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Astray Chapter 60

Everything that was supposed to be said was already mentioned, and the three of them could only look at each other, reminding themselves not to be dragged behind by things that followed, and they started cultivating again.

Such pure spiritual energy should not be wasted. After confirming that the process of building base went smoothly with Xu Ziyan, Xu Zirong started meditating again.

He didn’t know that in the giant cocoon of spiritual energy that he couldn’t see through, Xu Ziyan was suffering from the torment of Green Night Divine Thunder miserably.

“Master, are you kidding with me…” Xu Ziyan’s face twisted and complained with a lot of sweat on his forehead.

Everything went smoothly when he was building base, until he smashed the inner wall of his Dantian. After he expanded its spiritual energy, the trace of Green Night Divine Thunder that he had kept there suddenly erupted. Like a swimming fish, it kept rushing towards the spiritual energy that he tried so hard to gather.

Gathering any spiritual energy and turning it into liquid form was one of the signs of successful base-building. However, every time Xu Ziyan tried to compress it, it was swept away by the trace of Green Night Divine Thunder.

Right now, the Green Night Divine Thunder was just like a naughty kid, wandering around in Xu Ziyan’s Dantian and playing. Once he attempted to gather some spiritual energy, it would be dispersed immediately by the Green Night Divine Thunder. It gave no chance to Xu Ziyan to compress it.

After countless attempts, Xu Ziyan was sweating profusely. Although there was an almost endless supply of spiritual energy in the Qilin Tower, he’d fail in building base if it continued this way.

At this time, he felt fortunate that he hadn’t taken the Base-Building Pill. Otherwise, with the spiritual energy contained inside, he’d certainly fail and he might even get injured.

At this time, Xu Ziyan could only try to condense and compress the spiritual energy in the corner of his Dantian again and again, but the Green Night Divine Thunder was simply like having turned on a radar – every time, it succeeded in dispersing any spiritual energy that Xu Ziyan was trying to gather and compress.

Xu Ziyan hated it so much that he started gritting his teeth. If the Green Night Divine Thunder appeared as a human form in front of him, he’d certainly spank it until it gave up…

Xu Ziyan and the Green Night Divine Thund ereven began to fight as guerrilla in his Dantian, even seeming a bit joyful…

While Xu Ziyan and the Green Night Divine Thunder were happily playing together, Xu Zirong, who had finished building base and had consolidated his realm, looked anxiously at the cocoon with spiritual energy.

Xu Ziyan had been inside for seven days, and he should’ve finished building base by now, yet there was no sign of it at all.

Xu Zirong was extremely worried. Never had he thought that there would be issues with Xu Ziyan in this Qilin Tower when he was building base.

He had no idea whether Xu Ziyan also failed in the same process in his previous life, but he was sure that the fluctuation of spiritual power from the giant cocoon was getting weaker and weaker, and it was also obvious that Xu Ziyan was losing power to break through.

“Damn it! What the hell is going on here?” Xu Zirong felt extremely annoyed. He couldn’t tolerate any accidents with his brother at this critical moment, especially when it was himself who’d caused it.

Originally, he had always been very confident in himself. He assumed that even he’s not powerful enough, he could still protect Xu Ziyan well with the memory from his previous life. Unexpectedly, after joining the Liu Guang sect for just half a year, the reality already taught him a lesson. Without enough strength, he could only witness his brother failing in building base.

“Huh? That junior brother still hasn’t finished building base?” The girl woke up from the meditation and looked at the cocoon with spiritual energy, exclaiming in surprise.

“Well, the fluctuation of spiritual power is getting weaker, and we reckon that he might not make it this time.” The strongly built man frowned and said.

“Ah? No way! How would anyone fail in building base in the Qilin Tower?” The girl covered her mouth and exclaimed again in disbelief.

Xu Zirong gave her a fierce look, as if he’s saying, “what do you even mean? Do you want to imply that my brother is useless?”

The girl was frightened by Xu Zirong’s stern look, and she immediately realized that she’d said something inappropriate. She quickly stuck out her tongue and hid behind the strongly built man.

He also noticed the girl’s mistake, yet he noticed Xu Zirong’s murderous gaze even more.

With his heart pounding fiercely, the strong built man sighed in his mind, “how could this kid’s gaze be so murderous? He’s so young, but he appeared as an old cultivator who’d experienced in killing for so many times.”

After exchanging a glance with the strongly built man, Xu Zirong slightly adjusted the way he looked. He didn’t want to bring any troubles to his brother, especially when he’s already in a big trouble.

The three of them watched the fluctuations of spiritual energy in the cocoon getting weaker bit by bit, and they all showed a look of pity.

Although there was no danger in failing to build base, it could cause a psychological trauma to the new disciples.

