Chapter 339

It’s just a small test and this kid of Qi refining already got the favor of senior Xu. He’s an incredibly lucky one.

Everyone there knew very well that since they left the Liu Guang sect, their destiny had been closely tied with senior Xu.

Only by gaining the favor of Senior Xu could they have a chance to survive in this troubled world.

It’s true that they didn’t have much confidence in fighting against the demon race, but it wouldn’t sabotage their will to survive.

It’s especially the case after they saw the full pockets of the cultivators after following senior Xu and how energetic they looked. They already had high expectations of senior Xu even though they didn’t express it explicitly.

Their hope was to have Xu Ziyan continue leading them so they could survive. They were willing to pay any price as long as they could live!

With this presumption, these cultivators were naturally jealous of the young man who got Xu Ziyan’s favor.


The cultivators who followed Xu Ziyan all stared at each other and silently lit a candle for that poor young man.

Young man…when you’re looking at Xu Ziyan respectfully, have you ever noticed another senior Xu who kept releasing cold air and almost freezing you to death?

“Brother…it’s time to start.” Xu Zirong looked at the young man who’s obvious admiration in his eyes, and he was filled with killing intent.

His brother belonged to him and him only, if this guy dared to cross the line…

Snap !

Xu Zirong was hit on the back of the head, and when he turned, his brother grimaced and uttered a few words from between his teeth, “don’t you dare to make any troubles!”

“Am I the kind of person who makes trouble without reason ?!” Xu Zirong asked with tears in his eyes.

Xu Ziyan didn’t respond, but his facial expression clearly said “yes!”

Xu Zirong felt like choking in his heart. Although he was sometimes unreasonable, it’s all for his brother!

(Xu Ziyan thought to himself, “whenever something is related to me, it’s never a small deal for you!”)

Xu Zirong silently turned his face away, as he started to feel resentful towards Mr. Blood Contract now. Why give him the power to listen to his brother’s inner voice…

“Go! Don’t make any troubles here. Train those elders if you’re too free. I’ll deal with the new guys.” Xu Ziyan combed his hair in time to stop his clinginess disease from acting again.

Xu Zirong stared at his brother steadfastly, until Xu Ziyan couldn’t bear his watery eyes any longer, and very helplessly kissed him on the forehead.

He’d already been perceived as too protective of his younger brother and he’s already used to it. It’s still better than people discovering their real relationship. ╮(╯_╰)╭

He received a kiss from Xu Ziyan with satisfaction, and although it’s not on his lips, he couldn’t ask for more.

He turned his head slowly and showed an extremely cold smile to the elders who were still watching.

He was an expert in venting anger!

Therefore, after a cup of tea’s time, while Xu Ziyan was still instructing the newly joined disciples, Xu Zirong heard a deafening scream.

Those were all kinds of screams with different meanings, and they deeply terrified the cultivators who had not yet started training. The most frightening thing was that Xu Zirong also specially set up a barrier to block their sight. They could only hear the screams. They all expected Xu Ziyan’s guidance while panicking. They were so worried to be dumped to Xu Zirong if they didn’t catch Xu Ziyan’s instructions fast.

Xu Ziyan’s guidance was surprisingly effective. Almost every cultivator tried his best to learn what Xu Ziyan taught them.

Some people even secretly sighed – if they showed the same extent of diligence at the very beginning, they might have become golden core cultivators by now…

It took three days to teach these newcomers how to use the array of three-talent. Xu Ziyan was extremely satisfied with these people’s enthusiasm for learning. The only thing to regret about was Xu Zirong’s moaning, which never stopped. Even though Xu Ziyan was pretty sure that Xu Zirong wouldn’t threaten anyone…

Xu Ziyan silently lit a candle for those people and thought, “thank you so much for your effort. Zirong will not set you up, he’d at most train you a bit harder.”

After three days of “inhumane” training, those cultivators who came first shocked all the others after Xu Zirong opened the barrier.

They were wearing tattered black robes, and they were full of murderous intent. Even the female cultivators had bloodshot eyes, and their intent to kill was almost overflowing.

Xu Ziyan looked extremely shocked, “you…what have you done to them?”

Xu Zirong’s eyes fluttered, “it’s nothing. I was just training their ability to defend.”

