Chapter 323

“Is that all?” Xu Ziyan felt shocked and it was rare.

“Well, what else do you expect?” Big Foot Luo squinted at him, “this magic weapon is only for catching the earth rock dragon worm. What’s the use of keeping it if it can’t even do this? I might as well melt it and transform it into another weapon.”

The corners of Xu Ziyan’s eyes twitched, as he felt that the second half of his master’s reply contained a hint of killing. Also, the mini maze in his hands seemed to be shaking.

Big Foot Luo glanced at the little maze and suddenly suggested, “let me tell you, this is your only chance. If you can’t handle this worm, I am going to report this to senior brother and have you melted as well!”

Xu Ziyan wiped the cold sweat from his forehead – was his master threatening a magic weapon?

Xu Zirong looked at the maze, raised his head and asked, “the weapon spirit?”

“Yeah.” Big Foot Luo nodded casually.

Actually, the earth rock dragon worm was also unlucky. Initially, this magic weapon might not be able to catch it so easily and it had always been placed in the Treasure Pavilion just for the sake of good presence. However, after several thousands of years, a weapon spirit was formed after being nourished with rich spiritual energy in the pavilion!

There were huge differences between weapons with and without spirit. Taking Xu Ziyan’s dark golden longbow as an example, even though the fat octopus was extremely ugly, its innate ability increased Xu Ziyan’s combat power by 50%.

The fat octopus’ natural ability was made from eight-fold copying, while the talent of this maze was suppressed by dragon worms. Once it worked, the earth rock dragon worm trapped inside would be downgraded to one level.

Once the earth rock dragon worm of Mahayana entered the maze, it would be suppressed and downgraded to deity. And since Big Foot Luo almost reached the level of deity as well, it was then incredibly easy to capture this unlucky earth rock dragon worm. ╮(╯_╰)╭

Of course, the innate ability of this weapon spirit was really a bit redundant, and it really had nowhere to go except staying in this useless magic weapon. That’s why Big Foot Luo threatened it so arrogantly.

“Let’s go.” Big Foot Luo said.

“Where are we going?” Xu Ziyan asked.

“Of course I’m going back.” Big Foot Luo rolled his eyes, “You really want to find those worms, right? Let me tell you, the people behind the blood-sucking worms aren’t that simple. They are excellent in setting battle arrays, and you were already extremely lucky to have escaped from those six-winged flying worms. If we see so many of them again, I can’t say that I’ll be able to protect you.”

Xu Ziyan nodded in agreement. Speaking of which, if the earth rock dragon worm hadn’t been there that day, they might have fallen into the hands of the six-winged flying worms. It’s just that from his perception, those worms seemed rather uncoordinated, and the command of the giant-eyed worm was also a little rusty, as if it had just learned to control the battle arrays.

“That’s not surprising. After all, the battle arrays were invented by human cultivators, so it is naturally more suitable for human use. It is not impossible for blood-sucking worms to use them, but it may take a long time to modify it.” Big Foot Luo responded.

Due to the unexpected easiness of catching the earth rock dragon worm, the three of them stopped wasting time in the cave.

After Big Foot Luo returned to the ground, he let go of his divine consciousness and carefully searched for the traces of those blood-sucking worms. Unfortunately, the insects seemed to have thought that there would be high-level cultivators, and there was absolutely no trace on the ground. The remnants were completely migrated away by the nests underground.

“Not sure what to do then.” Big Foot Luo scratched his head. As a cultivator in the late stage of nascent soul, his divine consciousness could cover a very large area. However, even he couldn’t detect one single high-level blood-sucking worm.

“They fled really quickly.” Big Foot Luo pouted unhappily. Although he wasn’t returning empty-handed this time, it still made him upset after his enemy escaped when he could have wiped them off.

“Hmph, the disciples of Xuan Jia sect should really check it out. There must be something weird since the news was spread so quickly.” Big Foot Luo snorted coldly, rolled up his sleeves and protected the Xu brothers behind him. In a blink of an eye, they had returned to the Xuan Jia sect.

Since both Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong had become nascent soul cultivators, they could fully withstand the impact of the void. Also, with the protection of Big Foot Luo, they could easily travel through the void without spending time flying.

When they showed up outside the protective array of the Xuan Jia sect, they were immediately stunned by the tragic situation there.

A day ago, the elders and disciples of Xuan Jia sect greeted Big Foot Luo respectfully outside the mountain gate, but a day later, the entire protective array already collapsed. There were corpses everywhere from the foot to the top of the mountain, including those of the cultivators, monsters and blood-sucking worms of all kinds.

“Damn it!” Big Foot Luo showed a cold gaze. He never expected that the blood-sucking worms would be cunning enough to invade the Xuan Jia sect when he’s not around!

Although the Xuan Jia sect was only a second-rate one, with the deliberate support of Liu Guang sect and Tian Yu sect over the years, its strength was actually not inferior to those sects that ranked the first.

