Tensei Slime

Chapter 242 Decisive Battle at the Summit Part 3


A fierce shock ran through Velda’s arm when he stopped Milim’s super swift sword.


It had more power than Velda expected and he ended up failing to block it. And as proof of that, Velda’s Snake Sword broke.


Seeing the broken sword in his hand, Velda looked disturbed for the first time.


And then, angered.


“Good grief… really, you’re being such a hindrance through and through…”



Velda muttered, visibly irritated now and attacked Milim with that surge of anger. But, Milim warded it off casually. In fact, with an expression of displeasure on her face, Milim began continuous attacks.


She just kept attacking Velda continuously with an intense will to crush her opponent, disregarding anything they were thinking or planning.


And her speed increased with each attack, starting to catch up to Velda’s movements.


Velda was dodging Milim’s attacks but he was slowly losing his composure.


Even Velda was unable to completely endure Milim’s attacks unarmed.




Velda put his hands together and shouted ‘Gods’ Sword Creation’.


A crack appeared in the space between Velda’s hands and a sword was brought forth.


Gods’ Sword — Abyss — although a bit lower in rank among the Gods’ swords and magic swords, it is a full-fledged Gods’ weapon.


Velda was able to produce a Gods’ weapon using his own ability.


And so began the sword dance.


Due to Velda and Milim’s sword fight, the air around them was being disrupted, piercing anything which it touched.


Milim had finally reached Velda’s level.


In that field of death which didn’t permit anyone to intervene, Milim put her all into her sword and was cornering Velda as each of her attacks became stronger than the last.


And in response to that, Velda was–


Enduring Milim’s pure will and was feeling his plans collapsing before him.


His advantage in terms of fighting power was lost and the current situation was that he was being cornered.


And although he couldn’t kill Milim as he needed her alive, it was getting difficult for him to hold back because of the explosive increase in Milim’s strength.


It wasn’t like he had no other options but his pride was hindering him from executing those.


However, now that it had come to this, it was no time to be saying stuff like that.


Even now, from the exchange of sword impacts, he could tell that the pressure had increased another notch.


Taking advantage of the gap in Velda’s awareness, Milim’s kick struck Velda’s stomach.


(–Such a bother.)



Velda spit out blood and renewed his thoughts.


Milim was needed for Velda’s objective no matter what and he could not possibly kill her.


Having said that, if he were to fight with her like this, there was a fear that Milim would eventually become strong enough to actually rival him…




As if they were preparing for something unexpected, the two dragon sisters were also observing the battlefield. Velzado protecting Milim from a while back was also very irritating.


Even if he tried to neutralize her, it would not be possible for him to break through both Milim and Velzado’s defense.


When he glanced over the battlefield to see what was going on, he saw that Guy and Rudra were having an equal fight.


Damrada and Kondou were also being pushed and it looked like their defeat was also only a matter of time.


(–I guess it’s time, huh? The all-out Great Angel-Demon War is over.)


Velda had completed executing the Great Angel-Demon War as Yuuki Kagurazaka’s last wish.


They were at a disadvantage but the result was not out yet.


And exactly because of that, Velda resolved himself.


He will achieve his goal at once using all the strength he possessed.






Diablo took his stance with an air of composure and looked at Damrada.


Just by having his memories planted, he is able to use the same abilities from when he was alive.


His energy was also vastly greater and the ultimate gift was also recreated.


Even when he calculated it simply, Diablo could feel double his energy from him.


(Kufufufu, wonderful. I have no complaints about him as an opponent.)


Diablo was grateful for his good luck.


He was diligently devoting himself to work to be of use to his master, Rimuru.


Developing new magic or polishing fighting skills is something which pretty much all of Rimuru’s subordinates are doing.


But it was different for Diablo.

He was observing Rimuru experiment with new moves or techniques.


But this is not something anyone can do. These new skills have dreadful power and even when holding back, they can affect a lot.


Diablo was one of the few beings who could monitor those experiments calmly.


And, while accompanying Rimuru in these unreasonable experiments, his magic theory had become much more polished than before and he could feel himself becoming stronger.


