Chapter 340

Xu Ziyan’s extremely sincere words really moved them.

They felt incredibly lucky that a nascent soul cultivator could talk to them in such a friendly manner instead of giving orders. Moreover, this cultivator even gave them guidance to survive.

Most of them were cheered up, and many even looked at those old guys in black robe as if they were ready to try.

They all knew that these black robes were all made from the patterned skin of the demon race, and most of the weapons were forged from their materials too.

Xu Ziyan was seen as being ahead of everyone in terms of refining weapons with the materials of demon race. It’s not really a super advanced idea, but the other sects hadn’t really fought with the demon race. Those who did end up in casualties and couldn’t make it alive, they naturally had no time to notice those materials either.

The new cultivators started having more hope, and the old guys wanted materials from the demon race through battles.

The refiners of Liu Guang sect said that they wouldn’t mind what kind of materials they had. As long as these cultivators could obtain any, they could purchase in bulk. Before these cultivators left, many refiners pulled their hands reluctantly, reminding them to get more high-level materials.

Seeing that everyone had been encouraged, Xu Ziyan smiled slightly, slowly opened his Mr. Little Square and gave them a fatal blow.

Many people have heard of the Sumeru realm of nascent soul cultivators, but not many of them actually saw it. Besides, not every nascent soul cultivator could make the realm happen, and Xu Ziyan was trying to let them show their power.

However, he couldn’t really reach his desired effect after opening Mr. Little Square, since all cultivators were instantly attracted by the shiny spiritual stones and all kinds of treasures. They couldn’t control spreading their fingers, as if they hadn’t really seen so many good stuff in their life.

They would absolutely not dare to think about killing people and seizing treasures, but many smart ones saw Xu Ziyan’s purpose of showing these things to everyone.

Even if Xu Ziyan was rich, it was impossible to show it off to these low-level cultivators, right? It was obvious that these things were carrots hanging in front of them – as long as they ran fast, they might be able to grab one.

So, how should one define “fast”? Well, isn’t it obvious? They were arriving Yun Xiao city soon, and if they performed well in the battle against the demon race, they would surely gain this carrot!

When Xu Ziyan arrived at Yun Xiao city with less than 1,500 cultivators, the golden core cultivators stationed there saw a team of cultivators who were extremely energetic, although their level of cultivation was a bit too low.

However, most of the cultivators qualified to garrison the city were the heads or elders of the affiliated families of the Liu Guang sect. These were all cunning people. Even if Xu Ziyan brought a bunch of useless people, they would still be full of praise.

But Xu Ziyan had a high level of cultivation!

Not only did he have a high level of cultivation, but he’s also the disciple of the unreasonable Big Foot Luo!

Although Yun Xiao was a bit far away from Liu Guang sect, these people could spread news easily. Since they could develop in a large city, Xu Ziyan firmly believed that these families had spies in Liu Guang sect.

But Xu Ziyan didn’t come here this time to seize power — or rather, not to seize power in the general sense.

He wasn’t really interested in the benefits generated by Yun Xiao, and the reason why he came here was mainly for the Xu family. He absolutely had no interest in fighting for benefits, and they just needed to guard the Yun Xiao city!

Xu Ziyan also didn’t care what those golden core cultivators thought. With his current level of cultivation as a nascent soul, no one would dare to offend him.

Since the few masters of Yun Xiao already knew the identity of Xu Ziyan who’s going to guard the city, they had already prepared accommodation for him.

The original city lord’s mansion was originally occupied by the head of the Ma family, so it would not be impossible for Xu Ziyan to live there, but the problem was – this group of masters of Yun Xiao didn’t want the Ma family to be associated with Xu Ziyan so easily.

Because of the special nature of Xu Ziyan’s identity and the fact that he was always cultivating outside, he rarely spent much time in the Liu Guang sect. Even if he did, he was always followed by that cold and emotionless brother.

With Xu Zirong around, no matter how skillful people were, they couldn’t continue the conversation in the face of such icy cold eyes, so Xu Ziyan didn’t have many acquaintances in Liu Guang sect except Wei Qing and Le Hu.

