Chapter 66


During these seven days, among these sects, those were relatively closer greeted each other. Those who were more distant were also trying to get along. Even those sects who were like enemies were very restrained.


It seems that no one wanted to cause any troubles at this time. After all, the Green Spiritual Secret Realm was floating in the void. Only through the induction of the Green Spiritual Seal, could a passage be opened between this induction and the Xuanyu Realm.


This passage was extremely unstable. If it couldn’t be opened because of the way they fought, then everyone else would surely blame both the fighting sides.


On the morning of the 7th day, when the sun rose, water waves began to form not far from the island.


There seemed to be a drop of water disturbing the most peaceful sleep. In the mid-air above the lake, ripples began to form and they were spreading.


“Let’s go!” Immortal Qi Xuan shouted. After rising his sword, all the disciples of Liu Guang sect flew and followed him.


“This Immortal Qi Xuan is really an anxious person.” Immortal Qi covered her lips and laughed, “we’ll follow.” Afterwards, she took out her sword, flew and followed them.


Six disciples of Nine Fragrance House followed behind Immortal Qi. After a short flight, they stayed not far from the ripples.


The other sects also flew here, waiting quietly for the passage to open.


After a while, the ripples began to move more intensively and soon formed a swirling channel.


“Go in. Remember, you only have one month. After one month, the Green Spiritual Secret Realm will enter the void again. If you can’t get out, you will be in trouble.” Master uncle Qi Xuan instructed everyone.


All the disciples nodded. They were prepared to enter the Green Spiritual Secret Realm. What Qi Xuan said had already been repeated by their senior master for many times. They wouldn’t take their own lives lightly.


The disciples of Liu Guang sect stood in front of the vortex, and the other disciples did not object. Every time, the Green Spiritural Secret Realm opened at a different location, and after entering it, the location of the entrance was also different.


No one knew for sure the pattern of this passage. Even if one person entered it one second later than the previous one, they might still end up in two locations that were far away from each other.


And in the Green Spiritual Secret Realm, most of the communicative spells were not usable, except if they were spells involving the blood or soul. If they didn’t end up in the same location after entering the Realm, it’s almost impossible for them to see each other until they got out of the Realm.


Naturally, Xu Zirong wouldn’t let such things to happen, that’s why he grabbed Xu Ziyan’s wrist tightly without any hesitation.


Fortunately, he was only an eleven-year-old child. This action didn’t look weird at all. Otherwise, he would inevitably catch the attention of the others.


“Later, remember to follow me. Don’t lose your way, okay?” Xu Ziyan was also worried that he’d lose his little brother later. After all, he was only an eleven-year-old child (the hell he was!) Having to spend one month in an empty secret realm sounded very scary and lonely.


Xu Zirong nodded silently, grabbing his brother’s hand even more tightly.


Xu Ziyan pinched him, as if he wanted to encourage his little brother. He didn’t want Xu Zirong to be so nervous.


Xu Ziyan had big hands. As he had to hold a bow all the time, there’s a thin layer of calluses on his palm. When his delicate skin was feeling the roughness of his elder brother’s hand, Xu Zirong felt as if a kitten was scratching his heart.


Just when Xu Zirong started to have some feelings, it was their turn to enter the passage.


Without waiting for Xu Zirong to speak, Xu Ziyan immediately pulled him, and the two entered the passage at the same time.


At the moment he entered the passage, Xu Ziyan felt that his heart was pounding. It seemed as if something had been integrated into his body, but after looking inside, he didn’t notice anything strange.


After Xu Ziyan entered the passage, he saw that the vortex suddenly trembled. The speed of rotation increased sharply, then it slowed down.


“What’s going on?” Qi Xuan was very surprised. Only the elite disciples of the Liu Guang sect all entered the passage. If there were any changes with the passage, then what would happen to his disciples…?


“Cultivator Qi Xuan, there’s no need to get nervous. It’s just the space which was trembling.” A thin, old man was stroking his beard with a smile. He was an elder of Tian Yu sect and was very proficient in space spells. Therefore, he was very sensitive to all kinds of fluctuations in space.


“Are you sure, cultivator Li?” Qi Xuan was not good at space spells. He asked a bit uneasily.


The old man didn’t feel angry. It made sense that Qi Xuan was so anxious, as these were all elite disciples who’d just entered.


He closed his eyes and felt it again, then nodded, “it’s just a small accident, no problem at all!” After that, he arranged for the disciples of Tian Yu sect to enter the passage in order.

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