Chapter 337

Big Foot Luo babbled a lot, and finally vented his depression for the past two days. In fact, he had long been displeased with the representatives of the five major sects, but he could only endure it since his senior brother disagreed with him.

He began to feel better later. Big Foot Luo looked around casually and happened to see Xu Zirong who had been standing behind Xu Ziyan.

“Huh? You’re back too.” Big Foot Luo asked lightly.

Xu Ziyan: …Master, Zirong has been standing here since the very beginning, please don’t ignore him on purpose…

Xu Zirong nodded without any expressions.

Big Foot Luo looked at him up and down and snorted, “well, he still looks as happy as before. It seems that you’ve been abusing your brother, and you’re pretty happy about it right?”

Xu Zirong didn’t respond, but he raised his eyebrows as if he’s in a good mood.

Xu Ziyan felt like crying and thought, “master…are you really my master? Is there any master who’d give such a comment to his disciple?”

Big Foot Luo snorted and threw him a ring of Nothingness.

Xu Zirong reached out to take it and looked at Big Foot Luo in confusion.

Big Foot Luo turned his face and replied coldly, “what are you looking at? I won’t need it anymore, so just take it. I will just lose face if you are out there without any treasures. By the way, I’ve already told my senior brother about your identity, so there’s no more need for you to hide in the future.”

Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows and unapologetically took away the ring of Nothingness as his possession. He checked the insides of the ring with his divine consciousness and instantly saw everything.

Xu Zirong’s mouth curled up after looking at those stuff, “then I could only thank you, master.”

“No need to thank me. I’m only doing it for your brother!” Big Foot Luo straightened up.

Xu Zirong nodded, “I understand. Everything that my master has given is for my brother, and it has nothing to do with me.”

Big Foot Luo almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He looked at Xu Zirong with resentment. It’s all essence blood of high-level monsters inside the Ring of Nothingness. None of that would be useful for Xu Ziyan, so master clearly prepared those for him. Xu Zirong acted really offensively by twisting Big Foot Luo’s meaning!

As a consequence, Big Foot Luo beat him up.

Fortunately, he still remembered that it’s the front gate of the Liu Guang sect, that’s why he placed a barrier deliberately to avoid anyone to sneak peek.

When blood demons of the early stage of nascent soul fought against a sword cultivator of the later stage of nascent soul, the blood demon would inevitably fail.

Even if we disregard their level of cultivation, Xu Zirong still couldn’t defeat Luo Yun, who’d already lived thousands of years.

“Hmph, you’re still young and new! If you still act disrespectfully to your master, I’ll surely teach you a lesson!” Big Foot Luo said proudly.

Xu Zirong felt speechless and was complaining in his mind, “if my brother hasn’t warned me not to be fierce, do you think you can still stand here?”

“Why are you still looking at me ? You’re such a rebel. Make something for me to eat! I’m so hungry after a fight.” Big Foot Luo really missed Xu Ziyan’s cuisine.

Xu Ziyan silently picked up his brother’s collar and dragged him away. Instead of letting him stay and stare at the master, it’d be better to be harassed by him.

He was already very satisfied that his master and Zirong could maintain the status quo. It’d be better not to dream about them having a father-son relationship.

The cultivators on cloud shuttle were led to their residence by the disciples of Liu Guang sect. The disciples of Xuan Jia sect were taken care of by their three golden elders, and they were placed alone in a courtyard.

Those scattered disciples and casual cultivators had already been instructed by Xu Ziyan to familiarize themselves with the Liu Guang sect and recover within three days. After three days, he would see them on the Tian Luo Peak training ground.

Obviously, Xu Ziyan also stressed that those who wanted to look for their sects did not need to stay with casual cultivators, and they wouldn’t be required to assemble on the training ground after three days either.

As soon as he said so, the smart ones knew immediately what he meant, and those who were less smart also got it with others’ reminder.

The three days were not just for them to relax, but it’s also for them to think clearly if they wanted to continue following Xu Ziyan.

Back then at Xuan Jia sect, they were forced to follow Xu Ziyan. If they did not do so, they wouldn’t even a chance to survive. After making sure that everyone’s safe at Liu Guang sect, they naturally didn’t need to follow Xu Ziyan anymore.

It’s just that these cultivators were much simpler than Xu Ziyan had imagined.

The so-called respect for the strong shouldn’t be expressed verbally only. Every cultivator should respect such a rule.

Xu Ziyan still underestimated his status as a nascent soul cultivator, as he had no concrete idea about what it meant in the Xuan Yu realm.

