Tensei Slime

Chapter 243/250 Decisive Battle at the Summit Part 4

I secretly devoured the lump of energy on my hand using ‘Soul Consumption’ and poured and isolated it into the ‘Imaginary Space’.


It would seem like I purposefully aimed to enter at this timing but that is not true.


It is a coincidence.


It might not seem like it but I am quite busy too, you know.







Things settled down in the labyrinth so I also thought of heading towards the celestial world to subjugate Velda but…


For some reason, my energy wouldn’t recover. No, it actually felt like it was decreasing when it was supposed to be recovering.


And so, having thought that it would be dangerous to challenge Velda like that, I decided to recover my energy first.


And so I planned on taking all the energy from the angels flying in the sky.


It could be said that the timing was just perfect as Kumara just teleported and began simultaneous attacks.


And the labyrinth army was overwhelmingly winning.


To start off, the eight legions under Kumara began their attack all at once from the sides.


Due to this, the angel army which was targeting the labyrinth’s entrance, fell into chaos, disrupting their formation and creating gaps.


The other part of the army didn’t let that go and attacked at once.


And after that, it was completely one-sided.


Being united under one mind and resolution, the angel army couldn’t do much against attacks from all directions.


Their commander was probably quite skilled though, as he immediately made the army split up in squads and intercepted the attack but stumbling there in the beginning was fatal for them.


But even without that, the problem was that the difference between the individual strength of each of the soldiers between the two sides was too much.


It might be weird for me to say this but each and every one of the labyrinth’s soldiers are strong.


And even among them, Kumara, the four dragon kings, Apito, and Trainee and her sisters were on a different level.


Kumara rampaged, releasing all her piled up stress.


She was cutting up angels left and right with her tail.


And the eight legions also spread out to defend her. There was no way they were letting any enemy escape.


And the four dragon kings were also in high spirits as I was watching.


They were easily breathing out super strong flame and using magic in their dragon form.


And Apito was not only extremely strong herself, she was also controlling her subordinates as if they were her own limbs and kept exterminating the enemy.


I don’t have anything to say other than wonderful.


They were trampling over the enemy with perfectly coordinated cooperation.


Fusing with all sorts of spirits, the dryad sisters were now as strong as former demon lords.


And, Trainee-san who now had energy close to an awakened demon lord.


It seems like Trainee-san fused with the king ranked spirit.


She was firing large spells of tremendous power in rapid succession.


And with that, in the blink of an eye, victory was as clear as day to everyone’s eyes.


Although I was slightly worried at first but, after a while, I was enjoying watching the fight while having tea.


Well, after all…


We were overpowering and had no chance of losing.


As expected of the strongest beings under the 70th floor of the labyrinth. It was incredible seeing them rampage as they don’t normally get to do work.


While seeing them fight, I ended up thinking that it would also be quite impossible to conquer the labyrinth even for a large country’s army.


Although that is quite obvious since we did drive back the Empire’s army and everyone got a lot stronger since then…


It looks like we need to discuss about the labyrinth’s difficulty after things calm down.


At this point, it doesn’t seem like humans can conquer it either way.


And then, when our victory was confirmed and only the enemy general was left–


“Ah, Mai-san…”


Shinji, who became Ramiris’ subordinate, muttered.


It seems like they knew each other. Not only Shinji, but also Kumak and Shin, so I heard about her from them.


The name of the enemy’s commander seemed to be Mai Furuki.


She clearly had an awakened demon lord’s level of energy and was ruling over the angels. However, according to them, she was just a bit stronger than them at first.


“Really, just a bit stronger?”


I asked with emphasis.


“U-ummm… A bit, or maybe a bit more…?”


“Well, we never did win against her, though…”


“…..She was absurdly strong.”


“Mai’s abilities consisted of a unique skill, Traveller. A super cheat-like ability which lets you teleport to any place you have been to. The combination of that and ranged weapons was brutal.”

They said evasively.


It seems like they couldn’t win even when it was a 3v1.


Judging from what Shinji said at the end there, it doesn’t seem like any normal person can beat her.


After all, even I can’t perform instant teleportations with no time lag without mixing few different abilities.


I guess it is only natural that those 3 can’t win against her.


It seems that she was a quiet Japanese high-schooler before.


And that she was one of Yuuki’s trusted friends and admired him before he turned into Velda.


“She was pretty diligent, after all. Besides, it seemed like she believed Yuuki when he said he would complete the return magic.”


I also heard from them that she had left a younger brother in Japan and was constantly absorbed in research on how to cross worlds.


And although she was like that, she couldn’t go to that world even with Traveller since the skill was limited to this world.


However, when I think of joining her Traveller and Yuuki’s Summoner ability, crossing worlds doesn’t seem impossible.


