Chapter 62 (Re-translation)

Seeing that the place where he lived turning into ruins, Xu Ziyan wasn’t sure whether he should cry or laugh.

Well, he admitted that he was also at fault for this matter. At the beginning, he couldn’t move after being injured, and he couldn’t do the repair work. Afterwards, he was struck by lightning every day and Xu Zirong had to send him back every few days, making him lack of energy to cultivate. Later, he finally got hold of divine thunder but were told to set off for Qilin Tower again. It was thus already miraculous that this little hut could sustain until now…

(Mr. Little Hut: Wu wu…there’s finally someone who understands my perseverance.)

Thunder-type spells were not very effective at this moment, and Xu Ziyan didn’t want Xu Zirong to help either. Although his wood-type spells could be quite helpful, he thought that Xu Zirong had been working for a bit more than 6 months and it’s time for him to take up the responsibility as an older brother.

He took out all the things that could be used in the hut and stacked them aside, then began to sketch the design of the house on the ground.

It’s the place where he would stay for a long time with Xu Zirong, and it’s better to make it as comfortable as possible.

He drew on the ground for a while before he came up with a more satisfactory plan.

He could then start working with the plan.

Fortunately, cultivators were usually much stronger than mortals, and those of building base even had overwhelming power.

The Xu brothers worked together to get everything done in just one afternoon. Initially, Xu Ziyan didn’t want Zirong to do it, but Xu Zirong simply looked at him pitifully, as if he’s saying, “brother, please let me help you.” And Xu Ziyan couldn’t refuse.

Later, Xu Ziyan decided that it’s also a good expression of affection for them to work together, and there’s no need to insist on doing it all by himself. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

After the wooden house was built, Xu Zirong started cleaning the room, while Xu Ziyan went to make a fire to cook. He hadn’t eaten fresh food for a whole month. Even after taking the Bigu Pill, he still felt pretty empty in his stomach.

After working for the whole afternoon, Xu Ziyan didn’t do anything complicated. He simply kneaded some dough, cut them into noodles, then fried a pot of secret sauce. The two brothers went to the newly furnished kitchen and started eating happily…

Initially, Xu Zirong didn’t really care about eating, but he started liking different foods after staying with Xu Ziyan for a long time, though he only liked the dishes that his brother made.

“um…it smells so nice! You bastards! Why didn’t you call your master for food?”

Just when the two brothers almost finished half of the bowl of noodles, there was a loud roar from Big Foot Luo outside the wooden house.

They both paused lightly, then did two completely different actions.

Xu Ziyan stood up naturally and he was planning to get an empty bowl, while Xu Zirong immediately scooped another large spoonful of noodles into his bowl.

“Zirong, there are still a lot of noodles.” Xu Ziyan was dumbfounded. He wondered what had happened between his master and Zirong. How come they disliked each other so much? He would even act so childishly in front of his master…

“Naughty disciple!” Big Foot Luo kicked in and was furious when he saw what Zirong was doing.

Xu Zirong raised his head and glanced at Big Foot Luo and his eyes were flashing like a winner would. He clearly knew that his brother would protect him unconditionally if he ever confronted with Big Foot Luo.

Big Foot Luo also noticed what Xu Zirong meant and he felt annoyed. He even wanted to beat him up, but it would be too shameful for a nascent soul cultivator to bully a kid.

“Master, please enjoy.” Seemingly aware of the unkindness in Big Foot Luo’s eyes, Xu Ziyan, the peacekeeper, hurriedly served him a large bowl of rice.

Luo Big Foot forcefully exhaled two breaths from his nostrils, and glanced at Xu Ziyan, as if he’s saying, “I will forgive him once for your sake.”

Xu Ziyan had no choice but to smile, and it’s such a horrible feeling to attempt maintaining peace between his brother and master…

Big Foot Luo’s speed of eating was so quick that nobody would surpass him. He finished eating a large bowl of rice instantly.

Xu Ziyan’s eyes twitched when he saw that empty bowl. He silently served his master another bowl of rice and went to knead dough again very obediently…

After the three of them were full, Big Foot Luo patted his belly with satisfaction and left.

Xu Ziyan stared at his master’s back and felt puzzled. Why was his master there at the first place?

Xu Zirong stared gloomily at Big Foot Luo’s figure and thought that this guy was just there for some free food and drinks…

After this matter was over, Xu Ziyan started with his busy life again.

He cultivated the Hidden Thunder and Purple Night Nine Transformations, while strolling around each Peak within the sect whenever he’s free. He even saw Wei Qing, whom he hadn’t seen in a long time.

