Chapter 65


All the brothers and sisters around were smart people. Those who could get this rare opportunity must be the most beloved disciples of all the master uncles. None of them would be bothered to report this incident. They knew that to offend these disciples meant offending the master behind them.

After waiting for a while, an average-sized cultivator came with his sword. After seeing that everyone was present, he threw out a cloud boat.

The white cloud boat grew bigger under the influence of the spells. A lot of white cloud was floating under the boat, slightly supporting and swaying it.

This flying instrument had always been an indispensable object for travelling far away. All the disciples were pretty familiar with it, they all got on the boat.

“Qilian, come here.” This cultivator seemed to know Qilian Hongyun and called him first after boarding.

“Uncle Qi Xuan.” Qilian Hongyun smiled and greeted him.


Qi Xuan saw what happened, yet he didn’t get angry at all. He seemed to be a man with good temper. He took out a transparent light ball and gave it to Qilian Hongyun, “take it. Input your spiritual power.”

“Okay.” Qilian Hongyun grabbed the light ball obediently, then started inputting his spiritual power.

The light in the ball gradually faded out, and a cyan pointer emerged in it. The pointer rotated a few times, then fixed in one direction.

When Qi Xuan saw this, he made the cloud boat fly. It then flew toward that particular direction.

“Xue Yan, Sima Hui, come over here.” After Qi Xuan set the direction of the cloud boat, he called the beautiful girl and the tall man. He instructed them to take over when Qilian’s spiritual power became insufficient.

This “Realm Seeking Ball” did not require much spiritual power. With the foundation of the three at the later stage, they could very well support this journey.


Uncle Qi Xuan seemed to be very kind. Except Qilian, those brothers and sisters seemed to be quite familiar with him.

Only these young and new disciples were not close to him. Therefore, before he introduced himself, they didn’t get close immediately.

Although Wei Qing and Le Hu had stopped fighting, they were still glaring at each other.

Xu Ziyan saw that the two guys had no more intention to fight, so he just let them be.

For him, since they were both guys, it’s normal to fight anyway. As the old saying goes, people have to fight to know each other.

As these were all guys, and Xia Houlian still wasn’t getting along well with Wei Qing, she was just staying at a side and talking with a pretty senior sister.


Xu Zirong was closely following behind Xu Ziyan like a tail. Occasionally, the brothers and sisters tried to tease this delicate-looking kid, and all they got was a cold look…


(Brothers and sisters: hey, this little junior brother is not cute at all!!!)

They didn’t spend too much on the road.

After about seven days or so, in the “Realm Seeking Ball” that the tall and strong man Sima Hui was holding, the light started appearing and disappearing simultaneously.

“We’re here.” Uncle Qi Xuan raised his hand and stopped the cloud boat. He looked down at the environment below.

It was a turquoise lake below, and an island from the west, which was not too far away.

Qi Xuan was controlling the cloud boat while he was falling down.  Before he arrived, he’d already heard a crisp laughter, “may I know which master of the Liu Guang sect is here? I’m Qi Wanhui from the Nine Fragrance House. Nice to meet you.”


“It turns out to be Immortal Qi from the Nine Fragrance House. Qi Xuan is honored to meet you.” Qi Xuan said slowly.

“Oh, Immortal Qi Xuan is really courteous.” An elegant woman wearing a yellow dress flew toward Qi Xuan while carrying a sword. She was greeting and smiling at Qi Xuan while standing at the fore of the cloud boat.

The Nine Fragrance House was a middle-level sect, and its disciples were all women.

Although this sect wasn’t doing so brilliantly in all aspects, no one ever looked down on it.

There was only one reason. All men like good-looking girls. Every female disciple was young and beautiful, and many of them had marriage arrangements with other sects. Although their fighting power wasn’t that high, with these marriage arrangements, many other sects would be willing to help if they faced any troubles.

Qi Xuan was also very polite to this Immortal Qi from Nine Fragrance House. All in all, some cultivators of Liu Guang sect already became a couple with the female cultivators of the Nine Fragrance House. It can be said in this Xuan Yu domain, almost every sect had marriage arrangements with Nine Fragrance House.

The two greeted, and Qi Xuan did not reject Immortal Qi’s proposal to invite them to set a temporary camp. In his view, after entering the Green Spiritual Secret Realm, it would be better for the two sects to act together just to play safe.


Besides, the disciples that he’d brought were all elites of the school. He assumed that the Nine Fragrance House was acting the same. The great masters would be delighted to see the two sects’ elites work together.

After all, if an elite of the Nine Fragrance House was married to one of the disciples of the Liu Guang sect, she’d then become an elite of the Liu Guang sect.

While Immortal Qi Xuan and Immortal Qi Wanhui were chatting, the cloud boat was already flowing down from the island.

Immortal Qi Wanhui raised her hand to cast a spell, and a few strays of red ray flashed in the air.

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