She probably believed in that and cooperated with Yuuki all this time.


While I came to that conclusion, Shinji kept opening and closing his mouth like he was trying to say something which was hard to say.




“What, do you have something you want to say?”


“Ah, no… it’s just that…”


It must be really hard to say, seeing how much difficulty he was having.


“Oi, that is impossible so…”


“….I also think it would be better to not…”


Shinji was stopped by the other two.


I didn’t know what he was trying to say but that just made me even more curious.


“Ah, I am sorry. Please don’t mind–”


“Ahh, geez! Just say it already!”


Shinji was trying to swallow his words but I decided on squeezing it out of him.


And so, what he wanted to say was simple.


‘Please save Mai Furuki’.


She was also from the same town as them and they got along with her more among the other summoned humans.


“Sorry, it’s just a selfish request of mine. I do understand it is unreasonable of me to ask this of you but–”


Shinji apologized, looking sorry.


Well, I was the one who made him say it, though.


“Wa-wait, Shinji. That’s even impossible for Rimuru… If he brings up dissent doing that, he will be unable to hold his dignity as a demon lord……”


Hearing her subordinate say something absurd, Ramiris came trying to smooth it over.


Hmm, I wonder. I don’t think it’s something to get that flustered about.


After all, I am quite selfish myself.


What would even happen at this point….

“Hahaha, Ramiris-sama. Our loyalty wouldn’t waver over something like that.”


“Exactly. If we were bothered by that, we would have killed everyone we opposed. But, that’s not how it is, is it? After all, that lazyass demon lord over there was also someone we were opposing just a while ago.”


Benimaru calmly negated Ramiris’ worries and Shuna also agreed while looking down on Dino as if she was looking at trash.


It seems Dino also felt that jab and so he got up from the sofa and sat down on the chair.


“Well, I don’t think Rimuru would mind something like that.”


Said Dino to try and put it all together but was smacked on the head with a tray by Shuna.


It had that ‘You shouldn’t be the one saying that!’ kinda feel and so he deserved it.


“Well, what should we do, Rimuru-sama? I did send a message saying not to land the final blow for the time being.”


Benimaru asked.


Shinji and the others looked at me with their eyes filled with expectation.


Isn’t that also a bit too late?


If you guys are my allies, you should know my answer by now.


“Shinji, relax. If she vows not to oppose me, I will save her.”




“Yep. But only if she doesn’t oppose me, alright?”


“‘Yes, please!!’”


When I took on the responsibility, Kumak and Shin also came expressing their gratitude along with Shinji.


I would like it if they say stuff like that after I am done saving Mai.


“As expected of Rimuru! That’s how it’s supposed to be.”


Ramiris said with a full-faced smile and smacked me on the back.


What a calculating fellow.

And like that, after promising without due consideration as always, I left the labyrinth to stop Mai.




Now, then.


Leaving the rest to Benimaru, I took flight.


I ordered Diablo, who was accompanying me, to go on ahead.


“Kufufufu, leave it to me. I shall buy time till Rimuru-sama comes!”


“Yea, I leave it to you. It seems like they destroyed the celestial gate but those 3 can’t possibly defeat Velda, after all.”


“Right, this presence is dreadful, to say the least–I shall make haste.”


Saying that, Diablo went ahead.


As Diablo is now, he can surely buy enough time till I get there.


I was a bit worried but I decided to leave it to him.


Either way, there was a need to buy some more time.


My energy was yet to be replenished so there was a need to absorb the large amounts of energy from the angels we defeated.


I thought it would be fine if I persuaded Mai while absorbing this.


However, I was naive.


Just when I held out my hand and was about to absorb the energy using ‘Soul Consumption’, it all disappeared at once.


Looks like the angels were set in such a way that they would return automatically when they are defeated.


As I had no other choice, I gave up on absorbing the angels and went to Mai’s location.


And in reality, Mai was strong.


Although they were fighting to not kill her as Benimaru ordered, it didn’t seem like any of them was able to touch her.


Trainee-san didn’t participate in the fight but the dragon kings couldn’t even be her opponent.


That in itself was pretty huge but even Apito was being played with.


As expected of someone who has mastered instant teleportation.




Even though the angels were annihilated, she was continuing the fight calmly.


She probably has a strong mind. I can see why Shinji and the others are so in love with her.


Normally, one would fall into despair in these circumstances, but she was fighting, believing that she would win.


And as far as I had seen, instant teleportation really seemed troublesome.


Even though Apito was faster in terms of speed, all her attacks were being evaded.


It doesn’t seem like Apito has chances of winning with that.


But, Kumara could definitely win.


However, this time, I will be her opponent.


Because even though Kumara could definitely win, she would also definitely end up killing her.


“Rimuru-sama, it has been a while.”


