Chapter 333

Those scattered corpses and flesh didn’t make the rest of the team panic. On the contrary, the crazy language of the demon race made them angrier, and their moves gradually became more vicious as well.

In such a battle, these cultivators also noticed their lack of experience. These individuals of demon race were neither cultivators nor blood-sucking worms, and they must keep a certain distance when fighting against them.

The demon race was incredibly strong. 99% of cultivators would lose when fighting with them in a close distance. A cultivator was just cut in half by the mantis demon. The other cultivators learnt their lesson from what theyd seen and quickly drew a distance from the demon race.

When fighting the blood-sucking worms, the cultivators didn’t need any powerful moves. After all, worms and shadow worms relied on numbers to win. The more powerful the moves, the more energy they would consume. However, there was actually no change in the number of blood-sucking worms that they had to kill.

But the battle with the demon race was completely opposite. Since the large-scale moves decreased the extent of damage, they were just like drizzle when hitting on their bodies. On the contrary, the powerful single-target attacks worked more easily, especially when the three were cooperating with each other. Two of them could act as defense in front, while the remaining one could prepare a big move and kill one mantis demon in one shot. After a few tries, this three-people team actually managed to kill over ten mantis demons in a short while.

“That team is not bad. Uh…they are Xuan Jia disciples, forget it.” Xu Ziyan noticed the situation over there, but when he saw that the leading cultivator was the one in green clothes from Xuan Jia, he immediately gave up on the thought of recruiting them.

“Brother, do you think that they’re good?” Xu Zirong blinked, tilted his head and asked cutely, “do you want me to recruit them for you?”

Xu Ziyan’s face twitched, and he knew already that Xu Zirong would use every possible way to receruit them – that means threatening them if using treasures to attract didn’t work…this guy with clinginess disease would surely torture these guys to death as he wouldn’t allow anyone to disobey him!

Especially when all he wanted was to please his brother——_(:3」)_Although Xu Ziyan didn’t want to admit it, but he really felt like a favored concubine poisoning her country…

He would never do stupid stuff like recruiting the first disciple of another sect, unless he wanted to completely destroy his relationship with Xuan Jia sect. That’s why he could only temporarily refuse the “good will” of Xu Zirong.

“Forget it, with so many talented people, we don’t need to stick to the only few.” He shook his head and re-focused on the battlefield.

Xu Zirong was a little disappointed that he failed to please his brother. It had become more and more difficult to make his brother more proactive. Apparently, he wouldn’t admit that it’s all because of him being too needy…

The attacks of the thorn-tailed demon girl were extremely sharp, but after the first lost team, the teams that were besieging her became more cautious.

A single layer of spiritual shield couldn’t protect them from their attacks, so some actually used multiple layers. There were even some cultivators who were excellent in defense getting nearer, using some weapons like the Mao brothers’ shield and defending everyone.

With the addition of these defense experts, the cultivators besieging the thorn-tailed demon girl suddenly became calm, and they started showing their guarding skills and continuously bombarded the shield formed by the demons with iron armor.

The cultivators who were mainly defending had demonstrated their value. If the cultivators, who were mainly responsible in attacking, gained nothing in the end, then how could they face anyone in the future?

Based on this mindset, the dozens of cultivators besieging the thorn-tailed demon girl began to bombard the iron shield indiscriminately. Things like snowflakes, tree vines, flying sword attacks all fell on the iron shield like raindrops.

“Captain, the situation is not good, we can’t hold on any longer!” The faces of the Iron Armored Demons suddenly changed, and one of them hurriedly said to the tall thorn-tailed witch.

The thorn-tailed demon girl looked gloomy. The demon with iron armor, who was in charge of protecting them, was almost unable to hold on anymore, while those mantis demons were separated by the team of three talents, constantly besieging and killing them.

The situation of that day was really beyond the expectation of the thorn-tailed demon girl. She had really underestimated the combat power of Xuan Yu realm.

According to her general inference, a closed realm was often relatively peaceful. And when it’s the case, it wouldn’t take long for the realm to collapse when being attacked by the demon race.

She didn’t understand why the cultivators there were so powerful and that they even had the ability to wipe off her team.

As the captain of this demon team, she’s the more intelligent one. She only needed to observe the situation for a short while before deciding that the demon team would definitely lose. She believed that these human cultivators were indeed not simple, but what frightened her the most would be the huge ship with the breath that made one shiver.

