‘This is important from this moment on.’

Form an alliance with Gremory.  He had finally jumped over a hurdle.

A strategy must be well formed.  Even if he was to earn the agreement from the demons, it still wouldn’t be that he had the agreements from other transcendental beings.

It would require too much time to pay them visits in person.  By commissioning a number of trusted lieutenants, he would have them to come to him.

And Muyoung had one person whom he thought could be that trusted lieutenant.

‘The Dragon King, Hansung.  He is the right man.’

If he had the trusts of the Dragon Kings, attracting the transcendental beings would be easier for him, too.

The Owner of All Mountains, the King of All Dragons, the Child of the Moon!

It was told that every one of them had the power to oppose the demons. Under certain circumstances, they were even stronger than the demons, such that even the demons couldn’t encroach on their territories.

In fact, Muyoung has never seen them.

Therefore, the Dragon King Hansung should be the best person as he knew them well.


‘Seraphina and Pendragon must know how to find him.’

Muyoung did not forget those two.  Seraphina, who was a cult interrogator, had relationships with Hansung since young, and Pendragon, who became a Seraphina’s knight, was Hansung’s apprentice.

If it was those two, they would certainly know how to locate Hansung.

‘Bring in the people, too.  Bring in the large cities, Mulalan, Kunja Province, and all others, then create an arena of competition.’

Humanity could not be left out.



Although their experience levels weren’t to his liking, wars provided innovative ways of becoming stronger.  

Of course many will be killed, but if they were to not fight, everyone would get killed anyway.

Furthermore, only with their alliance, ‘the conditions of extinction’ for certain demons would also be satisfied.

The more the people were mobilized, the more options would be available for Muyoung to utilize them.

And fortunately, there was the right individual who was perfect for bringing them together.

“Bae Sungmin.”

Upon calling his name, a circle shape materialized on the floor and Bae Sungmin jumped out of it.

It was the temple of Gremory.  Officially, only Muyoung was allowed to be inside, but at his discretion, Muyoung called upon one more person.

It was so that he could ensure that the work can be carried out in secrecy.

“Have you summoned me?”

Muyoung spoke quietly to Bae Sungmin.



“Call Enroth, the Iron King, and Soara, the Demon King of Roses, and go to Mulalan.”

“Is there a need to call upon Enroth and Soara?”

He was asking if it was possible by himself, Bae Sungmin, alone.

Unlike Tacan, he does not wield ten thousand dragons.

Just Mulalan.  When needed, Bae Sungmin could prepare it all by himself, but Muyoung wanted certainty.

“You have many things to do.  You will need many strong hands.”

“I will follow your orders.”

After locating Hansung, get in touch with Mulalan and make them follow Muyoung.  If Mulalan was to mobilize then the Great City and Kunja Province would also mobilize.  And if the three largest cities of humanity were to mobilize, everyone would have to come together.  


Certainly, it was necessary to minimize any chance of Muyoung or Bae Sungmin from being exposed during that process.

At any rate, Muyoung had a precedence of attacking them in the past.  It was to raise their alertness, but it was best to eliminate any potential for provoking their rage.

It would be sufficient for only Hansung and Gremory to be visible to others.

Muyoung needed to manipulate them in the shadows and set inescapable traps for the enemy.

“The intermediate contact point will be my territory.  You have to work as fast as possible.”

“I will make full use of my abilities.”

It meant that he would use the abilities which were related to death, in gathering the humanity together.  All the keys were with Mulalan and Hansung, so the determination that he would execute the mission even by killing the Pope or making Hansung the undead was understood.





Muyoung did not add any unnecessary words.

Muyoung recognized of Bae Sungmin’s abilities, also.  In addition, he was more cautious and cool headed than anyone else. If Bae Sungmin has made such a decision, it was important to respect that.

The joining of other remaining races… Aligning Dokkaebis, the Bultars, and dwarfs would be easy, but moving very fast was necessary if other small races, including the elves, were to be gathered.

Bae Sungmin, alone, was not sufficient.

An appropriate talent.  There was one, but whether he would obey Muyoung was questionable.

“Ain, the high elf.’

Come to think of it, Muyoung seemed to have everything that he needed.

Muyoung drew a picture.

Only the outlines were completed at this juncture, though.

When the picture completes, it would be the new Dawn for the Heaven and Earth.



After finishing the treatment, he left the temple.

At the same time, countless number of demon eyes stared at Muyoung.

The newly appeared demon king, The Ash Gray…

The scene of personally crushing Lerajie still remained in their heads.

Muyoung surveyed the surroundings.

“They look like they do not approve of me.”

Although he was being revered, he was not trusted.

That’s what their eyes told.



Countless numbers of Demon Kings and demon races have been waiting for Muyoung to come out.

And reverence without trust only resulted in suspicion.

“Demon King of the Ash Gray!  I am Oculus, the Demon King of the 24th Legion!  I challenge you to a duel.”

Although they knew that they could not win if they have seen the battle with Lerajie, the demons and the Demon Kings wanted something more concrete, a definite proof.


It was true that unless one has direct experience, he would not know it for sure, and they were operating under the guise of ‘what if there is a one in ten thousand’ chance.

Muyoung raised his shoulders.

Before the opposing demons were to arrive here, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have cleaned up the area’s vicinity, first.

“I do not know how to go easy.”

The problem was that this was the truth.

After attaining the skills, he hasn’t had the chance to practice how to control his powers.

It was very possible that like the demon races that were obliterated by Lerajie’s punches, they could meet the same fate.

“It doesn’t matter! If your power was real!”

Muyoung nodded his head.


In fact, the Demon King that abruptly sprang forward aspired to become the closest ally of Gremory.  No wonder that there would only be aggression.


Muyoung opened up his wings wide.

“No need to delay taking care of such problems.  Oculus, is there anyone else other than you?  That is, those who do not trust me or resent me.”

There was no way that there wasn’t any more.  Their eyes turned more vicious.

Muyoung twisted up the end of his lips and flipped his finger.


“Come at me all at once.”

“You arrogant bastard!”

They did not refuse.

The demon races were known to be the races which were incapable of understanding the word, honor.

Nearly one thousand demons, including the five demon kings all bared their teeth toward Muyoung.

Muyoung did not even take out the Anguish.

It was so that he could practice how to control his powers given this opportunity.


And at the moment that Muyoung threw his first punches, they came to a realization.

The Demon King of the Ash Gray.

That he was not an ordinary demon king.

That he was in a class of his own!


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