That strongly built man once heard his master say that among his disciples of the same generation, there was once a cultivator with wood-type spiritual roots. He was supposed to be one of the most outstanding one among the disciples of that class. He’d never experienced big difficulties, but he failed in building base the first time because of an accident.

Later, this failure became a traumatic experience for him. It then took him three years to finish building base and he only succeeded the fourth time.

However, even after he succeeded, he completely lost his previous spirit. As a cultivator with wood-type spiritual roots, he never advanced further after reaching the stage of building base, and he died after using all of his energy.

The strongly built man saw that the fluctuations in the cocoon with spiritual energy were almost non-existent, and he sighed slightly. Now he only hoped that this junior brother with wood-type spiritual roots could get himself together and not to step on the same path as his senior uncle.


Just when everyone had already decided that Xu Ziyan would definitely fail in building base, the huge cocoon with spiritual energy burst with a bang, spewing out an extremely strong power of thunder.

“Be careful!” The strongly built man shouted, flipping his wrist, and a khaki-yellow shield as tall as one person firmly protected the three of them. “Yuling, save him.”

The young man immediately blessed the big shield with a kind of golden power, and a dim golden light immediately appeared on the khaki big shield.

The young girl also cooperated very timely. She flicked her right hand, the belt on her waist popped out and rolled towards Xu Zirong.

When he was wrapped around the belt, Xu Zirong’s first reaction was to cut off the blue belt after condensing his blood into a knife.

Fortunately, he realized in time that the other party intended to save him, not to attack him.

Although he was not used to it, he still restrained his desire to attack, and he let the girl’s belt wrap him while pulling him into the back of the big shield.

At the same time, the strong built man and the young guy naturally blocked his sides, protecting him and the girl firmly.

There was a large shield in front of him, and two senior brothers to his left and right. Xu Zirong was extremely safe at this moment, but he felt really weird to be protected by strangers.

“Here I come!” said the burly man.

A bunch of purple thunderbolts spewed out from the center of the cocoon, jumping in all directions, hitting all over the room and making a crackling sound.

Xu Zirong’s sight was blocked. He tried several times to check his brother’s situation, but he was suppressed by the burly man. There was simply no way for him to move, and even if he wanted, he’d be stopped at once.

Xu Zirong was very upset. His strength was still much inferior to the strongly built man. Such a big disadvantage!

“Huh! It was just so dangerous!”

Just as the three of them carefully avoided the attack of the thunder, the cloud and mist of the cocoon burst gradually dispersed, revealing the people inside.

Xu Ziyan’s hair stood on end, his face was charred black, and almost all his clothes were destroyed by the power of thunder. Fortunately, he found a robe in time to put it on before the spiritual mist had dissipated, otherwise he would really become the biggest joke ever.

“Brother!” Hearing Xu Ziyan’s voice, Xu Zirong couldn’t bear it any longer. He pushed away the big hand of the burly man with all his might and ran out from behind the big shield.

He didn’t worry much about Xu Ziyan’s safety. With that drop of essence blood, he could sense it if Xu Ziyan fell into great danger or if he became extremely weak.

His previous anxiety was entirely because he hadn’t seen his brother for a long time, and the rage in his heart began to stir again. At this time, he became much calmer after hearing his brother’s voice.

Seeing that there was no danger, the burly man no longer stopped Xu Zirong and just let him run away.

He didn’t expect this seemingly indifferent kid to be so dependent on his brother.

“Cough cough…It’s alright, it’s alright, I’ve made you worry.” Xu Ziyan looked rather in a mess, but this did not prevent him from giving his precious brother a warm hug.

He knew that this kid was very clingy. Seven days had passed and he almost failed in building base, so Xu Zirong should’ve been worried to death.

Xu Zirong buried his head in his brother’s arms, listening to his powerful heartbeat.

Boom! Boom!

He heard his brother’s pulse coming through the warm skin, and Xu Zirong loved this sound.

He took a deep breath, and his nostrils were filled with an unfamiliar scent!

Damn it! What’s with this mushy smell? ? Brother, were you cooking something while you were building base inside?!

He looked up at Xu Ziyan full of resentment, as he didn’t like any extra smell on his brother.

Hmm…of course, if it’s his own scent, let it be. Otherwise, even Xu Ziyan’s scent belonged to him! Anyone who gave Xu Ziyan another scent would be his enemy!!!

“Oops… will the master punish us?” Xu Ziyan hadn’t noticed the resentful gaze of his brother and was looking around with guilt.

The power of thunder that erupted when he successfully finished building base was actually coming from the Green Night Divine Thunder in his body. This force of thunder, which was only second to the Purple Night Divine Thunder, was obviously remarkable.

Now there were many black marks on the walls and floor of the room, which looked beyond miserable.

Fortunately, this only “looked” miserable. With the strong material of the Qilin Tower, it wasn’t damaged by Xu Ziyan’s force of thunder at all. It stayed intact even though it’s the Green Night Divine Thunder.


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