Moreover, his master Luo Yun was extremely picky about his apprentices. After all, there were only five disciples, and they were all direct disciples. He wouldn’t even accept other kinds of disciples!

It was a very rare situation among nascent soul cultivators, and only Luo Yun could act so recklessly. He’s still covered by his senior brother, otherwise, nascent soul cultivators had to accept some disciples to serve the sect.

Why would the sect leader allow Luo Yun to act so recklessly? He might be worried that disciples taught by him would end up being the same…

In a word, in the entire Liu Guang sect, there was really very little information about Xu Ziyan that could be collected, so few that the patriarchs of the Yun Xiao city were so worried about it, yet they didn’t have any ways to please Xu Ziyan.

Although everyone knew that he spoiled his younger brother and they could try to flatter him, Xu Zirong was so hard to approach that there’s really no way to start.

Ignoring the bitterness of those aristocratic patriarchs, Xu Ziyan friendily led his low-level cultivators into the house specially built for him.

It was an extremely large manor. There were mountains and water in the manor, and all kinds of exotic flowers and plants. Xu Ziyan was very surprised, he did not expect that there would be such a large manor in Yun Xiao.

Such a manor should belong to the three major families in Yun Xiao, but when he mentioned this matter, he found that the three major families were vague about it, as if there was something that they were hiding.

Xu Ziyan didn’t pay attention to this matter at all, he believed that the three major families would never dare to intervene in this kind of matter. Also, one would be afraid of the anger of a nascent soul cultivator…

It’s just that the more he didn’t want to care about certain things, the more those things looked for him…

“You mean, this is your family’s manor?” Xu Ziyan rubbed his chin and looked at the young man in black.

There was a trace of pain on his face and he nodded slowly, “senior Xu, this place ‘used to be’ my home, but my grandfather had already abandoned this place three generations ago.”

Oh, then what’s the point of you telling me about this?” Xu Ziyan changed to a more comfortable way so that Xu Zirong could massage him.

He had to admit that it’s such a good feeling to be served by a beauty! o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

Of course, it would be even better if he didn’t have to pay those secret prices… _(:3∠)_

The young man raised his head and looked at Xu Ziyan with a fixed gaze. His bright black eyes shone with an extremely passionate light – it was apparently another Xu Ziyan’s brainless fan.

He bit his lip and said in a low voice, “before my grandfather passed away, he once told me a secret about this manor, but my own strength was so low that it was impossible for me to have the opportunity to obtain such benefits. So, I think of dedicating this secret to the seniors.”

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows. If this plot was added with some weird adventures of the young man, then he’d turn into a male protagonist! It could even be a script with so many stories of revenge and strange incidents.

However, these things had nothing to do with him for the time being. He was more interested in the secrets in the manor that the young man had mentioned.

He smiled slightly, “why don’t you take out the treasures here after you become more powerful in the future?”

The young man shook his head, “my grandfather said that the array here can trap that thing for fifty years at most, and it will be time in three years. I would never be able to become a nascent soul in such a short period.”

Xu Ziyan was taken aback for a while, then he smiled, “aren’t you worried about me killing people and snatching away treasures?”

The young man said very sincerely, “not at all. I know that senior Xu is a kind person. Also, since I’ve already given all the treasures to senior Xu, why would you still want to kill me?”

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help laughing, “you’re very courageous.”

At this moment, there’s suddenly a deep voice next to his ear, “he’s indeed courageous, as he even dared to seduce my brother in front of me. Brother, what can I do if I want to kill him but don’t want to piss you off?”

Xu Ziyan: (╯‵ ′)╯︵Damn it, his clinginess disease is flaring up again! Are we still going to find treasures happily or not?

He kept the smile on his face and uttered a sentence, “how can you tell that he was seducing me?!”

Xu Zirong replied coldly, “from every angle! I knew that this kid doesn’t have any good intentions! He always looked at my brother so disgustingly! And I cannot stand it at all!”

Xu Ziyan was almost on his knees. Who else would look at him like that besides Xu Zirong?

It’s the mainstream to be heterosexual, alright? He shouldn’t have assumed everyone to be gay!

“Go away! If you continue to be unreasonable like this, all activities at night will be canceled!” Xu Ziyan gritted his teeth.

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