Chapter 335

Xu Ziyan felt quite helpless when seeing how stubborn Xu Zirong was.

His originally planned strategy to win people’s heart was already crushed because of how Xu Zirong behaved, and since Xu Zirong had no intention to give in, Xu Ziyan had no choice but to continue like this.

In any case, the worst thing Xu Zirong had done was to try killing those people with his cold gaze, and they might just try to get used to it

Speaking of which, Xu Ziyan felt like he should really let them learn from Zuo Shen so that they could minimize their sense of existence

(Zuo Shen felt really heartbroken…)

“Okay, okay, be good, brother loves you the most, don’t you know that already?!” Xu Ziyan patted Xu Zirong’s shoulder lightly, trying to comfort Zirong in a low voice.

Xu Zirong blushed lightly and his eyes became watery. Then, he whispered something in Xu Ziyans ears.

Xu Ziyan’s face became redder and redder, but after looking at those watery eyes, he silently turned his face away, bearing the humiliation…and nodded.

After Xu Zirong happily left, Xu Ziyan wiped his face vigorously.

He thought, damn it, my integrity has completely disappeared, and I actually agreed to such shameless conditions just to recruit disciples.

Xu Ziyan’s ears turned slightly red, yet he would never admit that he actually enjoyed it sometimes…

Without Xu Zirong’s troubles, Xu Ziyan’s ability in gaining favorability improved significantly.

In fact, he didnt need to do anything as long as he wandered around on the boat, he just needed to show a warm smile to those cultivators to make them excited

A month passed peacefully yet intensely.

Along the way, Xu Ziyan and the others encountered a total of three battles.

Besides the first combination of mantis demons, thorn-tailed demon girls and demons with iron armor, they also saw the long-range attack combination of iron armored demons and demons with spine bows again, and the last time was the most dangerous, as it was a team of howling demons and demons with wings.

The howling banshee also knew how to use spells, and the winged demons, as the name suggests, were naturally a kind of demons with wings on the back. Such a combination was already an intermediate level of the demon race, thats why the three golden core elders of Xuan Jia sect joined in the battle as well. In the end, they had to rely on the coordination of the Xu brothers to stop these demons from self-exploding.

After these three battles, most of the cultivators realized that these demons would not surrender as long as they had the strength to fight.

Speaking of self-explosion, many cultivators really resented it. They were apparently worried about their pockets, as self-explosion would lead to the destruction of many materials. And even if they werent destroyed, the materials would become much less effective after the loss of spiritual energy as well. The cultivators were thus worried about it.

Fortunately, there was good news too the refiners already learned some ways to use the materials of demon race, and some cultivators had already started using them.

Strangely, these individuals of demon race obviously lived in a place full if demonic energy, but their bodies still could take up a lot of spiritual energy. The cultivators, who just started using the new weapons, were all amazed.

When they arrived at Liu Guang sect, they happened to meet another group of cultivators ready to retreat. However, they were obviously unlucky and were hunted down by a small team of the demon race. After sacrificing nearly two-thirds of cultivators, they managed to escape with much difficulty.

These cultivators were all wounded and looked tired. The most shocking thing was that their eyes looked lifeless, as numb as a dead person.

These cultivators have become completely useless!” Xu Ziyan sighed silently as he looked at the group.

Obviously, these cultivators were left permanently traumatized by the demon race. In such case, there wouldnt be any future for them. Even if they tried to break through one day, theyd also be beaten up by the heart demon.

Xu Zirong glanced at them coldly, thats how this world works. The weak will always fail.

Xu Ziyan looked at those people with a complicated look. These cultivators level of cultivation was similar to those that hed brought back, some of theirs were even higher. They were mostly cultivators of Qi condensation. Those below this level already died along the way.

These people were of the same level, but they were somehow forced to become this way only because they werent familiar with the combat method of the demon race. Its quite a pity.

Xu Ziyan shook his head lightly, sighing for these people. But he soon cheered up again, as he decided to change the perspective of the cultivators of Xuan Yu realm to avoid further tragedies.

He hoped that he could contribute his power after returning to Liu Guang sect.