Xu Ziyan was trying to imagine these people struggling to survive under Xu Zirong’s coercion…

It’s an amazing scenetoo amazing to look at_(:3∠)_

In order to verify Xu Zirong’s ‘effort’ these days, Xu Ziyan pulled the two teams together for a sparring session.

It stands to reason that the situation of the battle should be pretty obvious.

After all, even if these 1,200 people had not been trained by Xu Ziyan, they were still cultivators. In Xuan Yu realm, almost every cultivator had experienced battles. Even if their level was too low, they might still win with their big quantity.

It’s a pity that there were always unexpected result. After fighting with the 180 people, the 1,200 people collapsed in less than an hour.

It’s not a defeat, but a collapse!

Except for a few cultivators who were still struggling to resist, the rest was retreating steadily, and many were even beaten to the ground, unable to fight again.

Xu Ziyan: …

Seeing those old people screaming strangely while not forgetting to form a three-talent array, Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong weirdly, “what have you exactly done to them? How come they have such a strong urge to kill?”

Xu Zirong turned his face silently, “it’s nothing. Among the kinds of blood essence given by the master last time, there is a monster that is specialized in creating illusion. I created a blood monster and let it create some interesting illusions to sharpen their skills.”

Xu Ziyan, “…forget it, there’s no need to tell me what ‘interesting’ illusion you created for them.”

Xu Zirong smiled and changed the subject.

Xu Ziyan glanced at the exhausted cultivators and sighed. He shot out a ray of purple light and indicated that the competition was over.

To be honest, such a result really disappointed Xu Ziyan, he didn’t expect that the 1,200 people would be scared by less than 200 people.

Of course, it was also related to the killing intent of those people. Those who fought against them had to endure immense pressure. Those old people didn’t spare their effort, and although the intention wasn’t to kill them, they didn’t care they caused a bit of pain.

Xu Ziyan reluctantly asked them to retreat, and he knew that he still had to improve his training plans. However, there were still some benefits from it, at least he identified a few dozens of cultivators who made it until the end.

Especially the young man in black robe, who managed to use his ten-level Qi refining power to block the attack of a building base cultivator. Although he failed to fight back, he didn’t escape.

So, why was there no Qi refining cultivator helping to kill him? Well, it’s just a training after all. They had a strong intent to kill at most, but they would never pick on a Qi refining kid to bully. It’s something that they’d never do.

In fact, even in the “competition” just now, these people had a tacit understanding of picking opponents who were comparable to their level of cultivation. It’s just that these old guys had long been used to cooperating with each other, and the tacit understanding of the newcomers had not yet been established. They were thus chased and beaten by the old guys…

After gathering everyone together, Xu Ziyan delivered a speech. He did not criticize the defeated cultivators. After all, the strength of two sides was completely different. Such a result was unexpected, but it was not unacceptable.

The purpose of Xu Ziyan’s three-day training was to bring the heart of these people together. He didn’t want to find that half of his subordinates had run away after arriving Yun Xiao City.

Such a thing might actually happen. These people all thought that they would turn into sacrifice after being sent to Yun Xiao, and after the Xuan Yu realm fell into a battle, Xu Ziyan would really have no means to find them if they escaped.

As said in a movie line in his previous life, when the hearts of the people are scattered, it is difficult to lead the team.

And Xu Ziyan used these three days to gather them and make them loyal to him. What he gave them was just a hope, a hope that they would not be treated as sacrifice, and that they wouldn’t be abandoned casually.

Of course, it would be even better if they could be given some benefits. Everyone saw that the young man in black robe instantly turned into a brainless fan of Xu Ziyan after being given a pill of building base…

In fact, there was nothing exaggerated in Xu Ziyan’s lecture. He just had to repeat his story of leading those old guys to defeat the squads of demon race.

Unlike what those people had boasted before, when Xu Ziyan commented on these battles, not only did he mention about his victory, but he also talked about some of their shortcomings.

He couldn’t promise that all of them could survive in the end, but he would at least give them a hope to live.

Do you think that your level of cultivation is too low? It doesn’t matter, I can let you use the three-talent array.

Do you think that you have no backup? It’s not a problem, as you’re always supported by your teammates. They will back you up whenever necessary.

If you still can’t survive, then I can only certify that you’re an unlucky person. And it’s not like I can do anything about it then. (_)


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