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Wei Qing did not join Wei Ying’s sect, but he was taken by Zhou Xueting of Shu Yun Peak. On the other hand, Wei Ying noticed Le Hu from the extreme west, while the other few people joined different elders. The master of Yu Hao didn’t have a high reputation and he’s a golden core cultivator with very low sense of existence.

Although everyone was a competitor to each other at the time of the assessment, they were all brothers and sisters of the same sect, and they naturally had to communicate with each other.

Xu Ziyan had an easy-going personality and he got along well with mostly everyone. Although he had no idea what would happen at the time of life and death, things still looked quite peaceful at the moment.

However, he’s not the rarest gem ever and there were still people who disliked him. It’s impossible for him to please everyone.

“Bah! What the hell!” A tall and thin teenager spat fiercely at Xu Ziyan’s back.

He turned his head and talked to Hu Tianyu in a flattering tone, “senior brother Hu, this guy really overestimates himself! Given his background, he doesn’t even deserve the job of helping you putting on your shoes! How dare he want to talk to you. In my opinion, I think he simply wants to attach himself to you.”

Hu Tianyu didn’t reply. Given his background and talents, he could act as arrogantly as possible. However, he’s not stupid and it’s not like he didn’t know that it’s a low-level kind of provocation.

This person was a child of the cousin’s family of the Hu family. He only had so-so qualifications of his three spiritual roots. As an inner disciple of Liu Guang sect, he’s only a registered disciple by an elder. There were still huge differences between a registered disciple and a truly inherited one.

To put it mildly, a registered disciple was someone who’s not exactly favored by the elders. Of course, they still received instructions regularly and might be promoted as a truly inherited one in the future, but that only occurred if he had a good development.

He knew that a disciple with such qualifications only wanted to have a better development in the Liu Guang sect with Hu Tianyu’s protection. If Xu Ziyan had the intention to join him, then he could only be put aside eventually.

In the world of cultivation, you’d still need a certain amount of strength to be a follower!

Hu Tianyu didn’t speak further, and the tall and thin boy thought that he was being listened. While feeling happy secretly, he continued to speculate with the utmost malicious intent on the purpose of Xu Ziyan.

He even suggested that Xu Ziyan wanted to dig all secrets of the Hu family. Hu Tianyu felt speechless while watching him bullshitting.

His mother used to remind him to build his own power in the Liu Guang sect, or he wouldn’t get the approval from the elders.

Back then, when his father took over the position of Patriarch, he also went through a bloody ordeal. If he’s without enough strength, he would’ve lost his life already.

After sighing silently, Hu Tianyu turned around and left. There were just too many troubles and he might as well continue to cultivate…

“Senior Brother Xu!” Just as Xu Ziyan was on his way back to Tian Luo Peak, there was suddenly a voice of surprise of a young girl behind him.

Xu Ziyan’s face twitched, then turned his head with a smile, “senior sister, Xia Houlian.”

“Hehe, congratulations to senior brother for having building base.” Xia Houlian said with a smile.

Xu Ziyan hurriedly thanked her and added a few polite words. He always had an inexplicable fear towards Xia Houlian. It’s not because he’s afraid of her taking his life, but it’s a weird intuition that she’d bring huge troubles for him. However, he didn’t want to ignore her for this reason or that would be too impolite.

The two chatted casually and Xu Ziyan left in a hurry. He wasn’t sure why he’d have this feeling, but he was somehow sure that things would turn soar if he stayed with his junior sister for too long.

“Brother, are you back?” Xu Zirong ran towards him from afar and threw himself into Xu Ziyan’s arms.

“Yeah, are you tired today from cultivation?” Xu Ziyan stroked his head.

Ever since he realized that Xu Zirong’s hair was softer than silk, his habit of rubbing his head had begun to become a frenzy.

He liked to touch his head whenever he had nothing to do or when he’s bored…if Xu Zirong didn’t have such strong hair, he might even have turned bald by now…

“I’m not tired.” Xu Zirong smiled slightly and took a deep breath in his brother’s chest.

What’s with this faint scent of orchid?!

His eyes flashed red, then he returned to normal when he raised his head. He asked in a casual tone, “brother, why does your body smell like flowers? Does my brother like to use perfume suddenly?”

“Scent?” Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong suspiciously, and sniffed his sleeves forcefully. Strange, there was no smell…

Although he didn’t smell any scent, there was certainly a scent if Xu Zirong said so. He didn’t recall himself having walked near flowers, so it must have been his brief encounter with Xia Houlian.


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