Chapter 324

Based on this alone, Xu Ziyan couldn’t tolerate what he did!

It’d be fine if Bai Hua was as stupid as a pig, but he wasn’t at all!

Not only wasn’t he stupid, but he was also incredibly cunning and smart. How could he not know the consequences of colluding with the blood-sucking worms?

Well…maybe he knew. It’s only that it’s ‘necessary sacrifice’ in his perception, just like how he’d sacrificed Xu Zirong in his previous life.

Xu Ziyan’s usually gentle eyes were as cold as if they had been frozen. He looked down at the people who died tragically on the road and he felt suffocated.

“Brother…” Xu Zirong approached cautiously, jumped onto his brother’s flying sword and wrapped his arms around his waist from behind.

“I’m alright.” Xu Ziyan’s voice was a little hoarse.

He really didn’t understand whether human beings would forever be insatiable. Bai Hua was already a golden core cultivator and he had a nice partner for dual cultivation. He could also rely on a nascent soul in daily life. It might sound a bit exaggerated if one described as the biggest winner in life, but he was definitely living a happy life.

Then why on earth did he want to collude with the blood-sucking worms?!

“Brother…” Xu Zirong called softly, rubbing his cheek against his brother’s back, comforting him silently.

He could feel the depression and grief in his brother’s heart, but such a thing could not be explained in words.

No matter what era it was, there would always be people who’d sacrifice the others for their own ambitions.

In his opinion, Bai Hua belonged to this category. In their perception, their own interests were always on first priority. And everyone else was expendable.

And when Big Foot Luo proposed the concept of devil men, he’d already thought that Bai Hua would take this step sooner or later.

He was only surprised that Bai Hua took action so early. Maybe he’d noticed something.

“Let’s go.” Xu Ziyan calmed down for a while, and continued to move towards the summit of Xuan Xu Peak.

They were still flying and killing along the way, blowing up all the corpses parasitized by blood-sucking worms into flying ashes.

The closer he got to the peak, the calmer Xu Ziyan became. He was laughing at himself. Since he was born in a peaceful world, he found it difficult to adapt to a world where men killed each other. He’d always assumed that people killing the others for their greed would only occur in a plot, but then…

…Uh, this seemed to be a fictional world anyhow, and it was indeed normal for such a plot to happen…

But the original male protagonist already changed his script and character, so Xu Ziyan was naturally forced to become the savior…

Xu Ziyan felt an immense pressure on his shoulders after realizing that he might become the male protagonist in the end…

In his original world, he was just one of the ordinary mortal beings, and he didn’t even believe that he had any domineering aura in him.

Moreover, he understood himself well – he was still capable of leading a small team of more than a dozen people for missions, but it’d be a whole different ball game to command the entire Xuan Yu realm, he was tempted to say no…

Xu Ziyan was praying sincerely in his heart, hoping that no Gods would entrust any heavy responsibility to him – he’s just an ordinary cultivator and couldn’t take on difficult missions!

Just when Xu Ziyan was distracted, there was a deafening bang from the top of Xuan Xu Peak.

Xu Ziyan hurriedly dismissed those unreliable speculations. Whether he’s the male protagonist or not, he still had to do his part for Xuan Yu realm. It’s still too far to think about those things now, the most important thing would be to save those surviving human cultivators before they got killed by blood-sucking worms.

“I’ll fight with you ‘til the end!” A seriously injured cultivator let out a roar before dying. He was full of momentum, and he was rushing towards the blood-sucking worms and demonic cultivators who were besieging him.

There was a loud bang, and there was a gap in the besieging blood-sucking worms from his self-explosion. Soon, the gap was filled by more blood-sucking worms.

Xu Ziyan saw that the cultivators on the peak spontaneously formed a circle, surrounding the injured cultivators in the middle, resisting the attacks from blood-sucking worms and demonic cultivators.

“Thunder Snake Burst!” Xu Ziyan made a big move without hesitation, and five thunder pythons with thick wrists rushed towards the group of blood-sucking worms.

Little Octopus’ phantom hovered above the dark gold longbow, and forty slightly weaker Thunder Snakes flew out following Xu Ziyan’s attack.

Those blood-sucking worms and demonic cultivators were busy attacking the injured Xuan Jia disciples, but they didn’t notice Xu Ziyan’s sneaky attack at all.

This move directly pointed at the monster commanded by those blood-sucking worms in the middle, and the five thunder pythons directly entered the protected area of the blood-sucking worms with a powerful momentum. They twisted tightly on its body .

It was a white-haired ape monster which reached the late stage of golden core. It gave this monster an advantage when facing the Xuan Jia disciples who only reached the level of building base or Qi condensation.

With the assistance of those blood-sucking worms, this battle had been a massacre from its beginning.

