Mysterious Job

Chapter 37 The fight of Rentland plains


After giving the soldiers their well deserved rest, we built a camp at the exit of the mountain pass.


This camp had a defensive formation and was just a point for the expedition. We would be staying here for a while this time, so we built cabins with proper roofs, as well.


Here, we will unite with the allies coming from behind and crush the enemy’s main base.


Before long, the rear unit which was being lead by Shivik arrived.


“There were also enemies who were trying to attack you by going around the flank but we destroyed them as well. Although it wasn’t much of a feat as we were more in numbers.”


Although he has grown old, he still gets pretty lively when it’s time for battle.


“Great job. Now then, the big battle starts from here but let’s come up with a plan first.”


As we’ve broke through the mountain, the word that Alsrod Neivul’s army getting close to the main base area Molcara and coastland should have already spread.


And because the situation is getting worse every second, surely the people in the Navik prefecture will start feeling uneasy. We will aim for this.


I also had the perfect human connections for it.


I called Maisel Uje.


“With your name, appeal to an enemy general, who has connections, to surrender. I will guarantee the public order in the territory if they surrender. I will also sign the letters.”


“Understood. I do know a few generals from Navik prefecture from when I was a hostage.”


“The enemy is getting more agitated than I thought. You should be able to do it. After all, a letter like this also came today.”


I showed him the letter from the governor of the port city. It’s an appeal to not plunder the city. We are also being sent goods.


–Ah, it’s kind of like that ban on attacking temples and shrines. By asking the enemy to not plunder the city, they will know if the enemy can be reasoned with. It seems that the enemy side’s pace is all over the place.


There’s no mistaking that it’s exactly like Oda Nobunaga said.


“It will be settled if there’s a revolt at a port city. Do you have someone good in mind?”


“Verd Rentland from the prefecture’s northeast side seems to be in bad terms with the family even though he’s from the main branch.”


“Alright, let’s send a messenger immediately. We will also tell him we’re adding two more districts.”


It would be faster to do it than to think. Even if a revolt happens at one location, we will be in the advantage.


“But, even if you speak of sending a messenger, there’s quite a lot of risk attached to delivering the letter. Can they properly deliver it…?”


“That will not be a problem. We will use the Rappa.”




“The beings who carry my army’s shadow.”


At the end, although bit by bit, it seems that the plan will be effective.


Landlords governing lands far away from the Molcara castle came surrendering to me one by one. They probably got scared thinking that the enemy will come attacking without mercy.


According to my spy, it also seems like Colt Rentland is facing unexpected difficulties in gathering soldiers.


Firstly because it is the time of harvest but most importantly, because our attack was much faster than they had expected, many of the retainers are starting to feel scared.


I am using the general rules against the generals who haven’t participated in battle directly. Inversely, I have been using the method of killing everyone who come pointing their spear at me except a few since I have started attacking.


The others probably don’t want to be openly hostile considering the chance that they will lose.

There was this opinion of making the first move ourselves then, but I decided to wait for the enemy instead. But it isn’t like I wasn’t going to be doing anything. I selected hills on which castles could be built and started slowly constructing them.


The castles were such that they could be made in a short period of time  and would have some defensive capabilities. If the enemy came attacking, we would have the advantage intercepting them from higher ground. I just kept on making those in large numbers.


And then, finally, Colt Rentland came, forming a battle formation in front of us with 4,500 soldiers.


Oddly enough, the land was called the Rentland plains, on which the enemy’s family had been born.


I didn’t feel like we could lose.


After all, the best news had already reached us the day before.


Verd Rentland had taken our side and announced that he would be attacking the enemy’s base, Molcara castle.


And so, even if we were sent away the first day, we would just barricade ourselves in the castle we made in the mountain pass.


If the Molcara castle is attacked while we are in a war of attrition here, Colt will surely fall into a state of panic.


All that’s left for me to do is to raise the soldiers’ morale.


Before the battle, I announced this in front of the soldiers.


“Listen well. I have lead you all here as the Count Fordnelia. On the other hand, the enemy is confronting us with Count Navik. You all should probably know very well who the person worth giving your life up for is.”


I was gripping a trident.


Maybe because of the job ‘Oda Nobunaga’, my charisma skills were even higher than before.


“The enemy is as good as lost already. And as such, your job is not to win. But to win flawlessly! Roar such that the whole world knows the land called Fordnelia!”


Cheers of joy erupted.


I thrusted the trident into the air.


“Now is the time you all show them the fruits of your training with this trident!”


Even louder cheers engulfed me.


The number of soldiers we mobilized was 3,000. Far less than the enemy.


Even then, my soldiers feel like we will win. And that is also probably what will happen.


And before long, it will be proven.


The battle began. Taking advantage of their numbers, the enemy came charging in.


Or perhaps they have already heard that there is a traitor among the family. If so, they would have to defeat us even quicker.


Our army had the higher ground. We had made many camps.


We just thrusted our long tridents from there.



“What?! What are these spears!?” “They are too long!”


The enemy soldiers kept saying one after another, getting crushed by the tridents.


Our soldiers had been practicing with these for quite a while.


This was no longer the enemy’s territory. It was my land which I reconstructed for myself. Without being able to overcome the countless camps, the enemy body count kept rising.


Reluctantly, the enemy’s general announced retreat.


Now is the time.


“Red Bear squad, White Eagle squad, Noen squad, Shivik squad and Maisel Squad, attack altogether! Stab them to death!”




Like barbarians, we rushed into the enemy.


This was the first time a squad of long spears flourished on a plain land. Just for this day, I have mass produced the spears and trained my soldiers. If I have this squad, I could even take the country.


The results showed soon enough. The enemy was annihilated immediately.


Soldiers who went running one after another.


The farmers turned soldiers and the mercenaries value their lives.


Their supreme commander, Colt Rentland barely escaped alive.


We had completely won, killing countless enemy generals.



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