sucking worms, and then they obtained the rock secretions.” Xu Ziyan pointed to the southwest corner of the space and said.

Big Foot Luo immediately released his divine consciousness and found many traces instantly.

These traces were caused by the blood-sucking worms, as well as those caused by the attack of the Earth Rock Dragon Worm. Obviously, no matter which one it was, there was absolutely no concept of cleaning the battlefield in their mind.

“Youve been lucky enough to escape from the worm’s mouth.” Big Foot Luo glanced at Xu Ziyan lightly and said casually.

Xu Ziyan immediately became embarrassed, as he couldnt tell him so openly about the existence of Mr. Little Square, so he added some ‘art processing’ about his original experience. Obviously, Big Foot Luo already knew about those ‘art processing’, but he just didnt want to continue asking Xu Ziyan about it.

Big Foot Luo used his divine consciousness to probe this vast space over and over again, not missing every tiny trace.

As time passed, Big Foot Luo looked more and more serious. He even went to the place where Xu Ziyan and the others fought with those six-winged flying worms. After looking at the traces of the battle, Big Foot Luo finally looked a bit worried.

“Master? What did you find?” Xu Ziyan asked curiously.

Big Foot Luo shook his head gently, and he looked up at Xu Ziyan, Ziyan, youre right. There has to be someone supporting these blood-sucking worms.

Xu Ziyan was stunned for a while, what makes you think so?

Big Foot Luo showed a wide smile, Ziyan, youve entered the fighting tower before. Havent you talked with those cultivators fighting against the demon race?

Xu Ziyan nodded and he looked very suspicious, of course, butwhat does it have to do with this matter?

Big Foot Luo suddenly showed some interest, dont you know about that? Most of the cultivators who fought against the demon race are proficient in some battle arrays. The so-called battle arrays are formed by more than 100 cultivators. Only this kind of arrays can resist the attack of the demon race when there is a pattern of it.

After hearing this, Xu Ziyan felt so shocked about this group of cultivators.

Obviously, there are always clever people in this world. Since theres someone using the big number of blood-sucking worms to suppress cultivators, there would naturally be cultivators using arrays to fight against big-scale battles.

It’s just that when he was in the fighting tower, most of his attention was focused on how to deal with the blood-sucking worms, and battle arrays were considered as a common thing. Those cultivators were not aware that Xu Ziyan had no idea about those arrays, so they almost never talked about it.

Xu Ziyan scratched his head in embarrassment. He was even worried about those in Xuan Yu realm having no ways to tackle against the blood-sucking worms, but there were already people having thought of a new way.

Uh…no, wait a minute!

“Master, are our cultivators in Xuan Yu realm also proficient in battle arrays?” Xu Ziyan asked anxiously.

“Of course not.” Big Foot Luo looked as if Xu Ziyan was an idiot, there has never been a trace of demon race in Xuan Yu realm, so why would they think of those arrays?

Xu Ziyan: …_(:3″)_So, we still arent equipped to face the coordinated multi-armed combat of blood-sucking worms, right?

“The reason why I mentioned the method of battle formation is—” Big Foot Luo looked at the traces left on the ground, and a trace of sternness appeared in his eyes,those six-winged flying worms besieging you are using the method of battle arrays! “

“What?” Xu Ziyan was shocked when he heard this.

Big Foot Luo showed some doubt, “our Meng path of Xuan Yu realm was destroyed for so long, how could there be a devil man proficient in battle arrays?”

“Devil man? What’s that?” Xu Ziyan looked curious.

Big Foot Luo snorted coldly, “the devil man is a traitor to human beings! In the war between humans and demon race, such devil men would occasionally appear.”

“But…Aren’t the demon race and the humans unable to coexist? Why did these devil men join the demon race?” Xu Ziyan was really confused. Neither the memory of his original body nor the novel mentioned the existence of the demon race, so all the information he knew about the demon race came from his experience in the fighting tower.

But as he said just now, most of the information that he inquired in the fighting tower was about the blood-sucking worms, and he had little contact with other information, so naturally he didn’t know what this “devil man” exactly meant.

Big Foot Luo sighed, “humans have always been ashamed of the devil men, so almost no one mentions them. It’s normal that you don’t know their existence. Moreover, there is just a small number of them, and all of them are above the level of nascent soul…” He suddenly sneered, “cultivators below the level of nascent soul cannot bear the infusion of their demonic energy at all.”

“Infusion of demonic energy?” Xu Ziyan keenly grasped the point, “is it something like transforming human beings into demon race?”