He turned his head and looked at the cultivators who came down from the Nine-leaf cloud shuttle one after another and theres a smile on his face. These people were the most solid strength in his hands. He also hoped to rely on them to rescue the Xuan Yu realm.

Since getting off the cloud shuttle, these cultivators had obediently lined up in two teams and walked forward slowly. Whether it was out of awe or a habit, they had spent most of their time going through some weird practices with senior Xu, besides practicing all kinds of arrays.

According to senior Xu, it was all to improve their sense of cooperation. Even though they had no idea how lining up could improve that, they still did so out of their trust towards Xu Ziyan. And miraculously, their trust among each other did dramatically increase.

For some of them who were relatively close to each other, the two teams of three talents could sometimes collaborate, amusing everyone.

They first began admiring Xu Ziyan after using the array of three talents and defeating the demon race. Then, they started trusting Xu Ziyan even more after this strange yet super useful way of training.

With even more imagination, if this happened in modern times, at least half of these people were brainless fans of Xu Ziyan and they would all obey his words without question. Also, these brainless fans would just kill anyone disobeying his orders.

These cultivators trusted Xu Ziyan almost unconditionally. With the training that they had, they still followed the rules that they had on the boat and they would line up into two teams anyhow.

Such a strange way naturally attracted many peoples attention. Also, the others were looking very messy and most of them were injured. This energetic team with clean clothes looked specifically outstanding.

“Why are they so miserable?” A cultivator wearing a black robe with flashing lights asked his teammates in a low voice.

They probably had a big loss at the hands of the demon race.” His teammates wore the same robe as him, carrying on their backs a shield the size of an iron pot. The shield had a special material, as its neither gold nor jade. However, when one looked more closely, its refined from the shield on the demon with iron armor.

“Tsk tsk.” The first cultivator sighed, what a pity, these people probably won’t develop much in the future. Look at the fear in their eyes.”

“Come on, now youre talking about them. Didnt you tremble after your first battle with the demon race? You almost wet your pants. If senior Xu didnt act quickly, I would be carrying your corpse back. His teammate looked at him with disdain.

Nonsense! The cultivator blushed, wet my pants? Let me tell you, there will be consequences if you spread rumor!

The teammate sneered. The two barely knew each other a month ago, but after one common battle, the two noticed that they shared many weird interests. And after rescuing each other, the two started having a habit of revealing each others weaknesses, yet they still could rely on each other when something happened.

There were many other teams like this on the ship, because Xu Ziyan deliberately emphasized mutual cooperation, so that they often received assistance from their comrades after a battle.

At the beginning, it was the cooperation among three people, then it became cooperation between teams. There were only three battles with the demon race, but Xu Ziyan specially opened up a huge space on the boat for everyone to practice.

Even if these cultivators on the boats were not close friends, they were undoubtedly familiar with each other. Everyone would at least know another persons name when they saw each other.

“Ziyan! You are finally back!” There was a loud noise in the sky.

All the surrounding cultivators immediately raised their head and checked whos there making a loud noise outside the entrance of Liu Guang sect.

The disciples of the Liu Guang sect, who were in charge of guarding, suddenly cheered up one by one, and some of them even showed a little fanaticism.

“Congratulations to uncle Luo Yun.” Many disciples said in unison.

“Excuse me.” Luo Yun stood up in the air, and with a wave of his robe, he lifted up those kneeling disciples.

“I just came to see my disciples, just continue your work.”

We will follow the teachings of our master.” All the disciples bowed again and responded. Then, they all returned to their workplaces and continued to register those cultivators coming to Liu Guang sect.

Big Foot Luo landed on the boat and pouted at Xu Ziyan, “I have already told my senior brother many times that this kind of rule is meaningless and its only a waste of time. Will they need to kneel as well if I show up on a battlefield? Wont they be killed then?

Xu Ziyan looked at his master, feeling dumbfounded, master, please dont joke around. They are just showing you their respect. Also, we all know that we are not supposed to bow during a battle. So, rest assured that no one will do that.

Big Foot Luo snorted and didnt continue the topic. Instead, he patted strongly on Xu Ziyan and nodded with satisfaction, good. Youve really stabilized everything. Youve such a good performance that everyone in the sect is showing their appreciation.


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