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Astray Chapter 61

It’s like no matter how powerful a weapon is, a person who’s not strong enough definitely couldn’t exert all its power.

“Congratulations, junior brother.” The burly man put away his shield and smiled at Xu Ziyan.

Since his junior brother was able to burst out such power in a desperate situation, and he even managed to finish building base, the burly man was sure that he’d got a tough character.

With such a strong character and absolute talents, Xu Ziyan’s future couldn’t be limited if luck stayed on his side.

Although the burly man was not interested in forming a gang, it was always good to have a good relationship with such a promising little junior brother.

“Thank you for your concern, senior brother.” Xu Ziyan bowed his hands to the burly man. Tian Qinglong was the leader of the Liuguang Sect’s generation of disciples. He had a tenacious personality and was a forthright and righteous man. He was also almost recognized by everyone as a senior brother.

The burly man smiled, not looking for a specific topic. Neither the time nor the place was suitable for an in-depth conversation at the moment. Anyway, everyone was a disciple of the Liu Guang sect, and they had plenty of time for exchanges later.

After the three of them left, Xu Ziyan hurriedly seized the time to consolidate his realm. Because of the accident brought by the Green Night Divine Thunder, it took him seven days longer than expected, and now the deadline for them to leave the Qilin Tower was getting closer. If he couldn’t consolidate the realm before leaving, then he’d need at least several times of the original time to accomplish this task without the pure spiritual energy there.

After cultivating countless days and nights, Xu Ziyan finally completely consolidated the realm of building base before the deadline.

At this time, his spiritual energy was well contained inside and his eyes were flashy. If one looked carefully, he could even see a trace of cyan lightning from the depth of his pupils.

Even Big Foot Luo didn’t expect the Green Night Divine Thunder actually absorbed a lot of spiritual power when Xu Ziyan was building base. It even got itself integrated into his Dantian after absorbing an enormous amount of spiritual energy.

Now, if someone could see Xu Ziyan’s Dantian, they would be extremely shocked, since a normal-looking Dantian should be peaceful, yet the one of Xu Ziyan was full of violent thunder-type energy.

At this time, the Green Night Divine Thunder had been baptized by a lot of spiritual energy when Xu Ziyan was building base, and it had grown to the size of a thumb. The divine thunder was playing in Xu Ziyan’s Dantian, but the spiritual energy in it seemed to be completely integrated with him. Not only was there no resistance, but it also seemed like that the Green Night Divine Thunder had always been part of Xu Ziyan’s spiritual energy.

Although he had no idea why the Green Night Divine Thunder underwent such a change, Xu Ziyan could feel that something in his body had already changed.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t really tell whether it’s a good change. The advantage was that when he cast thunder spells now, he would naturally get the blessing of the Green Night Divine Thunder, and the power was at least doubled. However, he couldn’t release any spells that didn’t belong to the thunder type, including the simplest dust-cleaning spell.

In general, Xu Ziyan still thought that it’s a good change. After all, it’s an attack type of spell.

After leaving the large array of the Green Stone Square, the vouchers hanging on their waists shattered into powder.

Looking back at the tower, Xu Ziyan knew that he’d definitely be attacked by the big array of the square if he ever entered the Qilin Tower without the voucher.

“Let’s go, it’s not that you can’t come here again. We might as well fight for this voucher next time.” After noticing that Xu Zirong was also looking behind him reluctantly, Xu Ziyan said with a pretense of generosity.

Xu Zirong nodded silently, but he was just wondering whether he’d had an illusion. Just when the voucher shattered, he felt something looking at him in the Qilin Tower.

After taking a deep look at the Qilin Tower, Xu Zirong turned and left. He knew very well that no matter whether someone was watching him or not, there was no way he could defend himself.

It’s only that he wasn’t sure whether it’s a blessing or a curse when someone in the Liu Guang sect paid so much attention to him.

After the two left, in the quiet room on the seventh floor of the Qilin Tower, the head of the Liu Guang sect, Luo Yun were drinking tea with the man in green clothes, who warned Xu Zirong on the Lichen Bridge.

“Hehe, junior brother, your apprentice has such a sharp sense.” Cultivator Wuchen laughed.

At this time, Luo Yun looked completely different from the usual Big Foot Luo – he had neatly combed hair and there’s no dust on his long robe.

“Don’t mention that bastard.” Although Luo Yun dressed up and looked much cleaner, his tone was still lazy, “this stinky kid never listens to me.”

Cultivator Wuchen laughed and didn’t say a word. His junior brother was just so fun, and he’d feel bored if every disciple acted so obediently.

“This kid has such a strong urge to kill.” The man in green clothes said expressionlessly.

Luo Yun laughed, “come on, whoever’s from the Extreme West has a strong urge to kill. Can this even be a topic of discussion?”

The man in green clothes paused and continued, “he’s only 11 years old.”

