59 Part 1


Chapter 59


After calming down a bit, Xu Ziyan stepped onto the cyan stone.

In just one step, there was already deadly danger. He turned stiff, and he dared not move his right foot which had stepped on the cyan stone, not even the tiniest bit. He had a slight feeling that if he moved just a little, there would be a fatal disaster.

“Brother?” The first time Xu Zirong noticed something wrong with his brother, he immediately became more cautious. He checked the surrounding environment carefully but hadn’t found anything.

For Xu Ziyan, it was very difficult to keep the same position and not move. Especially when he dared not move one of his legs and standing with one leg wasn’t a good way to keep balance.

He gritted his teeth and slowly retreated his foot from the cyan stone. Then, when his entire right foot had left the stone, he could finally breathe a long sigh of relief.

Xu Ziyan wiped away the sweat on his forehead. He was once wondering what’s so important with this Unicorn Tower yet no one’s managing it. Now he finally understood – there’s no such need at all, as long as the array existed in the plaza, anyone attempting to enter would be destroyed!

“What a powerful array…” Xu Ziyan said so after taking a long breath.

Xu Zirong just realized that Xu Ziyan acted that way, and it’s because of that big array…

After thinking for a while, Xu Ziyan took out the entrance voucher handed to them by the headmaster and hung it on his waist. This time, when he stepped into the Cyan Stone Plaza, he no longer felt as dangerous as something waiting to be dropped on his head.

The two of them stepped into the gate of the Unicorn Tower, and were immediately shocked by the rich spiritual aura inside.

If the concentration of aura around the Moxin City, where the Xu Family was located, was about 1%, then that in the Liu Guang Sect Mountain Gate would be about 10%, and the concentration of the aura in this Unicorn Tower was at least one hundred times that of the Xu Family. No wonder their master said that the environment here could be used for building base. Even without the core of building base, the rich concentration of the aura here would be enough for them to breakthrough.

The first floor of the Unicorn Tower wasn’t that big, it’s only tens of meters in radius. In the middle of the room, there was a thick pillar. All the aura in the room came from this pillar.

Near the pillar, there were a dozen futons randomly placed, and three of them were meditating. Xu Ziyan wasn’t familiar with these people, he couldn’t remember them well. He reckoned that his original body never met them.

There was only one quota to cultivate inside the Unicorn Tower per month. With such high concentration of aura, cultivation for one month would be equal to one to two years of harsh cultivation outside.

Xu Ziyan did not dare to waste his precious time. He hurriedly pulled Xu Zirong to a futon near to the aura and sat on it.

Once they started, the aura in the room was rushing toward them, just like sharks having smelt blood. It couldn’t wait entering their bodies.

The pure aura in the Unicorn Tower rushed towards their meridians over and over, forcing some dirt inside their bodies out. This was a great feeling. If Xu Ziyan didn’t try to stop himself, he might even start moaning.

It was also the first time for Xu Zirong to have such strong spiritual energy. He was overjoyed and began to absorb it desperately. After the practice of the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, the impurities in his body were several times more than that of Xu Ziyan. Although he could increase his cultivation level by absorbing blood, it also imposed serious side effects.

In his last life, he didn’t have many choices, and could only endure the impurities in the blood remaining in his body. It was not obvious at the beginning, but the more he practiced later, the more he could feel the obstacles those impurities caused him.

Cultivators knew that the purer one thing was, the higher the quality there would be. For spiritual roots and physique, the same rule applies. That’s why people with special physique would get more favor.

In his previous life, Xu Zirong could at most reach the level of Nascent Soul, and to a large extent, it’s because he’d absorbed too many impurities. Without the extremely rare gem, nothing could expel them out.

But in this life, he had the opportunity to use the pure aura from the Unicorn Tower to build base. Once he did so, those impurities would no longer be his obstacles. He might even have the hope to advance himself and turn himself a God…

When thinking of this, Xu Zirong felt hot in his stomach. In his previous life, he insisted on pursuing power, and in this life…

He opened his eyes lightly, glanced at Xu Ziyan who was cultivating seriously, then slowly closed them again.

Perhaps… his dedication to his brother already surpassed his pursuit of power.

The two brothers were so focused in their cultivation that they almost forgot the passage of time. After seven days of aura absorbing, Xu Zirong began to build the foundation one step earlier than Xu Ziyan.

Through internal observation, Xu Zirong clearly saw that the aura in his elixir reaching its apex. He began to continuously compress, squeezing the pure aura together, constantly impacting the elixir, and the wave of aura kept rushing toward him over and over, without any pause. After the inner wall of the elixir held on for 3 days, it suddenly broke and its diameter doubled.

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