Chapter 342

Qiu Siyuan watched Xu Zirong pulling senior Xu’s sleeves and he frowned in disagreement. How could Xu Zirong still act so childishly…

A very sharp gaze fell on Qiu Siyuan suddenly. In just a while, he felt as if he had fallen into a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, and his mouth and nose were filled with a strong smell of blood.

Death, helplessness, despair…waves of negative emotions were like a tide for him, hitting him all over.

Qiu Siyuan only felt an endless killing intent which was locked on his body firmly, as if he would be dismembered into countless pieces and merged into the sea of blood in the next second.

“Zirong, that’s quite enough.” Xu Ziyan patted the back of Xu Zirong’s hand lightly.

Xu Zirong’s eyes flashed, and a red light shot out towards Qiu Siyuan, which pulled him out of the illusion.

However, in the blink of an eye, Qiu Siyuan’s clothes were completely soaked through by his own sweat. The feeling of being on the verge of death was too terrifying for him. Qiu Siyuan had just reached the level of building base and he was so horrified by the mountains of corpses and sea of blood created by Xu Zirong. He suddenly felt like his level of cultivation regressing…

”Well, you should see how scared he is now.”

Xu Ziyan glared at Xu Zirong in disapproval, then patted Qiu Siyuan’s vest with his palm. A thick yet violent spiritual power flowed into his body, firmly protecting his Dantian that was about to be shattered.

“Hmph.” Xu Zirong snorted coldly and pinched his brother’s butt very discreetly.

Xu Ziyan’s body froze, and the spiritual power in his hand almost went astray. He gave Xu Zirong a harsh look, then increased the output of spiritual power. Not only did it stabilize Qiu Siyuan’s Dantian, but it even left a surge of spiritual power containing the breath of Little Greenie.

This spiritual power would usually go hidden in Qiu Siyuan’s Dantian and had no effect on him, but once he was in danger, it could unleash a complete nascent soul cultivator’s attack.

With such a new surge of spiritual power, it would be equivalent to giving another life to Qiu Siyuan and it’s considered as a makeup for Zirong’s inappropriate behavior.

When Qiu Siyuan regained his sanity again, a little bit of starlight appeared in his eyes.

Xu Ziyan was stunned for a while. Everyone knew that any cultivation method that could be related to the sun, moon and stars was a remarkable creation. Now that Qiu Siyuan had actually undergone some kind of cultivation related to star power, did it mean that he was actually the hero of a certain cultivation novel?

His doubt lasted for less than a second before it was abandoned. It’s all because his younger brother with clinginess disease wasn’t happy with the fact that he’s paying so much attention to Qiu Siyuan, and he decisively wrapped around Xu Ziyan’s arms.

Every individual has his own fate. It had nothing to do with him whether Qiu Siyuan was a male protagonist of some novel. He’s just a passer-by and there could only be Xu Zirong who would stay beside him forever.

“How are you feeling?” Xu Ziyan asked Qiu Siyuan.

“Thank you, senior…” Qiu Siyuan checked his Dantian and was immediately overjoyed.

Xu Ziyan waved his hand, “it’s alright, just treat it as compensation for my brother’s rude behavior.”

Qiu Siyuan felt very uncomfortable when he heard this, but he also knew that with his status, he couldn’t compare with Xu Zirong. After all, Xu Zirong was senior Xu’s brother and it was only natural for Xu Ziyan to take care of him.

Fortunately, Qiu Siyuan was not a naïve person and he quickly killed the little thought in his mind. He re-defined his relationship with senior Xu.

He led the two into a woodshed in the backyard of the manor.

It was beyond Xu Ziyan’s expectation, or in other words, the place where the treasure was hidden was beyond everyone’s expectation.

After all, no one would have expected that the members of the Qiu family would hide such an expensive treasure in the woodshed that only servants would use.

Since no one lived in the manor all year round, the servants who were in charge of cleaning up the woodshed were also sent out early, there was a smell of decay in the firewood house.

The firewood piled up in the corners had already rotted, and they were scattered on the ground.

Originally, the manor was under the joint management of the three major families in Yun Xiao, but after Xu Ziyan’s sudden arrival, these people started taking care of it temporarily and it became Xu Ziyan’s resettlement.

The place where Xu Ziyan rested and the place where the cultivators lived were cleaned up already, but the places where only the servants would use were not cleaned at all.

“Are you sure it’s here?” Xu Ziyan looked at Qiu Siyuan suspiciously.

There was no fluctuation of spiritual power in this firewood room, it did not look like a place where one would find a huge treasure.

Qiu Siyuan smiled in embarrassment, “the ancestor of the Qiu family once obtained a hidden spirit stone, and it was used on this seal later, so no one could detect it.”