That’s right–the fact is that the amount of energy you possess doesn’t measure how strong you are.



What’s important is its application.


Getting rid of the excess energy and using only the smallest amount needed to create the greatest effect–that is what’s most important.


Although it is different if you have an inexhaustible mana supply like Milim but using such an irrational being as a comparison would be wrong.


And for this reason, Damrada was the perfect opponent for Diablo.


From Diablo’s diagnosis, if Damrada and Kondou both were his opponents at the same time, his chances of winning would be slightly more than 50%.


By betting his life and using his all, he could have barely seen a path to victory.


But if he does that, he wouldn’t be able to accomplish Rimuru’s orders. If so, there would be no meaning in it.


However, the fact that such worries are needed is also according to Diablo’s predictions.


Veldora and the others had arrived at the perfect timing.


(As expected of Rimuru-sama.)


Diablo was content as he observed Damrada.


He would have had difficulties if he took both Damrada and Kondou on together but it’s a different story altogether if it’s just Damrada.


Damrada’s energy was twice as much as Diablo’s and his fighting ability excelled Ultima’s.


However, there was no problem.


Because Diablo was a demon and hand-to-hand combat was mere child’s play to him.


Magic is the intrinsic fighting method for demons who are also spiritual beings.


Now that he has an ultimate ability, his magic was making greater progress.


And now when the amount of energy isn’t a problem to him anymore and he can use energy efficiently, he can produce the perfectly harmonized effect.


That also applies to hand-to-hand combat.


Diablo kept blocking off Damrada’s attacks by strengthening parts of his own body.


He was supplementing the enormous mana difference by offsetting Damrada’s punches and kicks with his magic-strengthened punches and kicks.


That was the complete form of magical hand-to-hand combat, combining ability and magic.


Testarossa and the others were just captivated by this new method of hand-to-hand combat.


Even Ultima, while recovering, was watching Damrada and Diablo’s fight with intense concentration.


And so, Diablo decided on being serious.


“I have enjoyed this quite a bit. You are perfect as a training partner but let’s end it now. To return the favor of hurting Testarossa and the others, I shall fight seriously now.”


He declared and raised his mana to its max using ultrafast magic excitation.


Diablo’s energy reached its maximum at once. He was also taking equal amounts of ‘Turn Null’ from Rimuru. And not only that, he was also taking in the particles from the surroundings and reinforcing his body instantaneously. He was reconstructing his tough body which could even endure high density energy flows.


This all took just a moment to complete.


There was no time lag and Diablo had transformed into his battle form.


And that was unmistakably Diablo’s ultimate form.


Still upholding that refreshing smile, he easily dealt with Damrada’s kicks.


Unlike before, Damrada’s full-strength kicks were now being block easily by Diablo with one hand.


The reason behind it was simple and clear.


It was because his mana was also doubled now being equal to that of Damrada’s.


However, when you take into consideration the fact that he was fighting equally even with half of that energy, the outcome of the fight was now as clear as day.


“As a human, you were a wonderful expert. If you still had your soul, the fight might have been a bit more interesting.  However, that is just another hypothetical situation. The result wouldn’t change–”


Diablo completely overpowered Damrada, crushing all his attacks.


Damrada just kept on repeating his moves indifferently, without any emotion.


But all of these attacks were read by Diablo and he had lost interest in the fight.


“Let’s end this–’Celestial End’!!”


A magic circle covered Damrada’s body.


Without any words.


Without any fear.


Without any grief.


Damrada just silently turned into light particles and disappeared.


And, all these particles returned to Diablo through the magic circle.


As soon as Damrada disappeared, Diablo undid his battle form.


Although he used it with composure, the burden of using it for a long period of time isn’t small.


And above else, Diablo was pouring in the energy he got from Damrada into his ‘Temptation World’. He was planning on absorbing the different kind of energy from Rudra slowly but controlling the null energy he borrowed from Rimuru simultaneously was a feat which took a toll, even on Diablo.


In contrast to the area attack ‘End of World’, ‘Celestial End’ was more of an individual attack with the purpose of taking in the target’s energy.


When compared in terms of power, End of World was higher but in individual fights, Celestial World was better.


