Tensei Slime

Chapter 241 Decisive Battle at the Summit Part 2


The first one to move was Guy.


As if going from a still image to a frame-by-frame video, Guy started attacking Velda.


Kondou and Damrada moved to block that but Veldora and Diablo also reacted at once.


“Kufufufu. Veldora-sama, I can deal with these people by myself, you know?”


“Kuhahahaha. What are you saying? No need to hold back, I shall lend a hand as well!”


When Diablo asked with a refreshing smile, Veldora seemed a bit flustered when replying.


Staying around his sister–Velgrynd, her complexion had changed seeing Rudra–is one thing he really wants to avoid. And so, whatever happened, he had to go fight someone else one-on-one.


“Then, Veldora-sama–”


“Hmm. That man wearing the military uniform is the one who fired at me. I shall pay him back in full by taking him on.”


“I see, if that’s the case then I shall deal with this one.”


Exchanging these few words, Veldora and Diablo moved at once.


Damrada and Diablo exchanged blows.


Holding a sabre in his right hand and a pistol in his left, Kondou met Veldora.


Due to the intense collisions, shock waves were produced, which shook the celestial world.


And like that, the two groups left the place with their opponents.


Seeing that with a side glance, Velgrynd thought.


Damrada and Kondou were two of Emperor Rudra’s trusted retainers who had served him for a long time. And as such, Velgrynd also knew them very well.


Even their personalities and abilities.


They were human beings but still possessed abnormal strength, people who never became careless or let their guard down.


There was no mistake, their powers far exceeding that of an awakened demon lord was a threat.




“Veldora, you know what’s waiting for you if you let your guard down, right?”


Velgrynd called out to Veldora and then immediately fixed her gaze on Rudra.


Certainly, they have an enormous amount of power but not as much as a dragon. She had faith that if Veldora’s fighting, there was no need to worry.


(But even then, if he fights in an unsightly way I need to punish him.)


And like that, while thinking of stuff that would make Veldora tremble, Velgrynd moved.


The instant Guy was about to swing his sword down towards Velda, a sword of light came cutting in from the side and blocked the attack.


It was the work of the man now before Velda, Rudra.


They then changed positions to cross swords.


Neither of them had any shields so they went all out on the offensive.


To them, their sword was both their weapon and shield.


“Oho? Interesting. Looks like your skills haven’t grown dull, huh, Guy?!”


“Hm, keep talking! Don’t get in my way, you fake!”


They shouted and clashed with all their strength.


Surprisingly enough, the fake Rudra had perfectly embodied the actual strength of the real Rudra.


Velgrynd couldn’t believe it but his strength even rivaled Guy’s.


“Guy, I will assist!”


“Idiot, don’t come–!!”


It happened in an instant.


Velgrynd attempted to assist Guy but the moment she went to slash Rudra with her blade-like fangs with extreme speed, she felt an intense pain on her hand.


(Impossible?! I am feeling pain even though I have ‘Pain Nullification’?!)


Velgrynd leapt back in shock.


“Heheh, seems like my skills have gotten dull. I was actually aiming for the head. No, you’ve gotten stronger–haven’t you, Velgrynd?”


Velgrynd took a good look at the fake Rudra for the first time now.


That young man who is supposed to be a fake.


The young Rudra.


Even Velgrynd couldn’t tell him apart from the real Rudra–his violent strength was also recreated perfectly.


(This can’t be. I took care of him till he died…)


“….You are a fake!”


“Ha! Don’t make me laugh, Velgrynd. I am the one who will decide that. Fake just ‘cause I don’t have a soul? Fake ‘cause I got resurrected? ‘Cause I am being controlled? Wrong. I will become a fake when I admit that I am a fake and that’s when my will shall die. I am living, ya know? I can think, choose and move forward. I am me, not anyone else! You understand right, Velgrynd? Well, I will admit that it seems true that I died once. And so, I will redo everything from the start. To demonstrate my greatness to you all, I will strike you down once. And then, I will make you reform and become my ally. I am the man who will conquer the world eventually. That is my promise to my master, Veldanava, after all.”