Xu Ziyan nodded. He had also heard of the effect of the hidden spirit stone. This kind of stone was quite effective in concealing fluctuations of spiritual power. It’s a pity that this stone could only hide fixed fluctuations. It couldn’t be used to conceal spontaneous movement of cultivators nor fluctuations of items that could change in size.

Qiu Siyuan asked Xu Ziyan to take a few steps back, then took the initiative to move the rotten firewood aside. In the corner of the firewood room, there was a fist-sized hole of rats. No one would have any doubt after seeing it.


Qiu Siyuan took out a small mechanic mouse from his Qian Kun bag. The mouse was gray and inconspicuous, but under Qiu Siyuan’s manipulation, a small hole was opened on its back .

Qiu Siyuan took out a dagger and cut his arm, his bright red blood dripped down the finger into the hole on the mouse’s back.

After bleeding about half a bowl of blood, the gray mouse’s eyes suddenly flashed red, then its little head shook to both sides, as if it was waking up from a deep sleep.

Qiu Siyuan first applied some ointment to himself before putting the mouse in the hole.

The mouse sniffed first, then squeaked twice before entering the mouse hole.

Qiu Siyuan raised his head and found that Xu Ziyan seemed to be very interested in that mouse, so he said in embarrassment, “back then, the ancestors were very interested in the art of mechanism, so they specially set up this kind of mechanism, only the blood of the direct descendants of the Qiu family could be used to open the forbidden button here, and it wouldn’t work for the others.”

After the mouse got into the hole, there was a rattling sound from the lower part of the woodshed.

Xu Ziyan frowned slightly, as he didn’t want to make this act of taking the treasure known to everyone. Even if the three great aristocratic families didn’t dare to snatch it publicly, it might still irritate them to do so as they might have spent decades looking for them.

The best way was to quietly take the thing away, then restore the place to its original state. In this way, it would be safer to say that he hadn’t realized the treasure of the Qiu family ended up in his hands.

As soon as Xu Ziyan frowned, Xu Zirong knew what he’s worried about. He placed a phantom array disk at the door of the firewood room, and set up a barrier to prevent the sound from being heard. No one would have any idea what they were doing inside except if there’s any big movement.

As soon as he placed the phantom array, the whole firewood room began to vibrate.

Xu Ziyan noticed that although this firewood house wasn’t easily noticed, the materials used were incredibly tough. If there was no such vibration, he might not be able to see the ordinary firewood house was worth as much as an ordinary magic weapon.

“That old ancestor of yours was really smart to have thought of hiding the treasure here.” Xu Ziyan said emotionally.

Qiu Siyuan was very happy that his ancestor was praised, but then he sighed deeply, “what’s the use of being smart? Back then, several big families in Yun Xiao discovered a medium-grade spiritual stone mine. They originally agreed to develop it together, but they found a powerful monster in the mine. At that time, my ancestor never came back, and because of the decline of my family, they suffered from huge losses after fighting for resources with other families. Otherwise, we might be much better off now.”

Xu Ziyan didn’t say a word. Things like this happen from time to time in the cultivation world. The ups and downs of families all occurred similarly and he couldn’t change that alone.

As the clicking sound from the ground became more frequent, the shaking of the whole woodshed gradually slowed down. When the woodshed became completely still, an entrance more than ten feet wide appeared on the ground, showing a staircase is connected to the dark underground.

“You go first.” Xu Zirong raised his chin towards Qiu Siyuan.

Qiu Siyuan smiled wryly. He knew that Xu Zirong didn’t like him, but he hadn’t expected to be treated so badly.

However, after thinking about it for a while, he understood that if he was Xu Zirong, he would also be wondering if the other party was playing tricks by suddenly showing a huge yet mysterious treasure.

Even a nascent soul cultivator might end up being trapped, and it’s only normal to be cautious.

Although Qiu Siyuan felt uncomfortable, he walked in their front without hesitation. He believed that his grandfather would never harm him. However, he was also told that in order to get the treasure, he had to be a nascent soul cultivator or he might be killed.

Qiu Siyuan wasn’t worried about being trapped, but he was kind of worried that the treasure was simply too powerful for him to handle.

He hadn’t taken revenge and he didn’t want to die there.

After expressing his worries to Xu Ziyan, Xu Zirong was already trying to kill him with his cold gaze even before Xu Ziyan responded.

Qiu Siyuan was riddled with holes from that sharp gaze, and he wanted to explain that he didn’t mean to harm senior Xu, yet he couldn’t use his voice at all.

“Enough, Zirong, are you going to scare him to death?” Xu Ziyan helplessly pushed Xu Zirong with his shoulder.

“You know this kid is not lying, why do you keep scaring him?” Xu Ziyan signaled with his eyes.

Xu Zirong turned his face silently, as he felt pissed off just by looking at that face!

Xu Ziyan: …


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