Chapter 334

“It’s not delicious.” Snowball fell from the sky with a bitter face and looked at Xu Zirong sadly.

Xu Zirong glanced at Snowball which shivered even more. It just shrank itself into a ball and tried hard to minimize its existence. Well, ever since the last incident with the dragon’s horn, it could feel that its master had stopped loving it. And he even tried to ignore it when it’s being bulled…no more hope in its dragon’s life…

“When did you call Snowball out?” Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong in surprise.

Xu Zirong spread his hands indifferently, “I was worried that I’d forget something, so I just let it out. I didn’t expect such a nice surprise.”

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows. He already knew about the fact that Xu Zirong was bullying Snowball, but he also agreed to some of Xu Zirong’s perspectives – ever since Snowball followed him, his days had become a little too comfortable. It’d become obese without further training.

It was never Xu Zirong’s intention to accept a gift from someone else’s father but ending up destroying his son. Therefore, Xu Ziyan decided to train Snowball well out of his gratitude towards uncle True Dragon. He at least had to make sure that Snowball didn’t lose an easy battle in any dragon sons’ battle in the future…

“Clean the battlefield.” Xu Ziyan turned his head, looked at the cultivators who were still in the brief silence on the battlefield and yelled.

The cultivators, who were shocked by the scene just now, finally came back to their senses, and they all looked at Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong with awe.

When Xu Ziyan made a move just now, these cultivators could see very clearly that the huge thunder python and countless tiny thunderbolts almost smashed the solid shield of the armored demon into pieces.

Although it had been known for a long time how overwhelming a nascent soul cultivator’s combat power was, it’s still quite shocking when one saw it with his own eyes.

When exterminating those two spies from the demon race, Xu Ziyan didn’t even take out his weapon. He just popped out two tiny streams of thunder light to finish off those two. Although he demonstrated the power of a nascent soul cultivator, it’s still far inferior to the momentum just now.

The thick thunder python was like a storm and it shocked all the cultivators deeply. Xu Ziyan’s lightning attack made these cultivators feel in awe, and Xu Zirong’s blood sea defense made them feel in deep fear.

Blood spells had always been called demon spells. Although there was already an alliance between the righteous and demon cultivators, they wouldn’t mingle most of the time.

But — wasn’t cultivator Xu a disciple of the Liu Guang sect? How did he end up cultivating the Blood Sea Heart Sutra?

Many cultivators had similar doubts, but none of them dared to ask anything. After all, Xu Zirong was indeed protecting them just now, and these people weren’t so foolish to not know between the good and the bad. They’d at most doubt for a short while but they’d be grateful towards Xu Zirong in the end.

However, the three golden core elders of Xuan Jia sect were much more shocked.

After so many generations of inheritance, they indeed knew about blood demons.

When they encircled and suppressed the previous generation of blood demons, a nascent soul cultivator from Xuan Jia sect also participated. Unfortunately, that nascent soul cultivator wasn’t lucky at all and he ended up getting heavily injured. He died a few years later after returning home.

According to the nascent soul cultivator, everyone in Xuan Jia sect knew how powerful a blood demon could be. They also knew some of the moves of blood demons, thus they instantly confirmed Xu Zirong’s identity after seeing that blood sea.

The elders looked at each other and wondered who would dare to accuse him now. Who would dare to remove a demon cultivator at this critical moment? With Xu Zirong’s power, they would just get killed by confronting Xu Zirong.

Besides, it’s not like Xu Ziyan would be someone easy to deal with either. It’s not possible that he didn’t know about his brother cultivating the Blood Sea Heart Sutra. Then, if he knew already, it would naturally mean that he had been prepared for this day. He might just kill anyone who got in their way.

The three elders were hesitant and they wondered what anyone would do next. Even elder Liu, who’s a proud one usually, felt pretty confused. It’s like they’d all lost their memory and had seen nothing. ╮(╯_╰)╭

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but smile secretly after seeing how the few elders behaved. He’d actually already presumed what Xu Zirong would do, but he didn’t expect Xu Zirong to reveal his Blood Sea Heart Sutra so generously.