Then Rudra got rid of his blade of light and laughed daringly.


“It’s rude fighting with a toy like this, huh? I will show you my real strength.”


Saying that, he raised both his hands over his head and muttered ‘Gods’ Sword Summon’ after putting them together.


And in that instant, the space-time between Rudra’s hands creaked and light sparkled, manifesting a sword.


Seeing that, Guy’s red eyes were filled with joy and he deepened his smile.


In shock and confusion, Velgrynd took a step back.


And then, Rudra also smiled at Guy and took stance with his sword.


“Let’s settle it once and for all today, Guy!”


“Hmph. Exactly how I want it, Rudra!”


The ritual of summoning his Gods’ sword is something Rudra only does against opponents he is serious with.


The fact that he can summon the Gods’ sword–‘Star’–which chooses its owner, means that regardless of whether the man in front was fake or not, it was a fact that his will was similar to that of Guy’s friend, Rudra.


(So you’re gonna stand in front of me like an obstacle even after dying, huh? You don’t want me to quit while I am ahead, do you? You really are an unbending bastard.)


Guy was happy–he couldn’t completely hide the smile on his face.


Now, he didn’t even care about Velda, he just wanted to devote himself to his fight with Rudra.


And, Velgrynd too–


She decided to watch over the fight.


That was a rule made between Guy and Rudra many years ago and Velzado or Velgrynd were not permitted to intervene.


And while Velgrynd was watching over them, their fight increased in intensity……







Velzado was also shocked like Velgrynd.


However, she was Guy’s partner and so her surprise was not as much as Velgrynd.


And most importantly, because of the bond she felt with Guy a while ago, she wasn’t that disturbed seeing Rudra.


Without showing her surprise on her face, she just indifferently healed Milim’s wounds.


And before she realized, Chloe was now opposing Velda, buying time with her sword skills.


Milim’s wounds weren’t that bad and would heal by themselves and so Velzado was relieved.


“Sorry, but it’s all good now.”


And just as she thought, Milim recovered immediately.


And on top of that, she went charging back at Velda without learning her lesson.


“Milim, is there a chance of winning?”


“Hm? Nope. But, well, I might find out something while fighting, right?”


Ah, this is no good, thought Velzado.


As expected, Milim was just only being toyed with by Velda.


“Eii, you quick bastard!”


It seems like Milim was gathering her energy properly even while cursing and Velzado watching…


Milim’s energy wasn’t as large as she thought it would be.


Although it was more than that of an awakened demon lord, it was just about 10% when compared to other dragons.


(–That’s weird. Compared to her enormous energy when she fought Guy, now it just feels too small…)


Guy and Rudra were still battling to decide who was the best.


It was clear that if someone intervenes, they would be infuriating Guy so they decided to leave them alone.


Her younger brother Veldora had gotten quite impudent while she wasn’t looking so she thought it would be fine to leave him be.


Moreover, as Guy and Rudra became immersed in their fight, Velgrynd also found the leeway to pay attention to Veldora and the others’ fights. She was wary of an unforeseen situation all the while watching over Guy and Rudra’s fight.


Seeing that, Velzado judged that it would be okay to leave it to Velgrynd if something were to happen.


The problem was Velda.


As expected of Chloe, she was being very cautious of Velda and was still observing for now. She was measuring Velda’s strength, carefully and calmly.


In contrast, Milim was repeating kamikaze attacks recklessly.


Velzado was lending a hand to defend the attacks on Milim but even then the damage was piling up.


It didn’t seem like Milim was holding back, but it felt like she was far weaker than when she fought Guy a long, long time ago.


Velzado found that to be strange.


“Milim, you……”


“Milim, you idiot! You, start being serious!!”


Just when Velzado was about to speak of her doubts, Guy lost his temper and shouted at Milim.


In response, Milim objected unamused.


“I am going all out! I am not holding back, you know?!”



