The Spoilt Village Beauty – Chapter 2 – Acting


“Ah! Murder! Tao Linger is trying to murder me!”

Li tried to protect her head and cried, and the small Auntie, Li Daniu was the first one to rush out, just to see Tao Linger using the broom hitting Li’s head furiously. She screamed and fetched the feather duster on the table. She was about to show Linger what she’s got.

Seeing what was happening, Tao Linger sneered and hit the broom on Li Daniu’s stomach.

Li Daniu gave a blood-curdling scream and fell to the ground, while her hands were covering her stomach, she loosened the feather duster in her hand.

“Daniu! Daniu! Are you ok?!”

Li distractedly put Daniu on the chair and sat her down. Li Daniu was screaming and moaning, and she continued to attack Tao Linger with her words.

With what happened, Tao Linger just gave a cold laugh, and she put the broom back in place.

The people in the village liked to watch whenever there was an incident. With Li and Li Daniu’s screaming and yelling, it was impossible not to attract the nosy villagers.

Tao Linger was a grandchild after all, and she had the guts to hit her grandmother and her aunt. Even if she was reasonable, nobody would believe so. At this moment, she had to stop.

“Hey, Mrs. Li, Li Daniu, what’s wrong?”

Auntie Liu was one woman in the village who loved gossiping. She would grab any chance to watch an incident. Not only this, she was also fond of asking every single detail. People found her very annoying, but nobody could stop her.

However, today was an exception. Not only that Li didn’t feel annoyed by Auntie Liu’s constant asking. She was also about to tell from the very beginning how Tao Linger beat her and Li Daniu up. Soon enough, she was full of tears.

“This little bastard didn’t belong to the family of Li. If she wasn’t adopted by my pathetic third son, how on earth could she live until today? It’s a shame! I shouldn’t have agreed for my third son to adopt her!”

One has to say that Li’s acting was in place and won the sympathy of everyone.

Tao Linger laughed. Every time Li was talking to an outsider, she used the same old trick.

She gave a sneer. Who does not know how to gain sympathy from the others?

Making two steps forward, Linger blinked and there was a little mist in her eyes.

Tao Linger was a beauty. If she was not so malnutritioned, she could as well turn into a national beauty after a few years. The first time after Tao Linger looked herself in the mirror, she already knew that her identity was not simple.


Realizing that she still had an unknown thing hanging on her neck, and one could vaguely see the word “Tao” on it, she shook her head discreetly. Her parents once dumped her on a barren mountain. No matter what the reason was, she would find out sooner or later.

Right now, this was the time to solve the problem.

“Oh! I am framed! No matter what happened, Linger shouldn’t have beaten her grandma and aunt. Grandma…if you really don’t like Linger, even if I leave, why tell everyone that I am not filial? How am I going to stay in the village in the future? Wu…wu…”

When she just finished, her tears fell and she put on a pitiful look. It was no worse than Li’s tears at all.


This time, people who were watching in the village were dumbfounded.

Who should they believe?

For some time, there was only silence. Li Daniu was not a clever person, she couldn’t take any insults, nor any hardship. Seeing that Tao Ling was misinterpreting the facts, she just couldn’t sit still.

She stood up, pointed at Tao Linger and yelled, “little bitch, go on! Continue making up your story! Both you and your mother deserve to die! You both are cheap stuff!”

This caused many people in the village to frown, since they all disapproved of this approach of Li Daniu.

Zhang, who had a calm and soft character, couldn’t help but join the conversation, “Daniu, no matter what, Linger is your third niece. And you’re a relative to her mother, Lin. The way you act is just…”

“Does our family’s business require your opinion? Third niece? What kind of a thing is Tao Linger? And her mother Lin, they cursed my third brother and caused his death! I was already nice enough to not kick her out of the house! I just scolded her a little, what’s so wrong with that?”

Li Daniu spit on Zhang’s face. Zhang was so offended that her face turned pale, and her body kept trembling with anger.

Zhang wasn’t born with a bad temper. Now that she was attacked by Liu Daniu, she decided to help Tao Linger and her mother even more.


“Li Daniu, what made you say this? Zhang was kind enough to tell you the truth, and you rewarded her with this attitude? Who do you think you are? Let me tell you, what happened today is not only your family’s business. It has become our village’s business! I don’t care what you are going to do with Tao Linger, but you have to apologize to Zhang, otherwise this matter will not be finished!”

Wang and Zhang came from another same village, and both came to this village to get married. Before they got married, they were already good friends. After they got married, their relationship was in turn even closer.

They had quite different characters. One was gentle while the other one was strong-willed. They somehow complemented each other. Now, seeing how Zhang was bullied by Li Daniu, of course Wang would come forward and help.

“Zhang, as you chose to be on the side of Tao Linger, that means you’re my enemy now! There is no way I will apologize!”

“Then I know.” Wang giggled. She turned to the other folks and said, “I am certain that Li Daniu beat Tao Linger up. Let’s first take a look at their sizes, isn’t it easy to tell who would win and who would lose? Also, Grandma Li was so in favour of her daughter, it is with no doubt that she has her bias. Tell me if what I’ve said are reasonable?”


Although Wang had a hot temper, she was quite popular. Most people agreed with what she had analysed. This made Li Daniu so angry that her face turned instantly red.

Wang was a clever one. She only pointed out why Li Daniu was wrong, and Grandma Li merely became someone who spoilt her daughter. With only a few words, Li Daniu was the one bearing all the faults. This approach was quite impressive. No wonder she was so popular in the village.


Listening to the agreeing voices, Li Daniu was so embarrassed that her face changed from one color to the other. Li was also feeling anxious, but in order to maintain her image in the village, she did not start scolding Linger.


Li Daniu decided to fight this battle alone. She picked up the feather duster on the ground and threw it at Linger.

Tao Linger tried to cover her head, and the tears that had dried up previously were now flowing again, she cried even louder.


“Little bitch, now you are something! Huh? Go on! Keep pretending! I will kill you!”

Li Daniu never knew that Tao Linger dared to beat her mother, not only that, she also knew how to twist her words.

At this moment, how was she supposed to deal with all the accusations from the villagers? After all, she had always been the nasty one to the others. No one ever had the guts to treat her like this before.

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