I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?

Chapter 64


Xu Ziyan touched his chin for a while, then asked, “did we offend him?”


Xu Zirong thought about it and shook his head, “um, I don’t think so.”


Right, he actually couldn’t remember. At the time of the assessment, these brothers were all wearing masks. How could he realize that the other person was the man in black clothes, who threw him on the tree and dropped him?


Xu Zirong said it’s impossible to have offended him, since he didn’t know him at all.


Xu Ziyan replied with a simple “um”. He couldn’t remember how he’d offended this senior brother before. The only possibility was that he might have met him during the internal examination. However, he also remembered that the person whom he’d attacked was a lady…right?


Forget it. It doesn’t matter – since this senior brother didn’t really want to see him, he might as well keep a distance and there’s no need to look for hatred.


“Xu Ziyan.” After seeing Xu Ziyan, Le Hu approached in big steps.


He had usually been a quiet guy, and he didn’t have many friends in the Liu Guang Sect. Also, because of his special identity as a northwestern barbarian, plus his outlook and outfit which had a huge sense of being one, he didn’t seem to fit in the Liu Guang Sect.


“Hey, Le Hu, it’s been a long time.” Xu Ziyan and Le Hu got along well. Although Le Hu wasn’t much of a talker, Xu Ziyan knew very well that he just preferred taking action instead of talking.


Being friends with such people is actually quite a pleasant thing.


Le Hu nodded silently. He truly implemented what it means by “a few words are worth a thousand gold”. Of course, it might be because he’s not very proficient in the language of the Central Plains…


Xu Zirong stood quietly behind Xu Ziyan, without any expression on his face.


Most of the time, he would maintain such an attitude towards people other than his brother, and Le Hu didn’t really care much, he just nodded to him.

Xu Zirong clenched his fist silently. He didn’t like Le Hu acting like this. Although he looked innocent and dumb, he’s not stupid at all. Also, out of unknown reasons, he became really close with his brother, almost like his best friend.


Xu Zirong maintained his restrained manner on this matter. Of course, he wanted to own his brother all for himself, and he even wanted to hide him from seeing anyone else, but he knew perfectly that it’s impossible.

Since he couldn’t do it, the only thing that he could do was to endure. Fortunately, for his brother, Xu Zirong still took up the most important position. And thanks to this reason, he could still tolerate other people getting close to his brother.


“Let’s go together?” Le Hu asked Xu Ziyan.


Xu Ziyan thought about it for a while and nodded in agreement.

Since everyone belonged to the same school, it ’s always safer to stick together. Although it’s safer in the Green Spiritual Secret Realm, it’s only a relative assumption. It’s just like in Liu Guang sect, where most of the places were relatively safe. However, in places like the Scripture House, the Treasure House and the Unicorn Tower, they were really full of danger.


“Ziyan.” Wei Qing walked over proudly, while feeling a little dissatisfied with Xu Ziyan.

As a friend recognized by Wei Qing, it turned out that he’d never approached. Instead, he chose to get close to that barbarian. What a shame.

Every time Xu Ziyan saw Wei Qing’s proud look, he had a sort of headache. How exactly had this spoilt brat been raised when he was a child? How could anyone look at people with such arrogance…


If Wei Qing happened to be his brother, he’d have beaten him up by now. He’d have beaten his buttocks ‘til they got swollen since he’s so rude.


At this moment, Xu Ziyan chose to neglect it. In his recent body, he’s even one year younger than Wei Qing…

After Wei Qing came over, he didn’t even speak. He was just looking at Le Hu like he’s looking at a bunch of ants.

Le Hu frowned. He thought, his master Wei Ying belonged to the Wei family, and he had what it took to be arrogant. However, what happened to this guy? Was he looking for a fight with his cockiness?

“Huh!” Wei Qing snorted coldly, shifting his gaze from Le Hu to Xu Ziyan.

He wasn’t taking Le Hu seriously at all. He thought, what kind of power could this northwestern barbarian have? He hadn’t assessed himself before getting close to Xu Ziyan.

Wei Qing was very dissatisfied to the fact that Xu Ziyan had become friends with this kind of person.

For Wei Qing, Xu Ziyan’s power was similar to his, therefore he should have chosen friends with a similar level of power. Even if there were followers, he shouldn’t have just accepted them without any assessment. Especially for northwestern barbarians who had barely any spiritual roots, there wouldn’t be any vital development in the future!


With a disgusting glance at Le Hu, Wei Qing found himself even hating the way he’s dressed. Although it’s like Spring all year round in Liu Guang sect, Le Hu still kept his habit of wearing animal skin.

If he just wanted to wear animal skin, it’s also fine, but it’s really shameless of him to expose so much skin!

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