The Spoilt Village Beauty – Chapter 3 – They’re All Against Me


Looking at the feather duster flying toward her, Tao Linger did not try to hide.


Now that the folks in the village were all watching her, if she tried to fight back, Li Daniu might again say something to attack her.


She tried to smother her wound and let the feather duster hit her head.


“See, I told you all. It was undoubtedly Li Daniu who hit Tao Linger. You must have witnessed it with your own eyes! Take a look at Tao Linger, see how weak she is. She’s really pitiful.”


Wang was looking at Li Daniu with much dissatisfaction, she said a few more words in the hope of helping Zhang and to let the villagers see what kind of a person Li Daniu was.

Wang was happy, but Grandma Li was not. Everyone was turning against her daughter and she could not bear it anymore, “Wang, my Daniu did not offend you, right? Why are you turning against her? See how upset Daniu is! And God knows what benefits Tao Linger has given you to make you help her this much.”

Grandma Li was mentioning ‘you bullied my Daniu’ so frequently that Tao Linger couldn’t help laughing.


Wang was just talking and Li already couldn’t stand it? Then, if she ever picked up the feather duster on the ground and flew it over, was she going to fight with her to death?


Of course, Tao Linger didn’t have to say anything. Wang would do the job.


“Hey, Grandma Li, what you’ve just said was not correct. We’ve seen just now how Daniu beat up Tao Linger. I was just trying to something right, why would that become bullying? When you mention bullying, by the way, Tao Linger was the one being bullied. Wasn’t she?”

“One is her daughter and the other one is her granddaughter, it seems that Grandma loves her daughter the most.”


“But it is understandable. After all, Tao Linger is not your real granddaughter. It actually seems that it is you who have a deep grievance against the third family. It’s really a pity for Tao Linger. Not only that her father had passed away, even her own grandmother doesn’t love her a bit.”


Wang said a lot in one time, and afterwards, she gave a long sigh to show how helpless she was.


One has to say that Wang was a woman with means.


Such a woman was rare in the countryside. It was a blessing for Zhang to have such a good friend like Wang, but Zhang was also someone powerful.


For a time, Tao Linger felt somewhat envious.


At this moment, Grandma Li was speechless. She was just stunned and didn’t know what to do.

The atmosphere was becoming hostile. Fortunately, the head of the village came at the right moment. “Okay, okay…let us all dismiss. This is their own business, why interfere? Are all the works in the farm done?”


The head of the village was quite prestigious. The few peasant women who had been watching nosily, were now leaving. They felt that it was a pity and still wanted to stay for the fun.


Now that people were gone, the head of the village looked at Grandma Li and Li Daniu, and said seriously, “Although Tao Linger is not your granddaughter and niece by blood, she was raised in your family for so many years, there must be some emotional ties. What’s the most important in a family? Peace and harmony. There are no men in the third family, Tao Linger and her mother deserve our sympathy. In the future, you…”


Having realized that perhaps he had been commenting too much, the head of the village didn’t continue. He finished by saying , “it is not appropriate for me to comment too much on your family. Well…leave it like that, don’t create any more quarrels. You belong to the same village. These fights don’t make the village look good.”

Then, the head of the village left.


Since it was the village head, he definitely knew what had happened here before coming.


It seemed that the village head was still a good and fair person. However, since each family had its own difficulties, there was simply not much that he could do.


Since the village head interfered, Grandma Li knew that she had to stop at some point. Moreover, with Wang who was evidently on the side of Tao Linger, she had no other choice but to let go.


All in all, there was always another chance to bully Tao Linger some other day, wasn’t there?


She just gave a fierce glance at Tao Linger, and took Liu Daniu back to her place unwillingly.


At noon, Lin came home from work. On her way back, she heard a few nosy women gossiping. It was about how Liu Daniu bullied Tao Linger and how Wang interfered. Of course, they had to exaggerate. They even said that in the end, it was the village head who solved the issue. This scared the hell out of Lin, she was worried that Tao Linger was dragged into a big trouble.

Lin hurried back to her place and saw that Tao Linger was sitting steadily on her bed. Knowing that nothing seemed to have happened, Lin was put at ease.


“I’m fine.” Linger jumped briskly from the bed and helped her mother to sit near. It was sweet of her to give her mother a massage, “mum, you have worked hard for a long while. You deserve some rest, let me give you a massage to get rid of your fatigue.”


Most of the workers in the farm had problems with their necks and shoulders. Having Tao Linger’s hands on her shoulders, Lin was at first a bit hesitant, but she soon relaxed after feeling the comfort her daughter sent her.


“Linger, tell me, did you argue with your grandma again? You were already acting abnormal last night and you were more obedient before.”


“Mother, I wasn’t being obedient, I was being a coward. You know, grandma hit me using a broom today. I have still not recovered from my head’s wound, so I had to resist a little.”


Naturally, what Linger said was meant for Lin. If Lin knew that her daughter’s method of resistance was to hit her grandma back using the same broom, she would have asked Linger to apologize to Li.


“What about the injury on your head? We can’t mess with it. Has it been hit by your grandmother?”


As soon as she talked about the injury on Linger’s head, Lin immediately got nervous.


Tao Linger sneered in secret. She held her mother’s shoulder and said, “mother, don’t move around. And don’t worry, she didn’t hit my head, even Li Daniu didn’t hit me when she tried to throw a feather duster at me. I did protect my head well.”


The reassuring tone of Linger made her mother worry even more. How could she not worry!




“What did you just say? Li Daniu threw a feather duster at you?”


“Well, yes, they tried to bully me together. But mum, please don’t worry, my head is fine.”


Tao Linger tried to put it casually. It only made Lin more distressed.


It was true that all these that Tao Linger said were meant for Lin. This was to let her know that Grandma Li and Li Daniu were not well-intentioned people. Lin should have a bit more of her own opinion and should not always just listen to them.


Tao Linger was thinking about what she’d just said. All of a sudden, her mother started to cry.


“I am so sorry for you, Linger! It’s all my fault!”


“Hey, mother, don’t you cry, don’t cry! I am okay, you see? I shouldn’t have told you this. It’s my fault, it’s my fault.”


Tao Linger wiped away her mother’s tears quickly and carefully comforted her. When Lin wanted to say something, there came the voice of Li’s witchy voice again, “Lin, what are you doing in the house? When are you going to cook? Are you planning to starve me!?”

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