“Stuupid. You were far stronger long ago, you know?! You-you aren’t using Wrathful King Satan, are you?!”




Being pointed out by Guy, Milim looked lost for a second as if she had completely forgotten about it.


However, as it will affect her honor if she were to just let him talk her into it,


“B-but! I might not be able to control it. Even last time, you and Ramiris–”


“Eeeii! Just do it! I also have my hands full fighting this guy, alright?! Just send that bastard flying already!!”


Guy shouted at Milim, half-desperate at this point.


And in reality, Guy and Rudra’s skills were equal and so even talking to Milim like that was difficult.


Saying just that to Milim, he again faced Rudra.


“Sorry to keep you waiting.”


“Ah, it’s fine. It’s boring if we don’t go at it seriously, after all.”


Guy expressed his gratitude towards Rudra for holding back while he was talking to Milim.


Rudra generously nodded.


And then, both struck with their swords simultaneously, spreading sparks from the collisions.


Velzado let out a sigh, being exasperated by the two but also felt her doubts clearing.


It wasn’t like Milim didn’t go all out, she just wasn’t using her ultimate ability.


However, Milim was also right.


‘Mana Breeder Reactor’ was so strong that she wasn’t even able to use it properly–that was the true form of Wrathful King Satan.


The ultimate ability which allows her to use intense anger and mana to further multiply her mana.


The mana used as fuel is returned with more power. It multiplies just as the word says.


While it is active, Milim’s energy increases immediately. On top of that, it doesn’t decrease, no matter how many times she uses it–truly an ultimate ability.


Having unlimited energy to use–that is what the demon lord Milim was capable of.


Her being Veldanava’s daughter wasn’t just for the name.


However, Milim didn’t activate Wrathful King Satan at all.


Only Guy noticed that as he was able to reproduce the ability after fighting with her long back.


And although he succeeded in reproducing the ability in his ‘Prideful King Lucifer’, he decided to not have it active normally because of its abnormal strength. He only used 40% of it and left his remaining capacity to use his other abilities. And, if he were to use it alone while also maintaining his sense of self, the limit would be 90%–was what he understood after a self-analysis.


However, if it’s Milim–


Although it is that much of strong and powerful ability, Milim would be able to control it–Yes, Guy had faith.


And Velzado too, after seeing Milim now, remembered something she heard from Guy before.


As she possessed enormous energy even crossing that of awakened demon lords, Milim didn’t need to use her ultimate ability.


Velzado couldn’t even imagine how much Milim’s strength would skyrocket if she activated ‘Wrathful King Satan’.


(Maybe, she will be able to embody strength even exceeding that of us dragons–)


She realized the threat of it.


However, to defeat Velda, she thought that it was needed. Besides, she also decided to believe in Milim, that she would be able to control ‘Wrathful King Satan’ with her strong will.


And Milim–


Although she was in conflict, understood that her current strength wasn’t close to Velda’s.


And as such, she resolved herself to pour anger into ‘Wrathful King Satan’.


Then, as if he sensed that sign,


“Rudra, stop fooling around and finish it!”


Velda shouted.


However, the reply to that was,


“Shut up, he isn’t some weak opponent I can win against without going all out! If you are my master, you should be able to understand! If you are spouting such nonsense, then you really aren’t my master, huh? But, that’s fine. I am grateful for the opportunity of settling things with this guy. And so, stay quiet. And in respect to that, I will do my best. If you understand, don’t go ordering me!!”


Rudra said decisively.


The only thing in Rudra’s heart was his fight with Guy.


Now when he was enjoying the fight with Guy from the bottom of his heart, he couldn’t feel Velda’s word as anything but hindrance.


And just when Velda frowned hearing that, Milim’s voice reverberated.


“Sorry to keep you waiting. This time I will go all out for real!”


With pale dragon crests emerging on her body, Milim stood.


–She wonderfully controlled the enormous unearthly energy circulating around her body and formed a defense membrane to block off any kind of attack.


The Imperial Dragon Princess Milim had just now unleashed her true strength.


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