It’s just that for some unknown purpose, this ape monster didn’t force those disciples too much. On the contrary, they seemed to be teasing the disciples and the frequency of their attack differed as well. The cultivators were struggling between hope and despair.

The ape monster enjoyed watching the blood-sucking worms killing the Xuan Jia sect since the beginning, yet it suddenly encountered big troubles. The five rays of thunder light wrapped it tightly, and as a monster of late stage of golden core, it couldn’t break free.

It squeaked and looked at Xu Ziyan in horror. It didn’t seem to understand why they would be a nascent soul cultivator.


The group of blood-sucking worms controlled by the ape monster immediately gave up the siege of the Xuan Jia disciples. They all swarmed towards Xu Ziyan. However, the blood-sucking worms had no way to threaten Xu Ziyan with this strength. Xu Zirong only needed to release a small amount of bloody mist to kill them all, and Xu Ziyan didn’t need to do anything.

“Squeak squeak!” The ape monster turned pale when it saw this. At this moment, it already knew that there’s no hope to escape. It decided to bow to Xu Ziyan, hoping to be let go.

Xu Ziyan looked at the ape monster coldly and slightly tightened his fingers. “Thunder Snake Strangle.”

The five thunder pythons tightened suddenly and immediately cut the ape monster into several pieces.

“Thank you for saving my life, senior.” Those disciples of the Xuan Jia sect looked thrilled after being saved. Among them, a man in green clothes stepped forward and saluted respectfully to Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan dropped the flying sword and took a closer look. The man in green clothes turned out to be someone they knew – it was the disciple of Xuan Jia sect who sent them to the Ying Ke Peak.

“Xu…Senior …” The man in green clothes looked at Xu Ziyan in disbelief. He found Xu Ziyan’s aura very powerful a few days ago, but when he saw Xu Ziyan again that day, it was like a really profound and mysterious feeling.

The last time they met, Xu Ziyan was at a later stage of golden core, so did it mean that…

He dared not think about it anymore. As an elder’s direct disciple, he also inquired about Xu Ziyan. It was already beyond amazing for someone to reach golden core at his thirties, Xu Ziyan had to be some rare genius that had never appeared for hundreds of years.

However, for the Xuan Jia sect that was in distress, it was a blessing to have someone of higher level to rescue them. And since the Xu brothers were out with their master, did it mean that Luo Yun also returned with them?

The Xuan Jia sect would be saved this time!

The man in green clothes was overjoyed. He didn’t care about the injuries on his body and quickly knelt down in front of his seniors of nascent soul, “please, senior Xu, please save Xuan Jia sect from its danger.”

Xu Ziyan felt uncomfortable when someone kneeled in front of him. He stretched out his hand to help the man up, “don’t worry, the blood-sucking worms are the enemy of mankind, so I won’t just stand by and watch. My master is already heading to the main peak, so the blood-sucking worms won’t do anything. I still have to go to the Ying Ke Peak and check out the cultivators who live there. Let’s discuss when I’m back.”

“Senior Xu, you don’t need to go to the Ying Ke Peak anymore.” The man in green clothes hurriedly stopped Xu Ziyan.

“What?” Xu Ziyan’s face suddenly darkened. Could it be that this disciple only cared about his safety instead of helping the cultivators who lived there?

The man in green clothes could only explain bitterly after seeing the change of Xu Ziyan’s facial expression, “there are only the rest of us – from Xuan Xu Peak and Ying Ke Peak.”

“What?” Xu Ziyan was taken aback.

He looked behind the man in green clothes and saw a few familiar faces from the Yuan Ke Peak. There were about a few hundreds of time, yet there were more than 2000 cultivators in Ying Ke Peak when Xu Ziyan first arrived there.

“You…are there only so few people left?” Xu Ziyan asked in shock.

The man in green clothes became even sadder, “senior Xu, let me tell you the truth. Elder Yuan Jingye from my sect suddenly told us that there was something abnormal about the spiritual veins under the Ying Ke Peak, and he wanted to take someone to check it. That’s why we were told to move all the guests of Ying Ke Peak to Xuan Xu Peak temporarily. Suddenly, some of the cultivators of Ying Ke Peak started arguing with the disciples of Xuan Jia sect for some trivial matters. I tried to stop a fight from happening, but none of them was willing to step back.”

“At this moment, there was a sudden cracking sound from the main peak, and the mountain array collapsed. Then, there were disciples running from the bottom of the mountain, yelling that the blood-sucking worms were attacking.” The man in green clothes showed a bitter smile and tired look, “before I could react, several cultivators and disciples of the Xuan Jia sect suddenly exploded, and countless blood-sucking worms erupted from their bodies. Many of them also started attacking anyone beside them. We suffered heavy losses under this sudden attack, but we still managed to stop those worms with concerted effort. Unfortunately, things got worse at the foot of the mountain, and countless disciples started escaping from there. There were also more and more blood-sucking worms.”


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