“Diablo, you–”


Testarossa called out to Diablo.


“Kufu, kufufufu. I guess, it was a bit greedy of me to steal all that energy…… I am still… nowhere near… Rimuru-sama…….”


“What was that ability just now? It looked like magic but–”


“Exactly. A combination of magic and ultimate ability–an evolved form of that. Rimuru-sama was developing it for fun and I learnt it while cooperating with him. It isn’t completed yet so using it securely is still tough, though.”


“That’s unfair, only you getting that…”


“Kufufufu, it’s one of the side benefits.”


Diablo replied proudly towards the bitter Testarossa.


After all, this new technique is a magic theory Diablo and his beloved master Rimuru created together.


Although, to be exact, it was Ciel who created it and not Rimuru but that didn’t matter to Diablo.


“Well, when this magic theory is completed, I will also teach you people.”


At the end, Testarossa and the others’ protests didn’t die down till Diablo promised them that.






Veldora was fighting with Kondou as his opponent.


Velda was saying that they had energy equal to that of ten awakened demon lords but in reality, it didn’t quite reach that.


As seen by Veldora, it didn’t even reach half of that amount.


On top of that, the quality of the ultimate skill had also decreased, making Kondou unable to execute his attacks as intended.


Same as Damrada, he was also given an ultimate gift but at the end, that was nothing but a mass-produced pseudo ultimate skill. It was of inferior quality which couldn’t even be compared to the ultimate skill Kondou’s soul had produced.


The reason why Carrera, who had overwhelmingly less energy, was able to neutralize Kondou’s bullet was just that.


“Tch, this won’t work either, eh.”


Kondou clicked his tongue, while testing his energy bullets.


After calmly analyzing the situation, Kondou already understood that he had no chance at winning.


And if so, to execute Velda’s orders, he had no choice but to use all of his abilities.


And in contrast, Veldora had a lot of room to spare.


“Kuahahaha! It seems like you had quite the wonderful personality but at the end, you’re nothing but a fake. It is only natural that you wouldn’t be able to exhibit your full strength with a fake ultimate gift and not your own ultimate skill.”


Laughing, Veldora informed Kondou.


Kondou’s strength was the real deal but his present body is just a temporary one. Moreover, he doesn’t even have a soul so it isn’t worth considering.


And so, Veldora was observing various things and was gathering info.


A puppet with no soul which was given a temporary ego. And yet, it had high level fighting abilities and although inferior, was also using an ultimate skill.


Although the concept was different from the dolls Rimuru made, it had a very interesting structure.


(Fuffuffu, if I parse this structure and tell Rimuru, there’s no doubt that he will be grateful! As Ramiris’ teacher, it would also be interesting to research on it together. I would like one sample at least but, let’s see–)


Ignoring the fight altogether, Veldora was thinking of such things.


And as such, even when Diablo easily buried Damrada, Veldora was still continuing his fight with Kondou.


(Mmmm?! That Diablo, seems like he already cleaned up on his end. Then I must also get over with it or else they will find out that I am slacking off.)


Veldora was too easy going with his thoughts but seems like his decision was a bit too late.


“…..I see. Then, as I thought, there’s only one way to go, eh–”


Kondou resolved himself without hesitation and acted.


Veldora is really strong and Kondou had already realized that he couldn’t win before fighting.


The reason why he was able to land an attack on Veldora’s main body while he was alive was because his luck favored him countless times……


And so, he just loyally executed the order given to him.




In other words, self-destruction.







Velda confirmed that Kondou activated self-destruct mode and just muttered “that’ll do”.


He glared over the surrounding and slightly smiled.


“What’s so funny!?”


Milim’s sword chased Velda but he simply repelled it with his ‘Abyss’.


Velda’s skills were so terrifying that he was able to block a few of Milim’s attacks even with the inferior Snake Sword. And although Milim was much stronger now, since the difference in weapons was gone, she still couldn’t reach Velda.


And Chloe was also unable to use her full strength.


Because of one reason.


She had this weird feeling about Velda’s abilities.


Chloe was always moving carefully. To move appropriately according to the situation, she didn’t rely on only her strength.