Noticing me approach, Kumara flew to me and behaved like a spoiled child.


She is cute but this is no time for that.


“Kumara, get rid of the angels’ remnants.”




Kumara meekly abided by my order.


Seems like she was able to let out some stress by rampaging around a bit.


Apito, who was fighting Mai, also noticed me and suspended her match to hand over her place.


“I still have ways to go. I wanted to neutralize her without causing Rimuru-sama trouble but…”


Apito said in frustration.


“Don’t worry about it. Even her energy seems to be twice as yours. Taking that into consideration, you’re very impressive too.”


I complimented her saying that and made her also join Kumara to take care of the survivors.


All that’s left was to persuade Mai.








Mai and I confronted each other.


Mai took her stance with the bow and glared at me.


I see, she’s a beautiful girl.


Her aura resembled that of Shuna’s.


She had beautiful, black hair and a stern expression.


Even though she must be quite tired by now, neither her stance nor the atmosphere around her was in disarray.


Her pose was also that of a beautiful girl.


However, there was one thing I was bothered by.


Blood vessels could be seen rising to the skin on her limbs and from some, she was also bleeding.




[It seems like she was incarnated as an angel while still living. She probably fused with the seraphim without reconstructing her body. And now it is starting to collapse, without being able to hold the energy.]


Ciel answered my doubts.


There’s a limit to how much living humans can take of angels or demons who are spiritual beings with enormous energy. And to fuse with a seraphim, which is on the top of that list, someone not of saint class and a highly-trained body would not be able to resist it.


And if this girl called Mai Furuki is suppressing the seraphim while still living–then I can’t help but say that she has terrific spiritual strength.


“Nice to meet you, I am Rimuru.”


“—I see, so you are. I am Mai Furuki. I don’t have any grudge against you but I will have you die for Yuuki-kun.”

“Yuuki is no longer here, is he? He is calling himself Velda now.”


It seemed like her expression changed a bit for a moment after hearing my question but soon changed back to her normal calm expression.


“It doesn’t matter, I believe in Yuuki-kun. If I defeat you, I can research in peace. I have to return no matter what. I understand this is me being egoistic but even then, I will defeat you–”


Saying that, Mai aimed her bow at me without hesitation.


Even though she must have realized her limbs were degrading, she focused on me without letting her concentration break.


And even though she should have realized that there was no way she was winning, there was no kind of fear in her eyes.


Impressive, is what I honestly thought.


Mai was very farsighted even at this age.


Leaving all doubts behind for one objective…


She just kept running in that path, in the path she believed which had the highest probability.


“I will ask, for what it matters, but why do you want to return?”


“Why, you ask? That is one weird question. You think I am not worried about the family I left behind? That we must obey obediently after being summoned here unwillingly? Not being treated like a human, only being seen as a weapon… My heart doesn’t ache even if such a world falls into ruin. I want to return, and that’s it.”


The sense of nostalgia the other summoned beings abandoned quickly, Mai held on to them.


When I think about it, that might be obvious.


I had died so I was probably able to give up on it but the ones summoned probably wouldn’t give up so easily.


And although it seemed like Shinji and the others gave up easily too, it isn’t like they don’t have any regrets.


If I can, I want to return–that’s what probably the majority of them are thinking.


However, such magic doesn’t exist.


Because all of them can easily find out that truth, they give up easily.


Mai is strong-willed and didn’t give up. And because of that ability of hers, she probably didn’t lose hope either.


And so, I have no other choice but to inform her of the cruel truth.


“That is impossible, for the time being. Even if one can come from that world, a way to go from here to there has not been found.”


“I know! But I can’t give up just because of that!! Besides, Yuuki-kun will surely find a way to return. And so I will not give up!!”


Mai shouted and shot the arrow with all her strength.


But, it’s no use.


I got rid of the arrow and continued.


“Like I said, Yuuki disappeared. Velda and Yuuki are two different beings. Besides… the one who summoned you, it’s probably Yuuki too.”


Hearing my words, Mai’s movement stopped.


And then, she shook her head, as if she still didn’t want to give up.


“Shut up! Stop trying to deceive me. ‘Stardust Rain’!!”


She rose up and released her strongest move.


But, it’s still no use.


After all, emission type moves don’t work on me.


I took in all the arrows into the ‘Imaginary Space’.


And that was the end of it.


“Th-that can’t–”


Mai lowered her bow in despair.


It seems like she finally realized the overwhelming gap between us in terms of strength.


“Listen, I have no intention of killing you.”


“….Why….is that?”


“I was asked to save you by Shinji and the others. If not, I wouldn’t come here personally since it’s a bother.”


“You mean… They are alive, Shinji and the others?!–”


It seems Mai took quite the shock, hearing that.


