(Return of the 8th Class Mage)  Chapter 115.  Things That I can Do (1)





After having returned to her original form, the Fairy Queen’s tiny little body rolled over and over around the big yard. She was a complete wreck.

(Spa, Spartoi, Why…..Why did you…..?)

The Fairy Queen asked in a difficult voice.  The walls of the mansion have been torn down in many places, and the empty shells of the dragon soldiers, with gold sparks, approached from every direction. She was able to destroy thirty-seven of the forty dragon soldiers, but now she did not have the strength to even move a finger.  She has reached her limit.

(Those eyes…..)

The Fairy Queen could not understand why the countless many dragon soldiers are invading the human city, why they are attacking the Fairy Queen who belongs to one of their family lines, or what those golden sparks are?  The spirit of Spartoi was definitely blue.  The spark in their eyes must resemble blue also.

(Our….. Mission…..)

The shell of a dragon soldier has approached the Fairy Queen.

(Related….. Entities….. Annihilation…..)

The bastard raised high the point of his spear.

(I, I can’t die like this…..!)

She has somehow raised herself up. Still, she was wobbly. It was impossible for her to fight any longer. She did not even have the strength to dodge the spear.

“Here take this!”

It was then. She heard Ledio’s shouting. At the same time, a fireball was launched. The target was the shell of the dragon soldier for sure.


A Molotov cocktail that was launched towards the back of the dragon soldier’s shell has exploded with a loud boom. It was a ‘special Molotov cocktail’ that was made by Douglas and Ledio.  It must have been very powerful as the dragon soldier’s shell has hesitantly retreated.


Vanessa, Ian’s mother, who ran over at that time, quickly escaped with the Fairy Queen in her arms.  After seeing that, Douglas and Ledio launched the prepared Molotov cocktails wildly.

Kwaang!  Kwang!  Kwwang!

Booming explosion sounds were heard in droves.

(Hey, you idiots! I told you to run away?)

The Fairy Queen suddenly got angry upon seeing that. I told you to runaway while I was fighting those dragon soldiers’ shells. I clearly told you that so why haven’t you?

“If we’re to live, we should all live together!”

Ledio replied as he was throwing the Molotov cocktail. Vanessa, who was holding the Fairy Queen, also nodded. They never had the intention to run away in the first place. At least, not without the Fairy Queen.

(You….. You foolish humans…..!)

The power of the Molotov cocktail was much stronger than expected. After using up all the prepared quantity, even the three remaining dragon soldiers were in complete wrecks.  That was probably possible because they weren’t ordinary Molotov cocktails.

“Now, now we can run!  Let’s go!”

Douglas and Ledio, who were of the male gender, took the lead.  Behind them, came Vanessa, who was holding the Fairy Queen, followed by the servant girls.  They had to escape from the yard before more of the monsters came in droves.  This seemed to be the right time to do so.


However, that hope did not last long. There were already other dragon soldiers that have come. It was certainly the worst case scenario.

“Damn it…..”

Even the gate of the mansion. Even walls that are torn down. Every possible passage out of the place was filled with the dragon soldiers. They were trapped with no way out.

“For now, let’s go down to the basement of the mansion!  There is a magical trap that Ian has built.  If we can buy some time, maybe…..!”

“Could we escape?  They will come after us…..”

“That, that…..”

Ledio replied without any certainty in response to Vanessa’s question.  It was not an incorrect assessment.  In such situation, running to and hiding in the basement could be self defeating. It will likely place them further away from any possible help by making them more isolated than they currently are.

(Foolish humans!  Did I not tell you to escape early on?)

They couldn’t do this or that. The situation has turned into a very bad case scenario. In no time, the dragon soldiers have come close. It made no sense to just stand around any longer. It was time for someone to take the lead and do something. If they did not want to die like this that is.


Right at this moment. The decision was on Ledio. Ledio also thought the same way.

‘Only three Molotov cocktails remaining…..’

Ledio patiently assessed the current situation. Right now, there were three fire bombs in his possession.

‘And one sword.  No wounds.’

Just a useless sword was what he had. To take solace, at least he was not injured. At last, Ledio has determined.


He drew the sword from inside his waist. It would be better to at least be holding a sword.

“I’ll try to draw them to me.”

“Draw, draw to you?”


Finally, Ledio has decided. Both Vanessa and Douglas were shocked at that decision. And also it was a decision that did not make any sense either. How can he draw those monsters all by himself? It was like he was putting his life on the line.

“That is the only way…..”


It was just before Ledio’s noble sacrifice was to be put into action. Someone’s voice came permeating within their ears. Has Ian appeared to rescue everyone? No, it wasn’t Ian’s voice. It was clearly a women’s voice.


At the same time, tens of branches shot out of the grounds of the mansion and wrapped around the dragon soldiers. Of course, the branches did not look like the ones used by Ian. The thickness and the quantity were clearly limited. They won’t hold them for long.


Then followed the sound of man’s shouts. A middle aged knight, holding a sword, came over the walls. And with fierce force, he began to attack. The targets of the attack were the dragon soldiers that were entangled up. There was not even a second of hesitation. In fact, he was filled with confidence.


By the sword of the knight, one of the dragon soldiers fell to the ground like a falling leaf.  Its skull was sliced into two pieces.  Was that all?  It was the same for the other dragon soldiers as well. The swordsmanship of the middle aged knight was not an ordinary one.  It was the ‘exquisite skill’, mana blade with flowing crimson blood and blue mana,  which belonged to ‘Oliver Raywood’, the empire’s best swordsman and the captain of the 2nd Knights of the imperial family.

“By the orders of the crowned prince.”

Oliver has sliced up the dragon soldiers in an instant. He recited in a low dignified voice.

“I shall serve Sir. Ian’s family.”

Of course, Oliver wasn’t the only one that came following the orders from the crowned prince.  The woman that has invoked an entangle magic to tie up the dragon soldiers also came running into the yard.  Her beauty attracted the attentions of others even during this urgent situation.

“Everyone, please come this way!  Hurry!”

The newest 4th class sorcerer of the empire. It was the princess Haileyy Greenriver.






Greenriverdium, the capitol of the Greenriver Empire, has fallen into an emergency situation for the first time in history.



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