“Yes.” Big Foot Luo smiled helplessly, “it’s correct to say that human beings are really the most complicated animals in the world. There are warriors who sacrifice their lives for righteousness, and there are also cowards who are greedy for life and afraid of death.”

He glanced at Xu Ziyan, “I was once told that the first devil man was a nascent soul cultivator whose lifespan was about to expire. His sect was destroyed by the demon race, and he had no hope of breaking through and might pass away any time. At that time, in the realm where he was located, human beings were at a disadvantage, so a cultivator sneaked into the base camp where the demon race was, and wanted to die with the demon race’s commander at that time. Who would have thought that…the next time he appeared, he would have become a cultivator of deity, surrounded by demonic energy and standing on the opposite side of human beings?”

“Did the demonic energy make him break through?” Xu Zirong asked along the way.

Big Foot Luo glanced at him, “yeah, once he breaks through to become deity, he will have thousands of years of lifespan. In order to keep himself alive, he has completely abandoned all sects and human beings. “

Xu Ziyan went silent. He never expected that the “devil man” whom humans despised so much would appear like this.

“Since then, some cultivators have turned to the demon race one after another. Some of them are near the end of their lifespan, hoping to use the demonic energy to prolong their life, and some hope to gain more power. After receiving the infusion of demonic energy, the cultivators’ level of cultivation would at least go up one grade or two if they survived. Also, the power of their moves will also increase, so these devil men have become the vanguard of the demon race, and they in turn fight and kill for the demon race.”

“Master, how do you know all these things?” Xu Ziyan asked carefully.

Big Foot Luo had been to the fighting tower, so it was not surprising that he knew about the devil men, but it’s not very normal that he knew so much. After all, according to what he said, the devil men were a disgrace to the human race. Unless someone actually saw them on the battlefield, everyone would just try to ignore their existence.

Big Foot Luo looked a bit sad. He patted Xu Ziyan’s shoulder lightly, “I once met a friend in the fighting tower, his master was a devil man, so my friend constantly felt ambiguous. On one hand, he had to defend the righteousness of the human race, and on the other hand, he had to protect his master who raised him and educated him.”

“Then your friend…” Xu Ziyan felt as if he already knew the answer.

“He’s dead. He died at the hands of his master as a devil man.” Big Foot Luo replied calmly.

Xu Ziyan was silent, as it was a miserable result, but perhaps it was exactly the expectation of his master’s friend.

“Okay, let’s not mention him.” Big Foot Luo tried to cheer him up, “our main purpose now is to find that Earth Rock Dragon Worm. We must treat the order of the head as the first priority, otherwise…”

Big Foot Luo looked like he’s in pain, like he had recalled something unpleasant, “okay, you both just follow me later. Once there’s any movement of the worm…”


Before Big Foot Luo finished speaking, there was an angry roar of the Earth Rock Dragon Worm from a huge passage not far away.

There was a strange wave immediately afterwards, and the Xu brothers, who had been prepared for a long time, jumped off their flying sword decisively. However, since Big Foot Luo had never felt such a strange sonic attack, he was caught off guard and almost fell off.

“Master, are you alright?” Xu Zirong seemed considerate, but he actually felt quite happy about it.

“It’s okay!” Big Foot Luo blushed, as if he lost face in front of his disciples.

“Be careful, the worm will arrive soon!” Xu Ziyan quickly reminded him.

There was instantly another roar, and the Earth Rock Dragon Worm had already rushed out of the huge passage like a train.

It was Xu Ziyan’s first time facing the huge mouth of the earth rick dragon worm. When he was facing such a mouthful of sharp teeth, he was completely shocked.

It’s just that there was no time for him to be in a daze at this time, and Xu Zirong dragged him to hide behind Big Foot Luo just after taking a look.

Big Foot Luo: …

Xu Zirong was expressionless, he was hiding with peace of mind. Among the three people there, he and his elder brother were both new nascent soul cultivators, so they were naturally inferior to Big Foot Luo, who almost reached the level of deity.

Besides, Big Foot Luo still had a magic weapon to restrain the Earth Rock Dragon Worm in his hands, so there was no better person than him dealing with this.

Big Foot Luo rolled his eyes weakly, screamed lightly, and the multicolored light bloomed in his hands. Then, he saw a square-shaped maze thrown into the air, and after it suddenly grew bigger and sucked in Earth Rock Dragon Worm.

“It’s done!” Big Foot Luo said with a relaxed expression while holding the shrinking maze in his hand.

That’s it…?

Xu Ziyan felt as if he wasn’t clever enough. What about the difficult hunt that he had agreed upon? It turned out to be easy to catch a monster of Mahayana!


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