It was a forum for only those who were trusted by the Demon Gods, yet extraordinarily, Muyoung was able to attend.

As it was Muyoung who had planned it in the first place, it was a natural thing, if anything could be said to be natural.

‘All veterans.’

Hiding his energy, Muyoung examined their faces.  Someday, it was possible that he might have to face them as adversaries.

And this was the best opportunity to study the Demon Gods.

There was definitely a difference between learning through Dantalian’s dreams and through direct personal encounters.

Furthermore, the energies of the four Demon Gods were not ordinary, either.  If he was to simply compare their divinity only, they would be similar to Lerajie’s.




They, indeed, looked like the ones who have endured the coalition faction’s persistent assaults.

The cunning eyes.  As they weren’t hiding their own energies, their auras were sharp.  It appeared obvious even without engaging them.

‘Such individuals were neglecting the challenging times that Gremory was facing.’

Of course, it probably wasn’t easy for them to mobilize.  However, they did not help Gremory from Lerajie’s threats.  They haphazardly gathered only after verifying the demises of Haures and Lerajie.

Most likely, they probably thought that it would be tough for Gremory to withstand it.

Possibly, they were monitoring the coalition faction’s side and were looking for the right time.

‘The wind has changed directions.  They probably gathered, thinking that way.’

Their movements were quick.  Everyone gathered within only about 10 days.

In other words, they weren’t to be completely trusted.

Even Gremory, probably, also knew that too well.  She wasn’t expecting their help in the first place, anyway.




They seemed really curious.  They were sensing that Gremory must have something with which she ended the battles with Lerajie and Haures.

However, with the mentioning of the name Solomon, they were taken aback.

Murumuru, the skinny demon who was dressed in light black, spoke.

“Solomon… He really appeared in the demon world?”

Taking some time, Gremory spoke.

“He was the one who also destroyed Haures and Lerajie.  To be precise, he and Diablo.”  

The appearance of Diablo.  Even they had ears to hear.  They already knew about the fact that Diablo had incinerated Haures with fire.

But, they didn’t realize that Solomon was involved in the shadows.

Was it Solomon who was the involved 3rd party?

“But then, why Gremory, why are you whole?”




“He and I have made a deal.”

“A deal, a deal!”

“You made a deal with a thug. That is disappointing.”

“He would want our destruction?”

The demon gods protested.  Although everything was going as it was scripted, the hatred towards Solomon was beyond Muyoung’s expectation.

Gremory responded calmly.

“Solomon wasn’t able to move directly.  Instead, he was controlling Diablo.  Perhaps, the effects of the Lemegeton’s books seemed to be setting limits on him.”

Everyone shut their mouths and attentively listened to Gremory.



Business was business and personal business was personal.  It was very upsetting for them, yet they were curious about the real story.

“His ultimate objective was elimination of Baal.  He said that he would step down once the one, who stole the book of Lemegeton, was punished.”

“Simply put….”

“He would only attack the coalition faction.”

Those who believed in Baal were the coalition faction.

Gremory’s faction was those who came out against his position.

Naturally, they did not have many reasons to oppose to Baal’s elimination.


Murumuru asked again.

“So Haures and Lerajie were eliminated?  And hoped that we would join?”

“That’s right.”

“However, afterwards?  I don’t think he would leave us alone.  Wasn’t there already a precedent?”

By precedent, it meant the erasing of the humanity from the face of the Earth.



Gremory closed her eyes briefly.

“He had conditions.  Not to leave the demon world.  Not to increase the population of demons.”


Everyone was again silent.

It was the first time that Muyoung has heard about this, yet this would not be believed to be a lie.

It was because Haures wasn’t eliminated and Solomon would expect nothing in return.

‘Even if I didn’t propose it first, the plan had been to stir up the anti-coalition faction.’

It seemed that Gremory has been planning exactly the same thing as what Muyoung had proposed.  Would she have said the same words here even without Muyoung’s presence?

All that Muyoung did was that he has added the concept of ‘uniting every tribe’.

Certainly, it was more complex.



He kept himself on his toes.  Gremory knew much more.  If he was to be swept away by Gremory, he would lose his leadership.

Intelligence was Muyoung’s power.

However, it wasn’t at that moment.

‘Dantalian’s memory has been becoming perfect little by little.  By taking in more of the demon gods’ powers, the ability to recall the memory would become more complete.’

It felt like that he would reach that truth after eliminating few demon gods and absorbing their powers.

The scattered memory of Dantalian was becoming more vivid after absorbing the ‘divinity’ of Lerajie.

‘Would it be accepted?’

The truth would come out in the process of working things out.  Muyoung’s immediate interest was on their choice.


It would be very degrading if what Gremory was saying was the truth.  In an ordinary situation, not accepting it would be normal.

“If it is that, it doesn’t seem too bad.”

“If there is a definite trust with respect to the deal….”

The opposite was the result.

Muyoung couldn’t help, but cringe in response to this part.  Despite the fact that it was a very degrading deal, their attitude was that they would accept the terms.

Even though a common enemy, it appeared that the natural ‘fear’ of Solomon seemed to be lingering on, or the memory of their enemy when they were humans has not been erased.


Unlike the coalition faction, the anti-coalition faction’s principle was that it didn’t matter even if they remained in the demon world.

“There is a being that has his trust.”

Gremory turned her attention.

Muyoung was at the other end of her attention.

“It is Muyoung, the Demon King of Ash Gray.”

Every demon god’s eyes turned to Muyoung.

This was not part of the script.


He exclaimed inwardly.

At the same time, Muyoung understood.

This was a test, an ordeal, and a chain that would bind him.

‘Gremory… you will not permit things to go only my way.’


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