Her fundamental style of fighting was predicting the future with the Ultimate Skill Space-Time King Yog Sothoth.


However, Chloe couldn’t remember the future now. That meant that no matter what happens now, she couldn’t run back to the past.


(Is there perhaps a skill obstruction barrier put up in this whole celestial world? Or is it Velda’s individual skill?)


After verifying that her other skills worked without problem, she came to the conclusion that it was probably an obstruction skill relating to space-time skills.


In other words, that meant that they wouldn’t be able to escape this space using teleportation. Also that they couldn’t get in or get out without using the gate.


It is possible that the angels, being spiritual beings, had this area registered as a point where they can directly return.


(If it’s made in such a way, is this a–trap?)


Just when Chloe thought of that, Velda opened his mouth.


“Hahahaha! As expected of the highest ranking beings of this world. To be able to oppose me this much. Very well. I shall also get serious. However–”


Kondou turned into light particles and slowly into a small round sphere.


The light particles were condensed at the center and all of a sudden, reversed.


Along with an aurora, super high density energy rampaged and a small sun manifested in the celestial world.





Veldora just barely kept it to the state just before explosion with all his power.


However, Veldora’s complexion turned worse as he was holding it back and one could tell that the pressure was slowly increasing.


“However–I shall only deal with those who can live through this explosion.”


Saying that, Velda forcibly embraced Milim.


“Wha-what are you doing, let me go!”


But jet-black chains coming out from Velda’s left hand restricted her movements.


‘Dark Nebula’–It was a chain made of dark matter, which sucks in all energy.


Even that explosion or Milim’s explosive strength wasn’t enough to destroy the chain. It was even stronger than the chain which sealed Dagrule–it was the Gods’ chain.


And with the help of this chain, Velda and Milim will be completely protected from the explosion. However, the others will be left exposed directly to the explosion. An enormous explosion made by the energy equal to that of ten awakened demon lords would even exceed the destructive powers of the dragons, even if for a moment.


And because it was an explosion of just simple power, to block it, even stronger energy was needed.


“Impossible! If I had only gotten rid of–”


Veldora moved in rage.


Just before the release of energy Veldora was holding back, they were planning to cooperate and get rid of it.


And so the others also tried to move at once but–


“Don’t go misunderstanding now, alright? The explosion I am talking about is the one I will be setting off. Rudra, it is still weird how you were able to deny me but that’s fine now. I wanted to look for the reason but you have your job, after all.”


Velda said while looking at Rudra with a wicked smile.


“Don’t tell me—You bastard!!”


Guy shouted.


He tried to charge at Velda leaving behind Rudra but was a step late.


“Goodbye, Rudra. ‘Star Break’, activate!!”


And at that moment, everyone froze, as if time had stopped.


The explosion due to Kondou’s self-destruct would probably inflict deep damage to even dragons. And on top of that, if a dragon level energy holder explodes crossing all limits………


That would definitely produce unimaginable, destructive power.


Moreover, in this celestial world, teleportation techniques were sealed off and so they had nowhere to run.


Guy, Velgrynd and Chloe surrounded Rudra altogether. Velzado, who was moving towards Veldora, also changed directions to move towards Rudra after seeing that the demons were going to Veldora’s support.


And so, all four of them desperately tried to counter the energy of the explosion but the process leading to the explosion was far faster–




“Damn it, so this is how it ends… I guess I have no choice, Guy. It doesn’t seem like we’ll be able to settle the score between us…….”


Rudra said with a desolate smile.


And then, quietly muttered, ‘You all better stay alive–’.


Immediately after, Rudra was covered with extreme lights and–


“Veldora, I leave that to you! Don’t you fail, you got me?”


“Kua–hhahahha! Of course. If I were to fail here, I would definitely be killed by my sisters!”


While Veldora’s optimistic voice reverberated, a small girl appeared between the four surrounding Rudra.


“Eh, Sensei–?!”


And the instant Chloe’s eyes opened wide in surprise, the energy which was supposed to explode curled up into a small sphere and died down on top of the girl’s palm.


And then, the girl gave a broad grin and said brazenly,


“Yo, sorry I kept you waiting!”

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