Immortal Qi Wanhui laughed, “since we’re here, I thought it’d be better to do some protection. Later, I’ll hand the spells over to you. In fact, this layer of protection isn’t overkill, it’s just to remind the disciples, who act as guards, that there’d be someone coming.”

Immortal Qi Xuan nodded. If he’s the one who arrived first, he would definitely do the same thing. It’s always safe to protect and to defend oneself first. In case any person showed up on the island and kill one of their disciples, they would lose face entirely.


After the cloud boat landed, Immortal Qi Xuan took it away.

Immortal Qi Xuan led the way and they quickly entered a temporary camp.

There were several tents in the camp. A few cute and lovely girls were talking about something.

“Master.” A young girl in red clothes was their leader. When she saw Immortal Qi Wanhui returning, she quickly told the others to come over.

“These fellow cultivators are from the Liu Guang sect, after a few days, they will enter the Green Spiritual Secret Realm with you. Why don’t you get acquainted with each other first? Perhaps you will be able to help each other after going there.” Immortal Qi Wanhui instructed them.

“Yes, Master.” said the girl in red clothes.

Immortal Qi Xuan also said similar things to the people from Liu Guang sect. Afterwards, he followed Immortal Qi Wanhui for discussion.

As the leaders of this journey, their only mission was to ensure the safety of their disciples. As for the interaction among their disciples, it wasn’t within their area of control.


The girl in red clothes was about sixteen or seventeen years old. She greeted them enthusiastically, “I have already met a few senior brothers from the Liu Guang sect.” After that, she turned her gaze to Qilian Hongyun, “brother Qilian, it’s been a long time.”

Qilian Hongyun smiled at her and waved his hand, it seemed that he was already close to her.

The two parties saw the girl in red clothes and Qilian Hongyun as their respective leaders and they both introduced themselves. The disciples on both sides also greeted to each other and they soon became more acquainted.

Xu Ziyan hid himself well behind all his senior brothers and sisters, keeping as low key as possible.

It wasn’t something that he liked to do. He just didn’t know that among all these female disciples of the Nine Fragrance House, who would become that female demon in the future.

Shortly after Xu Ziyan and Bai Hua hooked up, a powerful female demon appeared in the Xuan Yu domain. This female demon was incredibly destructive and she was specialized in collecting yin and nourishing yang. Any cultivators that were “collected” by her all became dry corpses in the end. Not only had they lost all their cultivations, but they also got all their power, flesh and blood sucked away.


It is said that the female demon was a disciple of the Nine Fragrance House. She had also found an evil technique of collecting yin and nourishing yin in the forbidden area of the Nine Fragrance House.

Relying on that method, this female demon had killed countless cultivators. She even attacked Bai Hua. At that time, Bai Hua had left him because he was angry with his original body. When he was looking for Lin Xiaotian, he was caught by the female demon.

Later, it might be the power of Bai Hua’s aura which was working. When the female cultivator tried to absorb Bai Hua’s power, something suddenly went wrong with her evil power. Not only hadn’t she absorbed Bai Hua’s power, but she gave all her cultivation to Bai Hua, letting his strength increase dramatically. He instantly rose from the later stage of Frozen Pulse to Golden Dan stage.

The female head was killed easily by Bai Hua after losing all her power. What was left in the end was only a dry corpse.

It was quite difficult to recognize someone with a dry corpse. Also, Xu Ziyan couldn’t say for sure if the female cultivator was already receiving training for this evil power.


Therefore, he only wanted to stay away from these female disciples as far as he could. He still remembered the kind of storm that the female demon had caused back then. Who knew if she was already looking for a victim?

The few senior brothers in the Liu Guang sect planned to talk to the female cultivators, but the girls were obviously not interested. They just found a clean open space and started meditating.

Xu Ziyan looked around. The senior brothers and sisters have found something to do, only four of them were still standing here.

Xu Ziyan did not intend to get too close to those female cultivators. Xu Zirong was secretly happy, there was of course no way for him to persuade his brother to get near them.

Wei Qing and Le Hu finally lost the intention to kill each other. They were just staring at each other resentfully.


Perhaps, they were looking at each other so often that they had completely ignored the female cultivators.  Xu Ziyan thought for a while, then decided to bring them to an open space to set up a tent.


The tents that they were preparing were all given by the Liu Guang sect, and they were regarded as a ritual instrument. As long as one of the sublime spirit stones got embedded in it, they could easily set up a tent.

A spell was cast onto the interior of the tent, making it look something like the Heaven and Earth bag. It had made the tent extra-large, and it’s big enough for ten people to move around freely inside.

Initially, each person was given one tent, but Xu Zirong naturally didn’t want to separate from his brother. He followed Xu Ziyan without hesitation.

As for Le Hu and Wei Qing, of course they would not stay together with the Xu brothers. After snorting to each other, they set up their tents respectively on the left and right sides of Xu Ziyan’s tent.

They stayed in the camp for seven days. During this period, several teams from different sects also arrived. The number of disciples that these sects had brought varied from each other. Some had about a dozen, just like the Liu Guang sect, yet some only had one disciple.

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