The protective array in the sect was specially set up by professionals from Liu Guang sect. Even with the attacks of Mahayana cultivators, it could last for at least three days and it’d be impossible to be broken so quickly.

Also, judging from the situation at the scene, it was obvious that those blood-sucking worms hardly expended a lot of energy on the array. However, there were traces of blood all over the mountain.

Big Foot Luo didn’t believe that the blood-sucking worms could break through the array and kill all the way to the top of the mountain, but he had to believe that the most unlikely thing indeed happened.

There was no doubt that there’s a traitor in Xuan Jia sect!

It was only possible to destroy the protective array when there was a traitor. He must have made the blood-sucking worms feel like they were in no man’s land when attacking the Xuan Jia sect!

“Anyone who betrays the human race must die!” Big Foot Luo looked stern, and the sharp breath of sword emanating from him went straight to the sky.

He let go of his divine consciousness and covered the entire mountain peak of Xuan Jia sect. Then, his gaze grew even colder and he shouted furiously, “it’s a demonic cultivator!”

“What?!” Xu Ziyan was startled.

He had a vague premonition when he saw the tragic scene all over the place just now. The corpses on the ground were jumbled together. There were a lot of blood-sucking worms along them, but what was even stranger was that the number of monsters was also high.

After Big Foot Luo shouted, Xu Ziyan suddenly realized that besides those blood-sucking worms, even demonic cultivators were involved in this massacre.

“Damn it!” Big Foot Luo yelled sharply. After shaking the long sword in his hand, a sword light with a strong chill flashed in the air, crashing down at the corner of the path beside the cliff.

“Squeak!” A mouse the size of a calf appeared from the shadows by the sword light. Its pair of small red eyes shone with a ferocious light, and there were two mantises behind it.

“The demonic cultivators really got involved with the blood-sucking worms, didn’t they?” Xu Zirong asked in a serious manner.

“It’s not looking good. Let’s hurry up and take a look. We don’t know how Lin Xiaotian and the others are doing.” Xu Ziyan said anxiously.

“Monsters of golden core dare to run rampant in front of me!” Big Foot Luo shook his long sword again, and an icy sword light fell towards the mouse.

The mouse’s small eyes flashed, and its body suddenly burrowed into the ground, but the two praying mantises were unable to dodge in time. The moment they were touched by the sword light, they were instantly frozen into two ice sculptures and shattered.

“Want to run, huh?” Big Foot Luo spread his five fingers slightly, and a few crystal snowflakes floated out from his palm. Those five snowflakes floated up and down, forming a strange array in mid-air. Then, all the escape routes of the mouse were blocked.

Big Foot Luo swung out a sword light again, blasting the whole ground into pieces. A large amount of bright red flesh and blood mixed in the messy clods, and the rat monster of golden core was killed by Big Foot Luo’s sword.

“This is just their watchdog. It seems that the blood-sucking worms already know that we are here. Go up the mountain along the road and check the peaks along the way. I will go directly to the main peak. With Yu Ling there, I don’t think the mother worm will wipe out the whole Xuan Jia sect yet.”

Before he finished speaking, Big Foot Luo already set off to the peak on his flying sword.

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong looked at each other, then turned and flew towards the side peak of Xuan Jia sect.

Although Xuan Jia sect only ranked the second, its mountain was majestic and extremely steep. If its spiritual veins did not flourish so much, it wouldn’t be the its turn to occupy this place.

There were altogether nine peaks in the sect that were inhabited, and four of them were occupied by four late golden core elders. The rest of the elders either lived on the mountain sides of these four peaks or on the main peak.

These four peaks were the most closely guarded places by Xuan Jia sect after the main peak, so Xu Ziyan first skipped these peaks and flew towards the Xuan Xu Peak, where the Xuan Jia disciples lived together.

They saw the miserable scene on the ground while flying all the way. Those Xuan Jia disciples, who retreated, had no time to collect the corpses of other disciples at all. Most of the corpses were shriveled, and their lower abdomen was bulging.


The lower abdomen of one of the corpses exploded, and dense blood-sucking worms emerged from it. These newly born shadow worms had no chance to take a look at the world before being blown into flying ashes by a purple thunder.

Xu Ziyan cleaned up the mess while he’s on the way. He looked icy cold and there’s a strong intent of murder on him.

It was the first time for him to see blood-sucking worms being born from the corpse of a cultivator. Although there was such a scene in the memory of his original body, it’s definitely a different feeling to see it with his own eyes.

Seeing those worms coming out of the dead bodies, Xu Ziyan’s disgust towards the demon race reached its peak.

The more he hated these worms, the more he wanted Bai Hua killed. The human race and the demon race were racially opposed, and the two sides were natural enemies. There was no need to show any pity or dignity for the enemy.

But Bai Hua was different!

Bai Hua was a human. And even if a certain devil man was controlling him, it didn’t hide the fact that he’s letting blood-sucking worms kill human beings for his greed!


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