“So what?” Luo Yun replied impatiently, “even if he’s only 11, and even if he has a strong urge to kill, then what?”

He looked at the man in green clothes coldly, “do you want to expel him from the sect just because of these two reasons? Or do you want to lock him up?”

The man in green clothes remained silent, as he was apparently considering the possibility of doing so.

Wuchen felt helpless, so he had to ease the atmosphere a bit, “okay, okay, junior brother, he’s just a bit worried. That’s all.”

“Hmph.” Luo Yun snorted and didn’t speak anymore. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt really annoyed every time he saw the man in green clothes.

He really hated when people said that a person’s character was already fixed at three years old. If that’s really the case, then what’s the use of education? If we already knew that someone’s a bad person when he’s three, then we might just kill them, there’s no need to guide them back to righteousness at all.

The man in green clothes wasn’t a human being after all, and he didn’t understand human emotions. If Xu Zirong was described as a knife, then Xu Ziyan would be his strongest scabbard. As long as he didn’t let go, Xu Zirong would be under good control. Plus, he’s willing to be controlled.

Wuchen felt very speechless to his junior brother’s unconditional protection, but he did not agree with the plan of the man in green clothes to eliminate the danger in advance.

Judging from the current situation, he also agreed with what his junior brother had said – as a big sect, they shouldn’t make things difficult for a kid.

No matter what, as long as Xu Zirong did not betray the Liu Guang sect, then he’d continue to be protected. This is a sect’s responsibility and nothing would change because of that.

The discussion about Xu Zirong was over, and what cultivator Wuchen had said finally gave this matter a definition.

Luo Yun was very satisfied, while the man in green clothes was still expressionless, and no one could tell what he was thinking. However, as an artifact spirit, he really didn’t have many ideas. After giving his suggestions, it’d be up to Wuchen to accept it.

“What do you think, how about Xu Ziyan?” Then, Wuchen couldn’t help mentioning Xu Ziyan again.

The two brothers of the Xu family were beyond his expectations. Since what happened in the Qilin Tower was too overwhelming, he was shocked when he was cultivating at the top of it.

“Hey, he’s my favored apprentice, of course he’s a genius.” Luo Yun didn’t know what it means by humility and he said proudly.

The man in green clothes pondered for a while, “he has a pure heart, but he is quite cunning. He is a little immature in dealing with enemies, yet we can still develop his potentials.”

When Luo Yun heard this evaluation, the corners of his mouth raised. Although his silly junior brother’s IQ would go straight down when facing his brother, he’s still a good material in other people’s eyes.

Wuchen stroked his beard and nodded, “nice indeed. That’s why I gave the brothers two green spirit seals.”

“Hey, senior brother isn’t generous enough. Why did you only give two and not four? What if they fail for the first time?” Luo Yun couldn’t help but mutter a bit.

Wuchen almost laughed out and loud and gave him a fierce look, “do you think the Green Spirit Seal is as cheap as vegetables? If they really fail, then it only means that they’re not meant to be in the Green Spiritual Secret Realm.”

Luo Yun pouted, “well, it all depends if they have enough green spiritual seals. If there’re enough of it, then they will be able to make it no matter what.”

Wuchen simply didn’t want to talk to this guy. There were only about a dozen of green spiritual seals in the Liu Guang sect, and the newly joined disciples should already be grateful to get a few of them. If they gave a few more, those elders who didn’t get a share would surely complain.

After changing the topic resolutely, Wuchen mentioned Xu Ziyan’s different appearance when he was building base, “when Xu Ziyan succeeded in building base, the thing that was shot out was the Green Night Divine Thunder, right?” After saying so, Wuchen looked at Luo Yun jokingly.

Luo Yun was very honest, “you’re right. I stole it in the practice hall. There are so many of them anyway, what’s the harm of stealing one? Also, it’s rare to see a cultivator with thunder-type spiritual roots. It would be my only opportunity to steal it.”

Wuchen couldn’t help but laugh. His junior brother would be the only person who could make robbery sound so righteous.

“Forget it, forget it.” Knowing that he couldn’t refute much, Wuchen didn’t intend to argue further.

The three discussed Xu Ziyan’s appearance for a while before leaving. They still had things to get busy with at the sect.

As for Xu Ziyan, although he already had a different appearance when he started to build base, they wouldn’t look at him from a different perspective at this moment.

Everything required time to be proven. If Xu Ziyan succeeded in bringing any treasures or inheritances from the Green Spiritual Secret Realm, they would then start seeing him as an elite disciple.

One must know that luck is an extremely important element in terms of cultivation.

The Xu brothers, who’d already returned to the Tianluo Peak, didn’t know that they’d become a topic of the leaders. They started taking a rest after going back to the little house.

The vines that grew out were supported by Xu Zirong’s wood-type spells. Since he had been absent for one month, they all withered due to the exhaustion of spiritual power. As a result, the entire hut just collapsed…


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