“Lily can use the artifacts without transforming, you know?”


Lily turned around and said with a proud expression. It wasn’t the fairy queen’s treasure ‘Queen Beryl’ she was carrying, it was the ‘Diamond Heaven’, giving off a divine light.

This artifact, which Lily got when she was training, has the effect of strengthening light attributes.

Attribute strengthening is an extremely fundamental effect which a magic jewel can demonstrate even in an unprocessed state. As such, since the artifact was in the jewel state, it can be said that it is only natural for it to provide strengthening effect in response to that color and light.

And the Diamond Heaven has a vast amount of magic power hidden in it, as one would expect from an artifact.

And if Lily, who specializes in the light attribute, uses it, she can bring about an incredible amount of power.

Thanks to that, Lily can swing the enormous Star Sword without difficulty and can also levitate in the air like this.


“Well, you’re strong even if you don’t transform, after all.”


Even when she’s small, she is extremely reliable. And when equipped with an artifact, she is even more reliable. Even at the frontline of such a war, I can entrust my back to her without a worry.


“–Even still, I feel like the number of chimera soldiers are just increasing.”


Lily and I took out 3 of them in moments with our coordination but even in that short while, even more of those chimera soldiers had started climbing the wall. Three of them to my right and four of them to my left. I could spot their grotesque figures squirming up the wall. Rather than increase, aren’t they doubling in number?

To make matters worse, the war slaves were also fighting hard to place the ladders on the wall. Even though they are being forced into this, now that their lives are on the line, they couldn’t help but put their all into it.

Even these monster-like chimera soldiers probably look like their only hope in this battlefield. They kept on trying to put the ladders on the wall as the chimeras tried climbing up.

Although the war slaves are unarmed and defenseless, if the burly species come in groups, the line of defence can get easily disordered. The thing I am most worried about currently is that the Crusaders army will take that chance to attack all at once.

Either way, I just have to keep taking out the enemy’s vanguard, these chimera soldiers. No matter how many of you come out, I will smack you down.


“Let’s go Lily, match up with me!”


“Got it!”


With The Grid ready, I turned towards my left. 4 of them were climbing–no, they had already locked their aim on me. I aimed towards the hideous chimera soldiers crawling on the wall.

As soon as I put my finger on the trigger, I sensed Lily quickly get around to my back. I would take care of the left while Lily takes the right. Simultaneous attack with our backs to each other.


“Eat this!”




Black steel’s Bullet Arts and white splendor’s Lux Sagita attack. The countless bullets scattered all around, destroying the chimeras and ripping the enemy to shreds.

An overwhelming firepower which doesn’t even allow the opponent to come close. No matter how burly and strong these chimera soldiers are, they are no match in front of the one-sided barrage of light and dark bullets.

As a bonus, the magic bullets also pulverized the ladders along with the chimeras.

Like sinners suspended into hell with a spider’s string, the pitiful war slaves let out a shrieks as they fell to their death. If possible, I hope their destination isn’t hell.

Although there was a thought somewhere in my heart, trying to make me hesitate when killing the war slaves, I didn’t miss any shots intentionally. Even though the chimeras are top priority, there’s no loss in decreasing the amount of war slaves pushing in with their sheer amount.

It was at the moment when Lily and I was about to shift to our next target after getting rid of those 7 chimeras.


“Ah, look out!”


Lily pointed at the sky. On the tip of her fingers, light magic started to condense.

And her fingers were pointed at an enormous, blazing hot fireball, coming towards us, leaving trails of smoke behind it.


“Catapult, eh?!”

That’s not your average fire magic. It’s a boulder cladded in flame, giving it destructive physical power on top of scorching firepower.

At Alsace, few magicians commenced a union and launched a long range fireball.

However, the army this time wasn’t one made to rule a countryside village. It was a large army to capture an impregnable fortress. In other words, they have brought castle sieging weapons such as a catapult.

And I guess they have finally finished setting it up. Right now, at this moment, the bombardment has already started.

Right before Lily could shoot her light arrow towards the blazing mass of rock, it was smashed to smithereens.

Not because it hit the wall. While it was still mid-air, it got blown to pieces by an Ignis Sagita.


“Fiona, eh? As expected of her.”


Perfect support. As I thought, leaving her on top of the wall was correct.

If she wanted, Fiona could also come and participate in the vertical fights but there’s no need for that. Before we decided on this formation, the Vertical Limit, Fiona grumbled, saying “Aren’t I a bit too far? Or rather, isn’t Ms. Lily a bit too close?” but I suppose this was the best way to go about it.

While thinking back on that, I saw the blazing boulder’s pieces rain down. Although it could be fatal if these heated up fragments were to hit someone, it isn’t much of a problem for me and Lily.

Diablo’s Embrace can easily defend something like this and I don’t even need to get started on Lily’s Oracle Field.

But it is still a terrifying hail of bullets for the war slaves who were only wearing white robes.


“Fiona will do something about the bombardment so let’s continue with our fight.”


“Got it!”


Hearing Lily’s cheerful reply, I started heading towards the middle of the castle wall.

Maybe because we kept killing off the chimera soldiers in succession one after another, both the chimeras and the war slaves were avoiding this area. Although I can understand the war slaves taking that course of action, it is kind of weird to see the chimeras do that since they are in berserk mode.

I can only assume that they were ordered to ‘climb the wall’ and had their aggression and belligerence increased rather than having them fall into pure berserk mode.

They can probably control that much by using that Angel Ring. Like a robot abiding by its program.

Either way, Lily and I were forced to move. We can go to the enemy ourselves thanks to the title of Order Raid and we won’t be blamed by our allies. I will be making full use of this authority.

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