In his opinion, he was fully respectful towards these cultivators as he let them choose freely. However, these cultivators thought that senior Xu wasn’t so happy about them, and they might not be given any chance if there’s no improvement after three days.

How could this be possible?!

Many cultivators almost passed out in the toilet…

qaq: senior Xu, are you ready to desert us?

Therefore, when a courageous cultivator came to ask Xu Ziyan with extreme anxiety if he wanted to abandon them, Xu Ziyan kept such an expression:

Wait…wait a minute…something seems wrong?

Xu Ziyan felt that he almost lost the ability to think. What about giving these cultivators enough time and choices to think? How come all of them looked like they were ready to be given up?

Xu Zirong pouted quietly, as he’d already expected it!

Although his brother had already arrived in this world for so many years, he still didn’t know what these cultivators were thinking.

The less powerful a person was, the lower his status would be. It didn’t matter whether they were disciples from a small sect or casual ones without a sect, they had all been abandoned before. It’s the first time knowing the feeling of happiness after following Xu Ziyan, and Xu Ziyan was stupid enough to think that these people would leave him!

“So…do you mean that there will be great development for them if they follow me?” Xu Ziyan held his forehead.

The corners of Xu Zirong’s mouth twitched, “brother…you have to know that these people might not have met a nascent soul cultivator in their life. Many golden core cultivators long to become a follower of a nascent soul, and these casual cultivators would never have a chance in their entire life. Do you think that they wouldn’t grab this chance firmly after meeting you?”

“Let’s forget about those casual cultivators, but aren’t the others afraid of being accused of having betrayed their sects?” Xu Ziyan didn’t understand it.

Xu Zirong also wanted to hold his forehead, like what his brother did, ‘brother…you’re just having them as followers, it’s not like they will treat you as their master, so how would they become traitors? Also…” He looked disdainful, “those small sects are facing a lot of uncertainty, and they would find themselves incredibly lucky if you allow them to follow you. It’d be worth becoming traitors.”

Xu Ziyan: …

Well, he shouldn’t have expected Xu Zirong to have normal values of life! _(:3」∠)_

But what he said was not unreasonable. It seemed that those cultivators really didn’t want to leave, which made Xu Ziyan breathe a sigh of relief.

He did invest a lot of energy in these cultivators. If they really left, he’d be very upset. Also, he was planning to train them as low-level commanders, and under their leadership, the newly joined cultivators would be more willing to follow them strictly for training.

Xu Ziyan’s methods of training these cultivators were all copied from the modern army. It is hard to say whether he was using all cultivators from the Xuan Yu realm, but he started noticing effects from the training.

At least, when they were fighting in groups, they were all aiming at the same enemy and they’d usually beat up those who stirred up troubles on purpose…

Yes, it was also the first news that Xu Ziyan heard after Xu Zirong made him participate in a “research activity in a dragon’s corner” for three days. The one sending the news was Big Foot Luo, who’s looking for a free meal.

Big Foot Luo sat lazily on a chair and there’s not a single trace of a nascent soul in his body. He opened his eyes widely and seemed very excited when he talked about the group fights. If those people had higher level, he might even want to join them.

Xu Ziyan almost knelt down to his master. Wasn’t it already fun to fight against the demon race all the time? Did he even want to join group fights now?”

Big Foot Luo snorted, “that’s different. You have no idea how arrogant those cultivators of Teng Lan are. They look at us as if we will turn into sacrifice sooner or later. I would have shown them what I can do if my senior brother didn’t stop me.”

“The ones that they fought against was a group of Teng Lan cultivators? Wouldn’t there be any problem?” Xu Ziyan was shocked.

“Don’t worry.” Big Foot Luo waved his hand casually, “those Teng Lan guys would feel as if they’d lost face, so they wouldn’t dare to report about it.”

Xu Ziyan felt slightly embarrassed, as he felt as if he was dealing with a bunch of kindergarten kids…

“By the way, that guy…what’s his name again? The one with no sense of existence? He’s already become a golden core, and although he was practicing demon cultivation, I can see that he was aiming at extremely evil people or those who approached him proactively. That’s why I admitted him in Liu Guang sect.” Big Foot Luo seemed relaxed.

“Uh…” Xu Ziyan sweated silently. He felt as if he had forgotten something after returning to the Liu Guang sect…it turned out that he’d forgotten about Zuo Shen!

(Zuo Shen felt silently heartbroken…)

“Well, then I’ll take Zuo Shen with me this time.” Xu Ziyan said.


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