Chapter 260 Part 2



According to the intel from the spy, it was said that Enroth was under Muyoung’s control.  It must have been true as no one would be mistaken about Enroth who was the Demon God of Iron.

In fact, the ‘linkage’ that was felt from Enroth had at some point disappeared.

‘He broke the geas spell that I had placed.’

Enroth was one of the strongest Demon Gods.


Certainly, from Amon’s perspective, he had no choice but to place a strong geas spell or someone like that.

However, Muyoung had destroyed that geas spell and taken control of Enroth’s mind.

Could this really have happened?

He was curious.  Even if he had learned all the schools of magic, mind control was a very different and separate field.  Even Amon could not control the mind of other demon gods that were under his command.  

Hence, he has joined in this expedition.


Only for the purpose of seeing the one called Muyoung.

The intention was to, if possible, verify the mind control skill and take it from him.


At that moment, one of the small tattoos on his left hand turned blue-green.

‘An intel has arrived from Murumuru.’

Amon’s spy was Murumuru.  He was the double agent that Amon had planted.  He even heard the stories of Muyoung from him.

As he allowed the call by using his magic, the information that Murumuru has sent naturally entered Amon’s mind.


‘Gremory and Solomon will meet?’

Aamon shook.

Should Solomon appear, Diablo would be with him.

Of course, Amon was not scared of Diablo.  Furthermore, Baal has said that Solomon would not be able to use his powers.

‘That’s strange.’

However, for Solomon to be meeting Gremory was strange, especially in such a time.

It was strange to beg for ‘mercy’ from Solomon to begin with.  Eliminate Baal by being on the side of the anti-coalition?

Solomon was an absolute, faultless executioner.

He had the heart of steel that showed no blood or tear.

Amon knew him well.


‘No matter on which side it is, it was rather an opportune time.’

But if it was the truth, Amon has decided that it would be the best chance to overcome ‘the Terror of Solomon’.

If Diablo could be eliminated, Solomon’s influence would decrease tremendously.

Even if it was not true, Gremory’s destruction has been predicted.

However, it must not be the same case for others.

“Amon, it seems as if it would be necessary to re-organize the ranks.  We will rest here for a while before moving forward.”



Botis, the 17th ranked demon god came forth first.

It seemed as if he wanted to stay at the back and assess the situation.

“Certainly, it seemed like we might have moved too fast.  We also need some time if we wanted to capture Gremory for sure.”



Aamon clicked his tongue.

‘You foolish ones.’

It was obvious that spies were planted on the anti-coalition side.

They probably heard about the ‘appearance of Solomon’ at the same time, so it just meant that they didn’t want to be at the front.

They were the definition of what cowardice was.

Although 11 demon gods have been dispatched with Amon, there were, in the end, only five demon gods, along with Amon, that would take the lead in capturing Gremory.

The remaining seven of them went to the back by making up all sorts of excuses.

They only wanted to preserve themselves, yet it seemed quite pathetic.

‘Just exactly how long will they fear Solomon.’

Perhaps, they might be deifying Solomon way too much.

The one who had thrown them out into this world and destroyed their birthplace.

Amon continued as he stood at the front of the pack.

“We will destroy Gremory as we have planned.  There will be no mercy.”


Toong.  Toong.  Toowoong-

The King of the Dead was stomping the ground with his staff at the top of a tall mountain.

A strange sound resonated each time his staff hit the ground.


He felt the five demon gods approaching from a far.  He also felt the millions of demons that were approaching with them.

Even if for the King of the Dead, he couldn’t battle against five Demon Gods, at the same time.  The troops that he had under his command could not overcome the sheer numbers.


‘Buying time and disrupting the enemy was a possibility.’


As he hit the ground with his staff again, the surrounding scenery changed.


There came a snowstorm.

A countless number of snow-capped mountains were bending and bending again.

Limited force projection!

The King of the Dead was the King of the North.  He has ruled as a king for a long time.

There was no one who could withstand his powers in the Snows of the North.

That was in the past, is at present, and will be in the future.

“Come.  I will show you the true king that brings forth the power of death.”

The king moved with the powerful storm.




Beyond sight, the King of the Dead was fighting.

By placing a shield, he was preventing the demons from going beyond the area.

“Truly impressive.”

Gremory let out a silent admiration.

The transcendental beings.

It was certainly the Power that fit that name.  He was holding up against the five demon gods by himself.

“He would not be able to win.”

However, Muyoung was pessimistic.

The King of the Dead.  He was strong, but there were too many enemies.

It would be buying time at best.


“We’ll be focusing our attacks to those that may escape the shield.  Do not let down your guards… Focus.”

There were about 3 million troops around Gremory. Most of them were under the command of Gremory.

The other anti-coalition Demon Gods took a step back by saying that they would support ‘remotely’ from the back.

Perhaps, if they were to sense victory, they would quickly appear for the benefits.

On the other hand, if they were to sense defeat, they would, likewise, disappear quickly, like ghosts.

Only Muyoung joined in.

Even Gremory must have sensed that everyone else, other than her, was acting as a spy.

Or she might have known it for a long time.

Perhaps, that was why Gremory’s eyes softened further as she looked on Muyoung.

“Have you ever justified yourself in face of certain defeat?”

She asked Muyoung.

Come to think of it, Gremory’s defeat has always been certain.

She had lost in the past, and also because the coalition had annihilated humanity.

However, Muyoung shook his head.



“You are strong.”

“You are strong too.”

Muyoung briefly replied.

If Muyoung was strong then so was Gremory.  She did not give up until the end.  Muyoung knew that too well.

Gremory put on a small smile.

“Thank you.”

“It is too early to be thanking me.”



Right then.

Someone has forcefully torn up the shield.

A shield with such power and scale was being shattered at will.

There were only a limited number of Demon Gods that could wield such power.

And Gremory opened her mouth as she stared at the very first one that came through the shield.



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