However, he later thought that it wasn’t a big deal. Their master already knew about this and he could protect them in case anything happened. Also, after becoming nascent soul cultivators, anyone had to think twice before doing “getting righteous”.

Sure enough, when one becomes strong enough, his courage increases. Xu Ziyan felt confident that no one would dare to do anything against them, as they’d become nascent soul cultivators. In any case, he also had a younger brother with clinginess disease to run to…

After Xu Ziyan commanded them to “clean the battlefield”, these cultivators immediately realized what they were doing and what was awaiting them.

The corpses of the demons below were all high-quality materials. Xu Zirong used only blood to save them previously, and he had no interest in those remaining corpses.

“Spiritual stones!” A chubby cultivator was the first to rush down with starry eyes, and the rest of them also rushed down.

Although everyone was excited, none of them dared to act too greedily with Xu Ziyan’s presence.

Everyone just started collecting the corpses that belonged to them. They also cut off all the horns, tails on the back, skin of the demons, etc. They didn’t know what they could use with these things yet, but they all believed in Xu Ziyan after he promised that they could be used for refining weapons.

Anyway, there were at least a dozen refiners on boat and they could study the materials as much as they wanted. There was no need for them to worry as they must be a solution.

Almost every cultivator had the same purpose in collecting all the corpses. In the end, Xu Ziyan even started to despise these people. It’s okay to collect the eyes and the horns, but what’s the purpose of collecting the underarm of a mantis demon?

Um…it shouldn’t be of any use, right?

Could this cultivator be thinking about using this to refine a weapon? Even if a refiner was willing to do so, it’s still disgusting to hell.

Xu Ziyan felt a bit annoyed, but he’s still happy about the cultivators’ enthusiasm.

There was still a chance for them to win over the demon race. Also, as long as they did, there would be huge gains for them. Xu Ziyan didn’t need to encourage or motivate them much.

“Everyone, let’s get on the boat!” After noticing that all the cultivators had finished collecting materials, Xu Ziyan commanded them to return to the Nine-Leaf cloud shuttle.

Although they were damages in the battle, most of the cultivators looked thrilled. Now their Qiankun bags were almost filled with all kinds of materials. Although they might not be all useful, it’s still considered a fruitful battle with the gain.

After confirming that all cultivators had returned to the cloud shuttle, Xu Ziyan let elder Qi control it and they set off to the Liu Guang sect together. He entered the cabin with elder Qi and checked the injured cultivators.

As an elder of the Xuan Jia sect, elder Qi apparently cared his disciples more. On the other hand, Xu Ziyan also behaved very kindly as he had the intention to ask these cultivators to join him.

The two looked at each other and parted ways. Elder Liu had already noticed Xu Ziyan’s intentions, but as long as he was not targeting at the disciples of Xuan Jia, he wouldn’t care if the remaining ones wanted to follow Xu Ziyan or not.

After the two parted, Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong came to the huge cabin where the wounded were. Long before departure, Xu Ziyan had predicted that there might be a battle, so he prepared such a place in advance. Not only did he let Xu Zirong draw a huge healing array on the ground, but he also arranged a few low-level disciples to look after the wounded.

It would be the strongest place of the whole cloud shuttle. There wouldn’t be any security issues before the cloud shuttle broke.

Xu Ziyan chose to install the “hospital” there, mainly because he wanted to appear as caring. Although those cultivators were NPC of a game, behaving like a caring and considerate boss would surely leave a good impression to the others.

Xu Ziyan did an excellent job on this point, yet he had a teammate with clinginess disease.

He comforted the wounded with a warm smile, letting them feel more at ease, yet Xu Zirong was threatening them with his sharp and cold gaze at the same time.

It’s like being in Heaven and Hell at the same time…

Xu Ziyan took Xu Zirong back to their room and looked at him without any expressions.

“Brother…” Xu Zirong really didn’t like his brother smiling at those people! His brother belonged to him, and his brother’s smile belonged to him as well! It’s barely fine to share brother with Le Hu and Wei Qing since they were brother’s friends, but he should never be so nice to his future subordinates!


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