At the beginning, the demon girl with a thorned tail hadn’t noticed such a threatening cultivator on the boat, but when her cultivators started hurting cultivators of the other party, there was a breath on the boat that made her shiver all over.

The demon girl with a thorned tail felt very desperate. As long as that cultivator was there, there would be no way out for the demon race.

She probably knew the reason why her opponent wasn’t acting yet. It’s probably because they were simply treating them as their training ground. Although she felt pissed off about it, there’s nothing she could do.

In the face of absolute strength, any conspiracy would be in vain. There’s a stern look in her eyes after being convinced that they had no way out.

So, you want us to be your training ground? Then I’ll let you feel its backlash!

The demon girl suddenly let out a shrill howl, and the entire battlefield fell silent.

Xu Ziyan suddenly had a bad feeling. He stared at the thorn-tailed demon girl, then realized that all the mantis demon on the battlefield suddenly went crazy after the howl. They seemed to be determined to fight and die with the human cultivators.

“It’s not looking good. They’re now fighting ‘til death!” Xu Ziyan got furious, as those cultivators were assets of the Xu family. Never did he plan to send them to death!

The demons with iron armor also turned red all over their bodies after a brief moment of surprise, and the iron armored shields they released were actually a bit tougher than before. The attacks that hit on them couldn’t even weaken the shields.

Anyone could see that these demons with iron armor wouldn’t last long, but they didn’t need to prolong their actions either.

At the moment when the few demons with iron armor burst out, all the thorn-tailed demon girls protected by them stabbed their hearts with their tails.

This action immediately shocked the besieging cultivators. Even a fool would know that this action wasn’t equal to committing suicide. Therefore, they all started attacking unapologetically and attempted to break the shields of those demons with iron armor.

If there were other nascent soul cultivators, then those thorn-tailed demon girls would have no choice but to make their ultimate move. However, Xu Ziyan had already obtained lots of information about the demon race when he was in the fighting tower, and he’d got complete information about these low-level soldiers as well.

The poison of these tails was a kind of stimulant to them, but it wasn’t to stimulate their spirit, but their demonic energy.

To put it in a simpler way, once they stabbed their tails into their heart, it would mean that they were going to self-explode. As the only kind of low-level soldiers who could release magic, there wouldn’t be many differences between the self-explosion of the demon girls and that of cultivators. However, if this dozen of demon girls exploded themselves at the same time and if Xu Ziyan couldn’t protect them timely, everyone there would turn into ashes and his plan of protecting everyone would go in vain.

Apparently, Xu Ziyan would not let these cultivators down, and he certainly didn’t want them to be killed this way. That’s why he immediately took action.

“Step back!” He yelled, loosened his fingertips and shot the arrow in his hand.

Five thick thunder pythons directly smashed the shield released by the demons with iron armor, while Little Eight released dozens of thunder snakes and ran towards the demon girls with thorned tails.

Xu Ziyan’s fighters were very powerful in terms of attack, but they were much weaker in terms of defense. Fortunately, he also had a good younger brother who paid attention to his needs at any time, and immediately cooperated by forming an array around the dozen demon girls. He formed a thick layer of blood.

After the battle just now, the ground was full of blood and corpses, some belonged to the cultivators, but more belonged to those mantis demons.

Xu Zirong didn’t mind making use of materials on the spot. He started extracting blood from the corpses. Although these things were relatively low-level and not worth keeping in his body, they were still good as a shield. It was at least sufficient for consumption.

The shock waves produced by the explosions of those demon girls collided with the waves of the sea of blood, and they were annihilated one after another. The energy of both sides was constantly consumed in this confrontation, but it was obvious that the energy detonated by Xu Ziyan in advance couldn’t break through the defense of the blood sea. In the end, the explosive force failed to break through, and the thorn-tailed demon girl also spat out a mouthful of blood angrily before collapsing on the ground.

Before she was about to die, she quietly crushed a piece of transparent spar. There was a stream of gray-blue light in the spar. When it broke, the stream of light flew up into the sky and was about to break through.

The thorn-tailed demon girl showed a smile of satisfaction. Although their demon team was completely wiped out, the information left in this record spar could make the other demon races be careful towards the cultivators of this realm.

Unfortunately, her smile froze all of a sudden, after she suddenly saw a white and tender sheep in the sky, which swallowed the stream of light…

In the end, the demon girl couldn’t rest in peace. Never would she be able to understand why there would be a creature on earth which was interested in eating remaining info of a spar…

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