Well, in reality, after demonstrating such a power gap, she wouldn’t think I am lying, after all.


It is also true that Kumara was much stronger than Mai and could’ve handled it without me coming out.


“And besides, it is certainly true that it is impossible to cross worlds. But, only for now, that is.”




“From now and onward, depending on research, it might be possible to find a way to contact with the other worlds, right? It’s my partner (Ciel)’s inference that the soul is probably circulating so the chances aren’t zero, you know?”*


“Is that… true…?”


“At the very least, it is much more reliable than leaving it to Yuuki. You will be researching by yourself, after all.”


And when I finished saying that, Mai stared in amazement at me.

Did she perhaps receive a shock after being told to not leave it to others and do it herself?


“….But even still… I, can’t return anymore. I accepted this power, I ended up accepting it. Believing in that small possibility of making a huge leap using this enormous energy… And the result was a failure. Without being able to resist the angels’ power, my body is starting to collapse. The only way left is to trust Yuuki-kun–”


Ah, so she noticed that.


By acquiring the powers of the seraphim, she would evolve ‘Traveller’ and try to leap through dimensions. That was probably what Mai was aiming for. But she failed on achieving such a power and was left with no other choice but to believe in Yuuki.


Well, this is probably something planned by Yuuki from the start.


Which means……


“It doesn’t really matter but, did Yuuki say something like ‘You might be able to return, you know? By fusing with the angel, there is a chance your ability will evolve. However, if it is too strong, it might hurt you—and so, I don’t recommend it but, what will you do?’ And don’t tell me you’re fighting now to return the favor to Yuuki?”


I directly said the stuff I thought.


Mai’s reaction was dramatic, as she stared at me with her eyes wide open.


Looks like I was right on the mark and similar stuff was told to her by Yuuki.


“Oi oi…… so it is like that. You know, that is a swindler’s trick–”


Dangling an impossible offer in front of the other party and make them do what you want–something exactly a swindler would do.


There’s always a backside to good deals which they won’t tell.


They make it seem like they are giving the other party options but in reality, they are making it so that they only have one option.


A very clever way of doing things.


“Now that you mention it……”


“Well, I think the one being deceived is also at fault, though. From now on, it would be better if you confirm things by yourself, rather than leaving it to others.”


I ended up lecturing her.


Although my persuasive power is non-existent since I am always leaving it to others but Mai doesn’t know me well so she sincerely took it to heart.


Mai fought back her tears and bit her lips in frustration.


“I understand what you are saying. It seems like I have no reason to oppose you. Either way, there is no way I could win so… If I were to be a bit selfish, could you end me quickly so that I can go in ease?”


She said with a fleeting smile.


She probably lost her will to live after losing all hope.


“Like I said, look for a way to go back by yourself. It is still early to give up, right?”


“….But, I won’t last much long. My body is–”


“Ah, I forgot.”


Saying that, I embraced Mai.


And then, I thoroughly devoured the seraphim which was fused with Mai.


The seraphim was already done being analyzed and the work was over in an instant.


It was unfortunate that my energy didn’t recover as much as I had hoped but I analyzed ‘Traveller’ without asking Mai so I guess it’s all fine.


An instant teleportation ability without any restrictions–that is a rare skill even among unique skills. Even if I hadn’t ordered it, there’s no way skill maniac Ciel-sensei would let it go.


(How did the analysing go?)


[It successfully ended. ‘Instant teleportation’ acquired from ‘Traveller’.]


See? As expected of Ciel-sensei.


Mai also realized that I ate the angel.


It was obvious as she lost her ability to fly and was left in my arms.


“Ehh?! What exactly happened?!”


She got flustered.






I called over Apito and handed over Mai.


“I don’t think a healing potion will be able to cure the collapsing body but Shinji should be able to do it. Have him fix her.”


Mai was gasping, surprised, but it seems like she changed her mind and looked at me.


And for some reason, with a disappointed, unsatisfied expression.


But, it seemed like she resolved on something–


“Thank you very much! I will never forget this favor. And surely, I will find a way to go back!”

She declared to me with strong resolve.


That’s good.


After all, if she has a reason to live, she can be free of despair.


I also think it better suits her to pursue her goals headfirst than hold a grudge against Yuuki.


I also nodded back to Mai and gave a small smile.


Although, I did think that she must be easy to deceive as she ended up believing me so easily and was worried for a while but some things are better left unsaid.


“Take her with you.”


“Understood, my lord.”


I gave the order to Apito.


Apito respectfully bowed to me and then left with Mai.


And like this, the angels who had come invading the land were exterminated and our complete victory was confirmed.


*ProofReader:  I think Rimuru is talking about how his soul transmigrated from another world to this one.  Therefore ways to cross the gulf of worlds must exist other than summon magic.


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