Mysterious Job

Chapter 43 The Job Known as Akechi Mitsuhide

“And so, I was thinking of using the dwarf called Kelara as a commander too.”


I wouldn’t be able to put these people whose abilities I don’t know into actual combat if all the battles were important so these simple battles also have meaning.


Strictly speaking, forming a battle formation with 3-4k soldiers would overpower the enemy and Brando Naham will also be grateful.


“Ah, that person who is called the scholarly knight.”


Raviara had a somewhat cold expression.


“Are you perhaps thinking of taking her in as your wife? Types like that can’t be found in the inner palace after all.”


“Oi, oi, do you take me for a pervert or something…? Well, it is true that I can’t stay long in your place either but…”


I have been properly visiting Seraphina’s room, Fleur’s room and Raviara’s room so that they don’t think that I don’t care for them. Although, all three of them are very pretty so doing that is not a bother to me at all.


I do know of kings of previous generations harming their health by going about the castle too much or by doing too much work so I am being careful of that.


“I-I am sorry… Even Raviara understands Alsrod-sama’s position. We also selected Fleur because we trust you… But, it’s just a bit lonely when there are many women around you…”


“You don’t need to worry, Kelara and I having nothing going on. It’s just that I think she has skills.”


“Oh, that reminds me, Altair-san was also blessed with a child. It’s a girl.”


I made a difficult expression this time.


“If, I was a king by birth, I would have definitely been admitted to a monastery…”


“Alsrod-sama is also equally selfish as Raviara, huh?”


“What’d ya say? Seems like someone needs to be punished.”


I quickly started tickling her.


“Alsrod-sama, not there–I am weak in those parts… ah, it tickles! Stop! Ahaha! Hahaha!”


I know. I have known you for quite a long time after all.







I advanced towards the south with 3,500 soldiers.


Not to meet up with Brando Naham, rather in a way to attack the feudal lords’ union in northwest Orbia prefecture.


Orbia prefecture is also situated deep into the mountains just like here so it will be troublesome if they were to use guerilla tactics.


“Kelara, I will assign three hundred soldiers to you. Fight with that.”




Let’s see what you’ve got first.


Normally, most of the officers do not command imperial soldiers. However, while they are in my faction, they might have to take command of a few thousand of such soldiers depending on the situation. I want to determine whether she can do that or not.


On the other hand, Raviara had stepped into the countryside as I gave the command. Maybe it’s the elves’ blood or something, they seem to be really fired up when fighting in the jungle. She’s not up against a very strong opponent so I think it will be fine.


After a while, Kelara came back wearing a nonchalant expression. She’s so calm it’s hard to think of this as a battlefield. Her face looked as if she was reading a book or something.


It’s different from being chivalrous. The aura around her is more of a civil official than a commander. Although, a wild and rough person also isn’t suited to be a commander.


“You’re awfully early. Did it not go well?”


“We killed 3 of the enemy generals.”


“Oho! That’s some good work in such a short period of time!”


That’s quite an achievement. This is a mountainous region so completely annihilating the enemy would be next to impossible. Considering that, her work was more than enough.


“If I am not mistaken, is your job a war related one?”


Now that I think about it, it wouldn’t be weird if her job was ‘swordsman’ or ‘shogun’ as she was a female knight.


“No, I do not have such a special talent. As such, I just executed the best possible tactic recorded in the old strategy documents.”


She was calm and collected as ever.


“In a sense, that suits your way of fighting. Can you still go on?”


“Yes. I shall obey my master’s commands.”


At the end, Kelara ended up killing five more of the enemy’s general after that.

That was more than Raviara who had gone into battle after a long time. Although, Raviara was more specialized in solo missions so comparing them like that won’t do any good.


We have dealt quite a serious blow to the enemy feudal lord and there’s next to no casualties on our part. Brando Naham will also surely be thankful. It was a huge success as a plan.


Specially ‘cause I got a good hold of Kelara’s skills.

She can’t do anything flashy but her ability to steady take down the enemy is valuable. With her skills, she won’t probably fail miserably even if I entrust a big army to her.


“You did the most work this fight.”


I told Kelara, while riding a horse beside her on our way to Maust after winning.


“It’s an honor.”


Oh, right, I still didn’t hear about it.


“Kelara, what exactly is your job?”


“Actually… it’s quite a peculiar job, most people don’t really believe me but…”


Kelara said with a somewhat gloomy face.

Even this woman can make such a troubled expression, eh?


“I won’t doubt you. Say it.”


“Yes, I don’t know what it means but, Akechi Mitsuhide–”


I felt startled.

I feel like I have heard that name somewhere…


—Like I thought, a supreme ruler’s intuition is mostly correct.


Don’t go complimenting yourself there…


—Alsrod, be careful. This woman might betray you. After all, her job is Akechi Mitsuhide.


However, I felt even more intrigued for some reason.


I will put a leash on that Akechi Mitsuhide.

After all, he’s a chief vassal Oda Nobunaga used for a long time, right? That’s proof that his value is really high.


“Can you hear that Akechi dude’s voice or something?”


“No, can jobs even have a voice? However, it just seems like my knowledge about ancient military tactics and strategies become three times as more… It’s probably the name of a post which can rule over ancient tactics or something…”


“Right, there’s no way a job can have a voice.”


It seems to be fundamentally different from my Oda Nobunaga.


—As I thought, only a supreme ruler such as myself can withhold his ego even after being turned into a job.


Like I said, don’t go complimenting yourself there…

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